Sleeping on the right mattress makes a difference, especially when you live with chronic discomfort. But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which is the best mattress for back pain? Because different sleeping styles and individual preferences come into play, there is no single “best” mattress; instead, there are several that offer desirable features that combine to provide restful, restorative sleep. The following factors should be taken into consideration when deciding which mattress will best address your back pain:

  • Support – A supportive mattress is one that keeps your spine aligned and promotes good posture while your body rests. Mattresses that are too soft can lead to strained muscles, while those that are too hard do not support the natural curvature of the body, and they can cause discomfort on pressure points such as the hips and shoulders. Many experts agree that medium-firm mattresses are best for people with back pain.
  • Padding – Thick pillowtop-style padding or memory foam can help prevent uncomfortable pressure points while providing cozy comfort.
  • Your Body Type – Be sure to take your body type into consideration when you choose your new mattress. People with thin, lean bodies often find that they need a little less padding than those with softer bodies. Those with wider hips usually find slightly softer mattresses feel better than firmer ones.

Best Mattress for Back Pain Comparison:

Choosing the best mattress for back pain might seem like a challenge.

The good news is that previous purchasers have provided tens if not hundreds of thousands of detailed reviews, making it easier for others to make a well-informed choice about which mattress is best for those who live with back pain.

We’ve narrowed down the vast selection to the top ten mattresses for back pain in order to help you save time and effort.

Each of the following reviews comes with pros and cons, along with condensed quotes from people who found that the mattress in question helped them deal with their back pain.

Product Reviews


Bear Mattress

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Made with CELLIANT ® technology that has been scientifically proven to promote muscle recovery, the Bear mattress features four layers of supportive graphite-gel infused foam, quick response foam, and breathable support foam.

This unique mattress is designed to specially adapt to each sleeper’s unique body weight and shape, as well as individually preferred sleeping positions.

Cooling technology prevents excess heat from becoming trapped in the foam.

The Bear Mattress is endorsed by professional athletes including football players, baseball players, golfers, and endurance athletes. Soccer players and even Olympians endorse it as well.

A 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty cover this American-made mattress, which is CertiPUR Certified.


  • Very supportive
  • No motion transfer


  • May be too firm for those who prefer softer beds
  • One report that a customer received a mattress that was approximately 2-3 inches shorter than advertised

Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress, Queen

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The Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is 13 inches thick, with an upper layer that consists of 3.5 inches of memory form that conforms to the contours of the body to provide superb spinal alignment while offering relief from pressure points.

This mattress is designed to reduce tossing and turning, and to provide a restful, restorative night’s sleep.

The removable cover is lined with natural wool, which helps to regulate temperature and wick away moisture while preventing odors. T

he Brentwood Home Cypress mattress is made in USA, and is CertiPUR Certified. It offers a medium-firm feel. A 30-day trial period and a 25-year warranty are included.


  • Removable, replaceable cover makes it very easy to keep the mattress fresh and clean.
  • Both supportive and breathable


  • Shorter trial period than some other brands
  • A few reports of mattresses failing to expand fully

Casper Sleep Queen Mattress

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The Casper Sleep mattress is designed to offer a combination of pressure relief and cooling.

Open-cell foam construction uses a combination of conduction and convection, carrying hot air away from the body.

The upper layers are designed for a combination of softness, bounce, and support, while the base layers offer additional support and assure durability.

Backed by a 100 night trial period and a 10-year warranty, the Casper Sleep mattress has been nicknamed “The internet’s favorite mattress.” It has received countless positive reviews, including positive mentions by Forbes, the New York Times, Good Morning America, and more.


  • Keeps a neutral temperature, not as hot as some other mattresses
  • Plush feel, with a medium amount of support; no pressure points


  • Costs more than most competing brands
  • Some reports of lingering chemical odor

Layla Sleep Dual Firmness Queen Size Mattress

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The Layla Sleep Dual Firmness Queen Size Mattress lets you decide which side you prefer: medium-soft or firm.

It features copper infused memory foam for cooler sleep, and a thermogel-infused cover that disperses heat while contributing to the cool feel.

The Layla Sleep dual firmness mattress is made in America, and is CertiPUR Certified. It comes with a 120-night trial and a lifetime warranty.


  • Dual sides let you try “two mattresses in one” and decide which one is best for you
  • Many reports of pain relief after sleeping on the Layla mattress


  • Heavier than some other queen size mattresses
  • Hard for one person to flip on their own

Leesa Mattress, Queen

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Made with three layers of high-quality foam for cooling, contouring, support, pressure relief, and a pleasant bounce, the Leesa mattress offers medium-firm support without any motion transfer.

A two-inch layer of perforated Avena foam keeps air circulating for a cooler night’s sleep while gently supporting the body’s contours.

The Leesa mattress is made in America. It comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, and is CertiPUR Certified.


  • Plenty of firm support for people who sleep on their stomachs or backs
  • Feels relaxing, but not too soft.


  • Like other foam mattresses, the Leesa has minimal edge support; not good for edge sleepers
  • Some reports of pressure points for side sleepers

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Queen Size Mattress

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The Live and Sleep Resort Ultra queen mattress is extra-thick, with layers of air flow foam, gel-infused foam, and high-density support foam.

The medium-firm core relieves pressure points and offers relief from back pain. The soft-flex cover is made from linen, and is both removeable and washable.

This mattress is CertiPUR Certified. It comes with a 30-day trial and a 20-year warranty.


  • Good price particularly given the quality of the mattress
  • On the firm side of medium-firm; highly supportive


  • Has rounded corners; might not fit flush in square bed frames
  • Pretty heavy – some people mentioned it was tough to position without a helper

Purple Queen Size Mattress

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The Purple Queen Size mattress features free-flow air channels to neutralize hot and cold temperatures and prevent heat from becoming trapped, and it is made with anti-allergenic components.

Designed with a unique grid system incorporated into the foam, it isolates motion while providing spinal support and a customized sleeping experience for individuals of different sizes.

The Purple mattress is CertiPUR certified. It comes with a 100-day test period and is backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • Will not develop indentations
  • Excellent spinal support, especially for back sleepers


  • The polymer has a light, lingering odor
  • A few reports of mattresses arriving with manufacturing defects

Signature Sleep 13-Inch Independently Encased Coil Pillowtop Mattress

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Featuring a comfortable foam pillowtop, the Signature Sleep 13-Inch mattress offers three zones for a softer feel in the upper and lower body, and firmer support for the lower back and hips.

An independent coil system contours to the body’s curves, distributing weight and relieving pressure.

This mattress is made with CertiPUR Certified foam and will take about 72 hours to fully expand.


  • Very inexpensive when compared with other options
  • Very little transfer of movement even though there are coils inside


  • No trial period
  • Cannot flip the bed to extend its lifespan

Tuft & Needle Mattress

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The Tuft & Needle mattress is made with adaptive foam that offers a supportive yet bouncy feel, providing a blend of softness and firmness that many reviewers describe as being “just right.”

It features a cool gel and graphite layer atop a heavy-duty layer designed to provide superior neck and spinal support.

This mattress is CertiPUR Certified, and it is made in the USA. The mattress takes about 72 hours to fully expand and comes with a 100-night trial as well as a 10-year warranty.


  • Feels quite firm but not rock hard
  • Supports heavier individuals well


  • Many reviewers mention that the mattress feels overly firm at first and takes some time to break in
  • Fitted sheets sometimes slip off, particularly “deep pocket” types

Ultimate Dreams 12” Queen Size Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Made with three distinct layers, the Ultimate Dreams 12” queen size supreme gel memory foam mattress offers a medium level of support that is described as “not too soft, not too hard.”

The upper layer is constructed of 4lb gel memory foam. The middle layer is made of 4 lb memory foam, and the lower layer is premium base foam. The Ultimate Dreams mattress is made in America, and is CertiPUR Certified.


  • Wears well; many reports of satisfaction after a few years of sleeping in the bed
  • High density foam for good, reliable back support


  • Limited warranty; no trial period for testing
  • A few complaints of heat retention in hot climates

Considerations when Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

With so many options available, it may seem difficult to make a decision about which mattress will help you address your chronic discomfort. Beyond the mattress’s features, there are some additional considerations that may help you choose:

  • Trial Period – Many mattresses include trial periods, which allow buyers the opportunity to spend weeks or even months deciding whether the mattress is a good fit for their needs. It is a very good idea to select a mattress that comes with a generous trial period.
  • Warranty – Most mattresses come with warranties. Like other consumer products, mattresses sometimes come with flaws that happen during the manufacturing process; knowing you’ll be able to return the mattress if it’s not satisfactory eliminates much of the worry that comes with making a purchase like this online. Be sure to read the warranty and follow instructions. Note that removing the tags from a mattress might void the warranty.
  • Shipping – Buying a mattress online is a great way to save money, so long as there are no high shipping costs involved. Many of the mattresses sold on Amazon come with free shipping, particularly for Amazon Prime members. Check out the fine print as you make your decision, so you know whether you’ll need to spend anything on delivery.
  • Price – Some of the best mattresses for back pain are quite expensive, while some others come at a lower price. The best way to approach this factor is to choose something that comfortably fits your budget and ensure that the trial period and warranty seem sufficient, too.
  • Time for Expansion – Some of the best mattresses for back pain are made with memory foam, which can take up to 72 hours to fully expand and acclimate to your home’s environment. While these mattresses might look fully “inflated” before the recommended amount of time passes, it’s worth noting that sleeping on the mattress too soon can cause damage to its internal structure and lead to problems.

Final Thoughts

Taking these factors into account can make it a bit easier to select the best mattress for back pain and begin enjoying better sleep. While no mattress is perfect for everyone, there are so many options available that it is possible to find one that meets your needs.  By selecting a mattress that comes with a trial period and warranty, you give yourself the opportunity to find the right solution without much risk. We wish you success in your endeavors – and we hope that your new mattress brings you many comfortable nights’ sleep to enjoy.


About Dabora Dabora is Chief editor at Sleeping Culture. She is a proud mother of two, passionate about sleep and finding ways to live a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.