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Children’s rooms are the center of their world.  They sleep, play, read, do homework and countless other things in there.  Because of this, they are usually quite crowded and extra space comes at a premium, and this is only multiplied if you have multiple children sharing a bedroom.  

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

If you are a parent and have found yourself in this predicament, then you probably already know that bunk beds can be a lifesaver! They are the perfect space-saving option for children who are sharing a bedroom and they really allow your children plenty of space to still be able to enjoy their bedroom.  Plus, there are some really great options available out there!

Editor’s Choice for Best Bunk Beds for Children

Editor’s Choice
Novogratz Maxwell Twin/Full Metal Bunk Bed
Our top choice is Novogratz’s Maxwell Twin/Full Metal Bunk Bed because of its great value, sleek, modern design, safety design and its ability to accommodate a full and a twin size mattress.
  • Modern design
  • Solid metal build
  • Allows for a full-size mattress on the bottom
  • Safety rails for the top bunk
  • The ladder is built into the frame rather and doesn’t sit on the floor

What factors should you consider before purchasing?

  • Practicality vs. Fun: Children’s beds come in a large variety of designs, from ones designed as race cars or your child’s favorite cartoon character to simple basic wooden or metal frames.  Ideally, the best options are ones that fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. Of course, you want a bed frame your child will love and be excited about, but also not one that he will outgrow in just a few short years.  You want to make sure the model makes sense for your kid at his or her’s current age, but also will it still make sense for them in a few years.
  • Durability: Kids love to play on their beds, and of course, this includes jumping up and down on it.  Even though children are small, they do put a lot of wear and tear on their beds, so you want to make sure you buy them a bed frame that will hold up for the long run.  Also, with bunk beds, given the height, they can be a bit less stable. Make sure you are investing in one that has a solid design and will stand the test of time, and in doing so, keep your children safe.
  • Safety: I’m sure all you parents don’t need to be reminded of this, but it’s good to mention safety anyways.  As parents, your child’s safety and well being is always a top priority. You want to make sure the bed that you buy them is also appropriate for their age and size.  If your child is really young, some options might not work, if your child is older, some beds might not still hold up under their weight. With bunk beds especially, you need to keep safety in mind.  Make sure there are guard rails on the top bunk, that will actually protect your child from rolling off. Also, make sure the ladder is stable and can be securely attached to the bed.

Top 5 Children’s Bunk Bed Options For You:

Novogratz Maxwell Twin/Full Metal Bunk Bed

The Novogratz Maxwell Metal Bunk Bed is a sturdy, stable, and great looking option that is available in grey, navy or pink.  This bunk bed fits a full size mattress on the bottom level and a twin sized on the top, but it is also available in a twin and twin option. The full and twin option is a great possibility, especially if you have one child who is older and could use some more space when they sleep.

The metal frame features a metal safety guardrail on the top bunk to keep your children from falling off.  Also, this frame has metal slats that allow you to use a mattress without a box spring. The metal is silent, so that means one sibling moving around, will not wake up the other.  Another great feature of this bed is that the ladder is attached to the bottom bunk, not just the top, to give it extra stability.


  • Full metal frame that gives support and stability
  • Available in grey, blue and pink
  • Supports a full-size mattress on the bottom and a twin on the top
  • Metal guardrail on the top bunk
  • Does not require a box spring


  • Round ladder rungs are not as easy to use as flat ones

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed

Although it is a bit on the expensive side, the Stairway Bunk Bed from Bedz King is solid, sturdy, safe, and offers lots of additional storage.  It is a perfect option if you are still looking for ways to save more space in your children’s bed room. Unlike most bunk beds, this one uses a staircase design instead of a ladder.  This can be really helpful, especially if you have younger children who will be using this bed.

Bedz King has taken advantage of the available space that comes with adding a staircase and included three spacious drawers built directly into the staircase.  They also have included two more additional drawers underneath the bottom bunk. These five drawers give you loads of storage, perfect for clothes, toys or additional bed linens.

Another great feature of this bed is that it can be separated into two single beds if your children even decide they don’t enjoy having bunk beds anymore.  

The Bedz King Stairway Bed is available in cappuccino, espresso, gray and honey colors.


  • Uses a built-in staircase rather than a traditional ladder
  • 5 drawers for storage
  • Can be separated into two single beds
  • Uses lots of screwed down slats to protect against falling through
  • Comes with all the tools needed for assembling
  • Available in 4 colors


  • No written directions, just pictures
  • The bottom bed doesn’t have a lot of additional headroom

Max and Lily Solid Wood Bunk Bed

This classic style bunk bed from Max and Lily is built with the utmost quality.  It’s made from solid, durable, knot-free New Zealand pine and is so sturdy that it has a 400 pound weight capacity for each bed individually!  They also use metal on metal structural connections so that they won’t loosen over time.

Max and Lily’s bunk bed features a reversible ladder with rounded edges and grooved treads for comfortable, easy and safe climbing.  They also include a 14-inch guard rail, which allows you to use as thick of a mattress up there as you want, and still have plenty of protection.  

The beds can also be easily separated and used individually if you ever want or need to.  Max and Lily also offer so many different variations of this bed, to suit whatever your needs are.  They offer it in a standard twin/twin, as well as twin/full and full/full. You can also purchase additional drawers for underneath the bed or even a trundle bed for when friends come to visit!  Not to mention it is available in 4 great colors, white, grey, espresso, and natural.


  • Sturdy New Zealand pine wood construction
  • 400 lb weight capacity per bed
  • Beds can be easily separated
  • 14-inch high guard rail on top bunk
  • Available in 4 colors and 3 size variations
  • Additional features can be purchased at any time


  • Uses stickers to cover the screw holes
  • Some owners mentioned that the bed had a bit of a smell when first purchased

Zinus Hani Metal Bunk Bed

A great, low price option, the Zinus Hani Metal Bunk Bed is a modern designed, sturdy steel bunk bed.  The solid steel frame offers plenty of safety for your children, especially those sleeping on the top bunk, as does the built in steel guard rail along the side.  The 4-step ladder is also attached to the bed at the top and this gives it added security as well.

The Hani bunk bed is very quiet, which is great for when one sleeper moves around a lot in their sleep.   It is easy to assemble and comes with a worry-free 5-year warranty.

This model allows for a full-size mattress on the bottom and twin size on the top.


  • Fits full size mattress on the bottom
  • Solid metal frame
  • Great price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very quiet
  • Guard rail along the top bunk
  • 5-year warranty


  • Ladder rungs can be painful on older children’s feet

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

The Storkcraft Caribou offers a stylish, classic design that is available at a very good price.  The Caribou is available in four great color options, gray, espresso, navy, and white. All of which will look great in any child’s room!

This bunk bed is made from solid and durable rubberwood, which is sturdier than many offers commonly used wood. It features a full-length guard rail to keep children safe on the top bunk and sturdy 4-step ladder.  You can also easily and conveniently take the two bed apart and use them as single beds, as your children grow older.


  • Stylish, classic design
  • Full length guard rails
  • Made from solid rubberwood
  • Sturdy 4-step ladder
  • Can easily be separated into two twin beds
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Can be difficult to put together, especially if just one person

Closing Thoughts

There are some great bunk bed options available that really can help and save space in your child’s bedroom. Whether you opt for a modern design or classic design, model that gives you extra storage or even one that sleeps three children, if you are looking to save space, bunk beds can really help.  Just make sure that you are getting one that will be safe and practical for your children and will help create an environment that will allow their bedrooms to be a place where they can play, rest, and grow!


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