Best Cooling Pillow For Hot Sleepers

Does A Pillow Really Help With The Temperature Of My Body?

A lot of people are MUCH more comfortable sleeping with open windows and fans on even when it gets colder outside because it simply gets way too hot when you are sleeping. To try and combat the heat your body produces each night when you fall asleep, you may have considered drastic measures.

When it is very hot at night or when our body is producing excess heat and we begin to sweat, it becomes extremely uncomfortable to sleep. We begin to toss and turn and fight our pillow trying to adjust it not only to the fluff it but to get it with the cold side facing up.

While we do our best to get air flowing through our room and keep the thermostat relatively low, sometimes that is simply not enough. Many people have resorted to finding a pillow that is not only extremely comfortable but that is specifically designed to regulate the temperature or cool down the pillow.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks

You may think it sounds a bit far fetched that a pillow could keep you cool and regulate the temperature while you are sleeping but they actually play a key role. Most of the heat in our bodies escapes through our hands, feet and head, meaning that our heads are releases the heat which is then absorbed and trapped in our pillow, so if you are heating up in your sleep it’s no wonder your head and neck feel hot and sweaty first.

The cooling pillows work to keep air circulated through the pillow rather than trapping it in and keeping the heat locked there. The circulated air flow allows the pillow to keep cool which in turn helps to keep you cool as the heat from your head and body transfers to the pillow.

Why choose a gel pillow?

Typical pillows absorb your heat energy and keep it stuck in the pillow which warms it rather than the heat dissipating, it lumps all together and keeps the heat tightly packed in. However, some pillows are infused with gel which is cooler than fibers and works to remain cool throughout the evening without absorbing the heat from your head onto the pillow.

You can choose from a variety of different fillings and casing combinations to find the perfect cooling pillow for you. You may have seen shredded memory foam and breathable buckwheat pillows on the market but another suggestion that may actually be the best suited for you is a pillow with a cooling gel insert.

Pillows with gel inserts specially designed for cooling at usually customizable meaning you can remove or add the gel inserts whenever you want. The cooling gel works in a different way than the pillows that simply circulate air, the gel itself is cooling.

Some pillows are labeled as breathable and cooling or great for air circulation but they thing is that the air can still get trapped and it’s not like your pillows has a built in fan that mechanically and forcibly pushes and pulls the air. The cooling gel on the other hand is made out of a gel that is designed to be a lower temperature and take longer to heat up as well as being more difficult to absorb air.

Specific considerations for compiling this list

  • Truly cooling: As you are seeking a pillow that is specifically cooling for hot sleepers, the top priority should be that the pillow is actually working to keep you cool. The pillows that have been specifically selected for list are extremely good at keeping cool and keeping you cold.
  • Highly comfortable: The pillows on this list are also extremely comfortable in whatever way you use it, for your neck, head or even to prop up your legs or under your back. The pillows are designed to support you without being too firm and uncomfortable.
  • Sturdy and supportive: These pillows have also been tested to make sure they are not only supportive but that they are sturdy and will hold up. These pillows should not break upon arrival or general use as well as not over the course of a year.
  • Machine washable: Your pillow is a very important part of you sleeping, but it can also get dirty really easily when you are laying your face against it every night. The pillows on this list are either easy to spot clean or have a removable cover that you can wash in the machine easily.
    Top 5 gel pillows for every hot sleeper in your house

Top 5 Best Cooling Pillow For Hot Sleepers

Bluewave Bedding gel-infused slim style sleeping pillow

You can order this pillow in one of four different sizing options but they are not the typical sizes that you may be used to. Bluewave Bedding’s pillow can be ordered in either slim, super slim, ultra slim or ultra slim full pillow depending on which is more comfortable for your sleeping position.

The pillow is relatively cheap though I am not talking about the quality but only the cost, and is made of a memory foam that is gel-infused to keep you truly cool. The casing of the pillow is made of a mix between sixty percent polyester and forty percent bamboo rayon material.

The pillow is not only made of a gel-infused memory foam pillow but it is ventilated so you have two features of the pillow working towards keeping your pillow clean. The pillow is both therapeutic and extremely easy to clean once you remove the cover.


  • Four slim size options
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily washable cover
  • Ventilated


  • Size options do not include standard, queen or king options for a larger pillow
  • Some report it is too hard

Comfort Revolution hydraluxe cooling memory foam pillow

Cooling Comfort’s pillow is memory foam with a layer of gel overlaying the foam to give you a pillow that forms to your body as well as keeps you cool. There is hydraluxe gel in this pillow which is designed to keep you extremely cool whenever you lay on it.

The pillow is now available in two sizes, the regular, standard size pillow and the larger, queen size pillow. The difference in price for these sizes may seem a bit extreme, as it is two times more expensive for the larger pillow, but if you want more, it is worth paying more.

The pillow comes with a breathable, mesh cover that will allow for even more airflow than was already in the pillow. You can remove the pillow casing to throw it into the washer and keep it clean.


  • Gel-layered foam
  • Hydraluxe
  • Two size options
  • Machine washable


  • Queen size may be expensive
  • Some report poor packaging

PharMeDoc contour gel memory foam pillow

PharMeDoc has created an orthopedic, memory foam pillow that contours comfortably to your head and neck. There is a layer of gel in the foam pillow that keeps it extremely cool and comfortable.

The gel pillow is designed with thermoregulating technology which is a little more high tech than some other cooling pillows. The technology has been developed in response to the high need of cooling pillows and the demand for them to be perfected.

The pillow is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and keeps pathogens and allergens off of the pillow and away from your skin and respiratory system. The pillow case is completely machine washable and you only need to remove it and toss it in the washer to get it clean.


  • Orthopedic
  • Open cell memory foam
  • Thermoregulating
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Some report it is being a little to hard
  • Some report an issue with odor

Tempur-pedic tempur-cloud memory foam gel pillow

As with most tempur-pedic models, this pillow comes with two style versions, either the 2017 or 2018 version. You also can choose from either the queen or king size depending on how big of a pillow you are wanting for your bed.

The pillow is completely made in the United States where you know that the workers and companies are held to certain standards. The pillows are also made 100% of cotton which is breathable and easy to clean regardless of how dirty it will get.

These pillows come with a five year warranty in case you find any kind of issue with these pillows in the time frame. The pillow is not only sturdy but is also durable and will hold up throughout the year.


  • American made
  • Five year warranty
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive
  • Some report it easily losing its shape

Fomi thick gel and shredded memory foam pillow

This gel pillow does not only keep you cool but keeps its shape as it conforms to yours and is extremely comfortably. This pillow is extremely supportive and holds up throughout the evening and the long term picture as well.

Fomi’s pillow is fully adjustable so you can customize it to your specific needs so that the pillow can feel like it is tailor made for you. The pillow is not only made of memory foam but it is therapeutic and good for your body.

The pillow comes in only one size which is a large one but this should be great for any one because you can stretch out and move around as you wish. The pillow case is removable and allows for you to put it into the washer and clean it easily.


  • Therapeutic
  • Fully adjustable
  • Supportive
  • Extremely cooling


  • Some say it easily flattens
  • Some report it smells a little upon arrival

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a better night’s sleep you may want to consider the environment and circumstances of your sleeping situations. Many things like noise, temperature, light, and our own personal sleep schedules dramatically affect the quality and length of our sleep.

To create the perfect sleep environment you obviously need to consider the above factors as well as the sleeping equipment you have in your room and on your bed. Choosing the perfect bed for you probably took some careful consideration and research, and choosing your pillow should also be an important, researched decision.

Sounds funny, right? Well, hopefully now you see just how important your pillow is to providing you with ample support and comfort as well as keeping you cool throughout the night. The temperature at which you sleep affects how well you sleep and the quality of your sleep affects your entire day and health in the long run.

If you have worked on the other elements of your sleep environment and you only have to consider the perfect pillow for you then I hope this list has offered you some help in narrowing down your options. If you are a hot sleeper, then you are going to find a cooling pillow should help a little to keep you cool and sleeping calmly.


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