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Why Choose A Latex Pillow?

Sleep.Sleep may be something on your mind more and more lately as autumn has not only rolled in but made it clear that it is here to stay and it is a windy, cold one. What is it about the weather that just makes us more exhausted when we see grey skies and the darkening sooner?

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks

As you have been waiting desperately for the clocks to be turned backwards and allow us one more hour to sleep, you may have noticed you are moving more sluggishly. The autumn weather not only brings in cool and darkness to our lives, but it is also a time of business and holiday fever causing us stress.

If you are like me, your sleep is becoming a more important thing to you as it affects your health and your entire day. You may find that having a good routine is great for improving your sleep but that is not the only thing as the place you sleep, your bed and pillow all play a key role.

None of our bodies are exactly alike so the pillow you need may not just be a run of the mill standard pillow. You may like firm pillows, soft, ones that are made of memory foam or perhaps you need one specifically for acid reflux disease.

Latex pillows are maybe not something that you have considered yet and maybe it is not something you have actually heard of before. Maybe you have a lot of questions and maybe you are already writing the idea off as craziness, but bear with me.

If you think latex is an odd material for a pillow that’s probably because you are dealing with a plastic-like, cold, material that you have seen in other latex products such as gloves. But latex pillows can actually be extremely soft and comfortable as well as supportive throughout the entire night.

These pillows hold up great under pressure and are extremely resilient to the shock and pressure of your head laying on the pillow repeatedly. These pillows are particularly sturdy and will not deflate as often or as quickly as the other pillows you may find on the market, if you are looking for something long-lasting and durable, you may truly enjoy having this pillow around.

Pillows made from latex are usually washable and typically keep their shape throughout even when you clean it often. While you should stay away from the pillow if you are allergic to latex, you may find that these pillows keep irritating dust mites away much better than a standard pillow.

What to keep in mind when choosing a latex pillow?

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you do know that you already have a latex allergy then you need to stay away from these pillows. You can test to see if you have a latex allergy at your doctors office or you may know if you have come in contact with latex gloves or other products.

Make sure that you check the machine washing instructions on the particular pillow you have chosen allows you to wash it. Keep in mind that the pillows are going to be made from a slightly different material than you are used to so you may need some time adjusting to it.

Special considerations for compiling this list

  • Made with 100% latex: All of the pillows we specifically selected for this list are made with a 100% latex center so that you do not have to guess what is in your pillow.
  • Breathable, cotton cover: The cover on these pillows will also all be made with cotton at least 75% so that it is breathable and easy to wash.
  • Hypoallergenic: The pillows on our lists are made to be hypoallergenic and keep irritants off of your pillow and out of your lungs.
  • Washable: washable pillows and/or covers are a must when you are using them daily and so we have chosen pillows that are easy for you to care for.

The Top 5 Latex Pillows Of 2018

Simmons Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

Beautyrest is a quality company that produces latex foam pillows that are not only durable but filled with foam to keep you comfortable. This latex foam pillow is made with antimicrobial latex to keep the mites off of your pillow throughout the evening and during the day as well.

The antimicrobial layer also keeps the odors and stink from staying glued to your pillow and causing your scalp to smell or itch later on. The pillow cover is 300 thread count to be extra soft and comfortable against your face when you lay down to sleep.

This pillow can handle high impact though it is unlikely you will be bouncing your head against your pillow. It will help to relieve the pain and stress on your head, neck and shoulders without deflating and loosing the fluff and standard.


  • Great for any sleeper
  • Resilient memory foam
  • 300 thread count cotton cover
  • Antimicrobial


  • Some report not having the height it lists
  • Some report it being too flat

MALOUF Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

This latex pillow by Malouf can be ordered by you in either the queen or king size depending on what you need for your bedroom and bed size. This is a thick pillow measuring seven inches high giving you the support under your head that you need.

This pillow is made with 100% latex so you do not have to worry about any kind of extra artificial or synthetic additives in your pillow that you do not know about. The pillow is not only breathable but mildew and dust proof to keep the irritants away from you and your room.

The cover is also a breathable one that you can trust because you know the only material that is used to be made. It is 100% cotton and will be both soft and easily washable.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Easily washable
  • Mildew & dust mite free


  • Some report flattening easily
  • Some report the newer models being made with less quality

Organic Textiles All Natural Latex Pillow With Organic Cotton Outer Covering

This pillow but Organic Textiles is marketed to you as being made 100% with only one material and not with artificial materials or with something that you do not know what it is or how to pronounce it. This pillow is dust mite and mildew free and is easy to wash in the event that the pillow gets dirty.

Organic Textiles pillow is made to be hypoallergenic as well as without the harsh chemicals or heavy metals in the manufacturing, packaging and sending. The fitted cover is made out of 100% organic cotton and is removable for when you need to wash it to keep your pillow in the best condition.

You can order the pillow in either soft, firm or extra firm depending on whichever style you prefer and is good for your head, neck and body. You can also order the pillow in either standard size, queen or king to go with the size of your bed or your own personal preferences.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mildew resistant
  • Firmness options
  • Size optional


  • Some report the size being off
  • Some report an odor when receiving this pillow

Talatech Authentic Latex Foam Medium Density Pillow

For those of you who enjoy a medium-firm pillow this may be a good one for you, or for those of you who perhaps prefer soft or firm but can deal with slightly less or more fill. This is another pillow that is made with 100% latex fill foam that does not come with synthetic or artificial materials inside.

Because the pillow is medium firm and memory foam it is good for most any way of sleeping including combination sleeping. The pillow is not flat but also is not lifted very high so even if you sleep on your stomach it should still be comfortable for you.

This pillow is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial so the pathogens and irritants off of your pillow and away from you as you are sleeping. The cover is made of 100% cotton so it will be easy for you to wash and use again later.


  • Made only from products you know
  • Medium firm for all sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial


  • Some report it being too soft
  • Some report it being too high for a pillow

Ledia Ergonomic Latex Pillow

This pillow by Ledia is interesting because it comes to your rolled up so you get a pillow that is great for you and can also be taken camping if you want to. Taken from Thailand, the latex in this pillow is the only thing that you will find in the center, nothing artificial or synthetic about it.

For those of you allergy sufferers or who are worried about irritants, you will find that this pillow is right up your alley. Not only is it hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and mildew and dust mite resistant but it is also anti-fungus to keep absolutely all of the possible irritants off the pillow, off your bed and away from you.

The pillow and the cover are made to be very breathable allowing airflow which will keep the pillow from getting hot in the night. The pillow cover is made from cotton and polyester and is easily washable for your convenience.


  • 100% latex
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-fungus


  • Some report a very heavy pillow
  • Some report it being very flat

Closing Thoughts

If you are searching for a pillow that will be light, breathable and easily washable then you may just like to have a latex pillow around. These are typically very supportive, highly resistant pillows that will last you quite some time.

When choosing your pillow take into account your own personal preferences, allergies and budget to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. The latex pillow option, while not for everyone, is one that is particularly durable and sturdy.

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