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Meditation Cushions for sleep

What Exactly Are Meditation Cushions?

As it is in the name, these are cushions, which you might refer to as plumper, fuller pillows that are used for sitting on. They are specifically designed for you to be able to sit on them for extended periods of time without having major discomfort or back pain.

Because you will be using these pillows for meditation, you will be wanting to sit, relax and enjoy your time, getting in touch with your spiritual side. Meditation requires no interruptions or distractions and discomfort is definitely a distraction that you do not need to add to your rest time.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks

Special considerations for compiling this list

  • Natural: The pillows we have specifically considered for this list include only natural or organic products which generally fit in perfectly with those who have a lifestyle that includes yoga and meditation.
  • Comfortable: These pillows should relieve stress and strain on your body and allow you to be comfortable and truly relax.
  • Durable: Durability is a major consideration to take in because you want these cushions to hold up over time, with a lot of use in one day, week, month and even year.
  • Color and design options: It may seem unimportant, but having a cushion that has a fun color or design will make you like it more and want it to mesh well with your environment.

Top 5 Meditation Cushions Of 2018

Seat of Your Soul buckwheat meditation cushion

Seat of Your Soul is a company that has manufactured a meditation cushion out of a material that may surprise you, that’s the buckwheat we are talking about. Buckwheat is rising as an all natural option for filling pillows and cushions on the market, but the company does not stop there because it has wrapped the cushion in an organic cotton that is breathable and easy to have cleaned as well.

One thing you may particularly like about this meditation cushion is that is comes with an easy to grip, carrying handle that allows you to quickly, and easily pick up the cushion and transport it from place to place. Meditation cushions are usually portable, lightweight and easy to take with you, wherever you would want to go, but the handle gives you a little boost.

Though it is listed as size option, you may better qualify this choice as being more of the shape of the cushion as one is round, the Zafu option and the other is a crescent and is labeled as such. The cushions do vary slightly in size with the Zafu options being two inches shorter than the crescent cushion is.

Once you have decided which shape and size you would like for your cushion, you can move on to choosing the color. There are many different choices including black, grey, natural, navy, purple or red and they are all more neutral, deep colors rather than bright or very light.

These cushions are ergonomic which makes them more than just comfortable, they actually relieve the stress on your spine, back, bottom and overall body. This cushion comes with a lifetime warranty so regardless of what happens, if you are not satisfied with this cushion, then you can return it hassle free.


  • More natural, organic products
  • Multiple color options
  • Ergonomic
  • Options for sizing and shapes


  • May attract bugs
  • Some report it is not soft

REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow

Reehut has created a very durable, extremely soft meditation cushion that is available to you in a variety of different options for sizing and colors to get the exact meditation cushion that is perfect for you personally. The pillow is not very expensive so even if you are on a budget then you will probably be able to fit this into your monthly expenses.

There are four different color options for you to choose from and three of them are more neutrally colored and one is bright. You can choose either the black, deep grey, army green or the bright purple color to go with your style, or room decoration.

For sizing options you can choose from the small, medium or large sizes which measure in diameter in either twelve, thirteen or sixteen inches across. This meditation cushion comes with an easy to grip handle so while it was already portable so you can move it from one place to the next.

The filling of this meditation cushion is buckwheat hull and it is wrapped in either a cotton or hemp casing that is washable. Though there is a zipper to open the pillow and remove the cover, it is hidden so you do not have to see it or get caught on it.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Size and color options
  • Hidden zipper
  • Easy grip handle


  • Some do not like the hemp option
  • Some report too small size

Peace Yoga Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Pillow

Peace Yoga’s buckwheat meditation cushion is made of eco-friendly, all natural materials, including the buckwheat filled center and a soft, cotton casing. Having an all natural meditation cushion may be something you desperately want in your life as many cushions and pillows are made with chemicals and harsh materials that are simply not good for you at all.

The pillow fully adjustable and it is not difficult to get it to the proper fill limit and have it firm up to however soft or firm you want. The pillow is crescent shaped and is perfect for properly relieving your spine, lower back, and bottom pain while you are using the pillow for mediating purposes.

The pillow only comes in one size but as mentioned it is very firm and can be adjusted in order to provide you with the proper firmness that you want out of your cushion. There is a 90 day money back guarantee in the event that the pillow is not satisfactory and you would like to return it.

When you are choosing your pillow you will be pleasantly surprised to find just how many different color options there are. Not only can you choose from black, grey, purple, blue, green, and turquoise but there are different designs and patterns on each cushion.


  • Fun designs and colors
  • Great for spine pain
  • All natural and eco friendly
  • Crescent shaped


  • Only one shape
  • No sizing options

Peace Yoga Buckwheat Filled Round Meditation Pillow

This is another meditation cushion made by Peace Yoga, but this one comes in a different shape and slightly different styles as well as sizing options. You can choose from either a thirteen inch diameter or a sixteen inch diameter.

Depending on which size that you choose, the pillow will run you either twenty or thirty bucks which is not very expensive for a meditation cushion. You can choose from a variety of colors ranging from black, grey, turquoise, blue, green or purple.

These mediation cushions are marketed to all kinds of people, those who do yoga, meditate, or simply enjoy sitting on a cushion. Not only are they great for a variety of people but if you are looking for a yoga or meditation cushion specifically for those two activities then it would be good for you to know it is good for beginners, intermediates and advanced yoga and meditation.


  • Great for a variety of people
  • Size options
  • Color options
  • Great for yoga


  • Some report shedding
  • Some say it is too small

Brentwood Home Meditation Pillow

Brentwood Home has also created a meditation pillow that is great for all different levels and skill sets of mediation and yoga. It is sadly only currently available in one color option but it is a neutral grey and would be great for anyone, as the pattern makes it appear to be woven.

The pillow comes with an easy grip handle so you can lift it and take it from place to place with little to no hassle. The pillow is round, weighs four pounds and measures 18 inches across and size inches high to give you ample support and firmness.

The pillow is made out of organic buckwheat and is encased on natural, organic, cotton to give you a natural cushion to use daily.


  • Organic cotton
  • Buckwheat filled
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Large size


  • No sizing options
  • No color options

Closing Thoughts

Getting into motivation and yoga is great for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. If you have gotten into these practices then you have probably seen that while they are great for your body, they do cause some pain in strain when you stay in one single position for a prolonged period of time.

When choosing a meditation cushion you should make sure that the size you choose is perfect for you to sit and move around a bit on comfortably. You should also check the care instructions carefully before you try to wash or clean the cushions, so that it will not deform the pillow, cause it to fade and generally make your cushion look raggedy far too soon.

Meditation and yoga are ancient practices to keep you balanced overall and your chosen cushion should only add to that experience, rather than cause it to be more painful or complicated.


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