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Nursing pillows look similar to travel pillows but offer an unparalleled experience. They make nursing more comfortable by correcting awkward positioning. The circular shape and firm cushioning keeps little ones in place to ensure a great latch, and a strain-free parent.

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Aside from breastfeeding, nursing pillows can be used as a daily tool to make smoother transitions into activities like tummy or play time. This versatility makes nursing pillows a baby list essential. The challenge becomes selecting one best apt for both parent and baby. Before diving into the hunt, these factors will help every family determine what nursing pillow is fit for them.

What to consider before selecting a nursing pillow?

Size: Nursing pillow sizes vary to accommodate a plethora of sizing needs. When deciphering which size is best, consider what each size offers over another. Amazon reviewers that commented on larger nursing pillows mentioned how wider surfaces increased the quality, length and consistency of each nursing session. On the other hand, frequently traveling families preferred smaller pillows.

Shape: The type of nursing pillow shape you need depend on what positions you plan on feeding your baby in. The primary shapes include: o-shape, u-shape and crescent shape. o-shape designs wrap around the entire body; u-shaped pillows wrap around the torso too but do not include the belt closures that encircle the parent. Moreover, crescent shaped pillows offer a sleek yet sturdy support by wrapping around the side of the body.

Price: Average nursing pillows range between $20 to $45, while posh selections range from $70 to $100. When looking at price think of which nursing pillow feature (e.g. material, composition or design etc.) increases or decreases cost. This will give an idea on which features you and your baby need in a nursing pillow. For example, nursing pillows made from organic material, or for twins tend to cost more.

Cleaning: Babies equal accidents that require cleaning. Whether the nursing pillow of your choice has rigorous or minimal washing instructions, how it is cleaned matters in the long-run. Washing is a part of the general upkeep to lengthen the longevity of your nursing pillow. Some opt out on hard washing and simply purchase slipcovers to take most of the grime then spot clean anything that passes through. Most Amazon reviewers stated how they used a slip cover on their nursing pillow because it saved them time.

Material: One aspect taken into account is material. Checking if your prospective nursing pillow is hypoallergenic or made out of any synthetic combinations matter for health. Also, material quality is important in estimating the nursing pillows longevity. If the material of a nursing pillow is poor, you might end up with one that is losing support and shape.

Aesthetic Appeal: Design and style may seem like a miscellaneous issue, however it’s a no-brainer. Nursing pillows come in so many different colors and patterns. The many given options may tempt you to consider it even if you do not. Nevertheless, it is better to be prepared for this possible indecisive hurdle. Nursing pillows are often a tool needed at arm’s reach, so they are left lying around the living room or kitchen. In case you have visitors, it’s best you have a pretty pillow lying around versus a dull one.

These factors were used to pick the 7 nursing pillows featured below. Browse the bunch and see which ones may be best for you and your baby.

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

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One dimensional yet most effective, the Brest Friend Original is highly recommended by lactation specialists and birthing clinics for mothers who had C-sections. It gives ample support and functionality. The flat and firm surface allows the baby to stay in one place and not shift around while breast and bottle feeding. Wrapping around the body and closing securely with an adjustable belt, gives mom or dad more mobility even allowing them to stand up to grab a towel or water bottle.


  • Adjustable belt makes it secure, and properly fit different sized women and men
  • Comfortable
  • The side pocket comes in handy


  • Not very versatile, mainly designed to support breastfeeding
  • The foam pillow is not washable and without proper care can begin to smell

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

Q. Does the pillow have flame retardants?

A. My Brest Friend has not used fire retardants since the law requiring it changed in December 2010. We follow the highest level of safety, health concerns and government regulations.

Q. What is the maximum waist size it will accommodate?

A. 40 inches

Q. Is the cover removable?

A. Yes it is removable, and I just hang dry it after washing.

Q. I do no need this pillow for breast feeding, but to keep my 6month old daughter propped up. Is this a good pillow for that, or would the Boppy be better?

A. Boppy would be the way to go. My Brest Friend is best for nursing, bottle feeding or snuggling.

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

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The Boppy Nursing Pillow is an original award-winning supporter that families vouch for. The U-shaped design and soft cushioning eases strain, and give lush comfort. It is a versatile essential that can be used beyond breast and bottle feeding. Mothers heavily rely on the Boppy for propping, tummy time and eventually teaching their babies how to sit.


  • Very versatile can be used for babies up to 1 years old
  • Great for lounging, propping and tummy time


  • Offers minimal support
  • Not firm enough
  • Tends to shift around during breastfeeding

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

Q. What material is the pillow stuffed with?

A. 80% polyester and 20% cotton

Q. Is the pillow itself machine washable?

A. Yes

Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow

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A multipurpose favorite for both parent and baby, the Leachco Cuddle-U Basic nursing pillow was built to accommodate babies as they grow. It alleviates strain and discomfort during nursing time, and renders support when babies are reclined. The safe-guard wrap acts like a seat belt, preventing your baby from wiggling out of place. The wrap can be easily tucked away in its concealed pocket, this makes it easy to transition the pillow into tummy or lounge time.


  • Provides great support
  • Very versatile


  • Not machine washable
  • Does not come with a removable cover, many reviewers used the Bobby removeable cover as a substitute
  • May not be firm enough for long feeding sessions

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

Q. Does the pillow have a strap to keep it closed around the parent?

A. Yes both sides of the pillow have Velcro on it to keep it fastened

Q. How do you keep it clean?

A. This pillow is not machine washable, spot clean with a damp cloth

Q. Are any of the materials (fabric, stuffing, etc.) in this pillow treated with flame retardants

A. No, it is a baby safe hypo-allergenic option

Q. What material is the filling made out of ?

A. 65% polyester and 35% cotton

Brown’s Gia Nursing Pillow

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This nursing pillow screams optimal convenience and accommodations being met. It was designed by a lactation consultant devoted to understanding all needs that arise during nursing. Dr.Brown’s Gia pillow provides a renovated angle that inclines the baby’s position to aid digestion. The pillow is also built to sit taller and wider, giving the parent greater support. It being machine washable and able to be used with or without a slip cover makes sit a breeze to maintain.


  • Very supportive
  • Good for couch-free nursing
  • Price


  • The design can be inconvenient and hard to manage when in a rush to feed your baby

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

 Q. Is this pillow suitable for petite moms?

A. Yes it sure is. Its thick wide design covers more distance from lap to breast unlike other nursing pillows

Q. Is this pillow firm or does it compress with the filler?

A. Yes this pillow is firm, and keeps its firmness while softly conforming around your baby

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow Plus Cover

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This firm pillow is ergonomically designed to sustain its shape over a long period of time. Made out of a solid foam, the unique sleek shape is great for ensuring a secure latch, and healthy cuddle session with your little one.


  • Firm and supportive
  • Machine washable
  • Foam keeps its shape


  • The angle may not be fit for some babies
  • Not the most comfortable option for parents

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

Q. Does this work for C-section moms?

A. Not sure but for this pillow to work it needs to be super close to your body, this may cause discomfort

Q. Does this work for plus sizes

A. No the shape of the pillow deforms if it is not around you correctly

Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

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This is a great option if elevation and portability are your main concerns aside from comfort. The Infantino elevates your baby to breast height without compromising support. The unique design of this pillow allows parents to feed their child in different positions. Specifically, mothers recovering form C-sections can enjoy feeding their baby with ease in the football hold.


  • Able to adjust baby’s height
  •  Good for different nursing positions
  • Accommodates moms of different sizes


  • The many compartments can make it tricky when adjusting your baby

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

 Q. How does this compare to the Boppy?

A. I like the Infantino better because of the elevation and it being travel friendly since it folds. I like the Boppy for propping up the baby, which you cannot do with the infantino

Q. How would you compare this to My Brestfriend?

A. The Infantino elevates where in the Brestfriend has the bump to support the head. It was also easier to adjust my daughter to where she needed to be. And the portability aspect of the Infantino was a plus

Blessed Nesting Organic Pillow

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This crescent shaped organic pillow is ideal for sensitive babies. The Buckwheat filling give this pillow a firm bean-bag like feel. It contours to any position the parent and baby is in, making it easy to maneuver and very supportive.


  • Organic and baby safe material
  • Conforms and molds to your baby’s body


  • Price
  • Somewhat heavy

What Top Questions Were Answered Before People Decided to Buy?

Q. Is the interior casing zippered so you can add more Buckwheat if needed?

A. No

Q. What is the full list of materials used to make this pillow?

A. The insert is made of 100% organic cotton canvas, and filled with organic buckwheat hulls. The removable slipcover is made of 100% organic cotton French terry and Harmony Art Fabric’s 300 thread count, 100% organic cotton Natural sateen

Q. Is this pillow GOTS certified?

A. While the Nesting Pillow itself is not GOTS certified, most of the materials that we use are. Unfortunately, not everything that goes into making it (zippers, thread, etc.) is available with the certification, but we are very careful about sourcing every detail

When taking all this information into account, it is easy to second guess or underestimate your need for a nursing pillow. Do not tarry. Know that a nursing pillow is not just a pillow. It helps parents avoid initial problems associated with breast and bottle feeding alike.

Janel Case, A Mom’s Take blogger, shared how breastfeeding can be a very surprising experience if not planned for. Plan for the unexpected by expecting easy being hard. Nursing pillows were built to diminish challenges that lead to frustration during nursing, using one will enhance the bonding experience shared with your baby.

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