Lytton Comfort Plush Mattress Review – Buy or Avoid?

Lytton Mattress Comfort Plush

You may be hearing about Lytton for the first time. And that’s probably because it’s one of the newest kids on the block when it comes to mattresses, but the brand is already making waves in the sleep industry. In this Lytton mattress review, I probe one of their finest offers to find out what makes the Lytton Comfort Plush so special.


It’s not every day that you come across a brand that can build a mattress according to your wishes or requirements. But Lytton does it. And the best part is, they make plush hybrid mattresses without asking you to pay a fortune.  


This is your chance to find out all the important details about this mattress. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 

Lytton Sleep
Lytton Sleep Comfort Plush
The Lytton Sleep Comfort Plush Mattress is a unique hand crafted for each order in Grand Ledge Michigan. With it’s Temerature Regulating Serene®️ memory foam cooled with gel layer you are up for a great start for a good night sleep!
  • Handcrafted for each order
  • 100 day risk free trial
  • 5 layers for luxury comfort
  • Great for sleepers who want excellent support and cushioning

Lytton Mattress Review (Comfort Plush)

Lytton Comfort Plush ingeniously balances support and comfort to suit the needs of side, back, front, and combination sleepers. Couples included. 


Like many potential buyers, you may be worried that this mattress could be beyond your budget because it’s a high-end, luxurious option. What you should know, though, is that the Comfort Plush offers great value, longevity, and, as the name says, comfort for the price. 


Comfort Plush does have its shortcomings, such as longer delivery times, but performance-wise this mattress doesn’t disappoint at all. Some of the areas where the Comfort Plush scores higher than most of its rivals include temperature regulation, pressure relief, and motion isolation


  • Breathable and cooling organic cotton cover
  • Delicately hand-tufted to offer an even more comfortable surface that doesn’t sag or shift
  • No glues or chemicals; hand-crafted and hypoallergenic
  • Serene foam for optimal pressure relief and temperature regulation
  • Sophisticated coil system that offers adaptive support, absorbs motion transfer, and improves airflow
  • Targeted support in the right areas, including arms, shoulders, back, and hips
  • 8 side handles for easy rotation and lifting 


  • More expensive than many budget options
  • Delivery takes up to 15 days because it is a made-to-order mattress

Lytton Mattress Analysis 

Lytton Mattress layersNot many brands are transparent about the components they use in manufacturing and where they source them. But Lytton makes no secret of their processes. 


Every item that goes into this mattress is sourced across the United States. Hand-crafting then takes place in Michigan after you place your order and, when complete, the product is delivered straight to your doorstep while still “fresh.”  With Lytton, you at least get a chance to specify how you would like your mattress to be tailored. 


Comfort Plush comprises five layers, each with unique attributes that contribute to making this a quality hybrid mattress for nearly all kinds of sleepers. Let’s look at each layer briefly. 

1. Cover

A tufted surface is probably the first thing you will notice about this mattress. It’s actually what defines the cover. Hand-tufting may be an old mattress-making technique, but it guarantees safety to the sleeper because it eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals and glue.  


Organic cotton also makes this cover special. In addition to making the top feel plush and comfortable, it improves airflow, which then allows for comfortably cooler nights. 


You will also spot handles sewn on the sides. The purpose of these is to make it easier for you to rotate the mattress or lift it. 

2. Gel Memory Foam Layer

This is the layer right below the cover. It’s infused with gel pods to make the mattress more bouncy, enabling it to provide sufficient support while you sleep. 


Gel foam layers also pull heat away from your body. You won’t wake up in a puddle of sweat. Nights on this mattress will forever be cool and comfortable.

3. Serene Foam Layer

Most brands use memory foam in their hybrids, but Lytton doesn’t. Their replacement for that is three inches of proprietary serene foam. 


Supportive air technology enables this layer to supply exceptional relief to high-pressure zones on the body. Its responsiveness is also enough to enable you move around and switch sleeping positions with ease. 


Just like the cover and gel foam layer, serene foam also ensures you have the best temperature for sleeping all the time. It’s great at reducing motion transfer as well.  

4. Quantum Coil System

Lytton sought the services of Legget and Platt in developing this quantum coil system. It comprises individually wrapped pocketed coils that independently react to pressure changes from your body.  As a result, sleepers get more precise support in areas that need it.


In addition, you won’t feel any movement made on the other side of the bed because the coils will effectively absorb any motion


These coils have been extended all the way to the edges of the mattress to provide better support when you move around and get in or out of bed. 

5. Base Foam

At the very bottom of this mattress, you have a 1-inch foam that provides stability and support to the coils. Without it, the other components wouldn’t be able to perform optimally.


Despite being a newcomer in the mattress industry, Lytton Sleep has succeeded in building its reputation as a trusted brand. At the moment, they only offer two mattresses and both continue to find a place in most American and Canadian homes. 

Comparable Products To Consider

Lytton Mattress Comfort PlushTwo variations of the Lytton Luxury mattress are available: Comfort Plush and Comfort Firm. Both have all features in common, except their foam densities. 


Just as the name implies, Comfort Firm is less soft than the Plush, so it’s an ideal choice for those looking for more firmness. 


As mentioned, Comfort Plush is pricier than a good number of its rivals. If you find it’s not within your budget, you might want to consider the Sweetnight dreamy hybrid mattress, which is one of the best mattresses under $500 in the market right now. 

Where To Buy 

Comfort Plush is exclusively manufactured and supplied by Lyttons. To buy it, you have to place your order on the manufacturer’s website and wait for delivery, which could take up to 14 days. 


The great thing is that shipping is free. You will also have 100 days to test the mattress and an infinity warranty when you do officially decide to keep it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you need a medium or firm mattress?

The best mattress for you is going to depend on two things: weight and sleep preferences. 


Firmer mattresses offer better support and comfort for heavier people (over 230 lbs) and stomach sleepers. Because of the higher firmness level, though, such mattresses can cause pressure on areas of your body that are in contact with the stiffer surface. 


Medium mattresses, on the other hand, suit lighter-weight sleepers because they provide the right level of responsiveness and compression for contouring. 

What happens if you sleep on a hybrid mattress too soon?

After unboxing, most manufacturers recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before using the mattress. That’s because it takes time for it to expand to its optimum state. 


If you sleep on it too soon, your night will most likely be a bad one because the mattress will be uncomfortable. 


Off-gassing is the other reason you’ll want to wait a little bit before trying out your new mattress. The smell could bother you and make your night far from peaceful. 

What is the lifespan of a hybrid mattress?

Both hybrid and foam mattresses have a similar lifespan, which on average is 6-7 years. 


Foam tends to sag over time while the coils wear out after a while. When either of these things happens, the mattress starts to lose support and softness. It’s important that you know when it’s time to replace your mattress. 


Watch out for signs such as waking up sore, wear and tear, and worsening allergy or asthma symptoms, just to name a few. Ignoring them will only make your nights very uncomfortable. 

Final Thoughts About The Lytton Mattress

Luxurious hybrid mattresses don’t come cheap, but Lytton Comfort Plush is an exception. It’s the kind of mattress you would come across in a five-star hotel yet it doesn’t cost a fortune. 


Whether it’s comfort, support, pressure relief, motion isolation — you name it, Comfort Plush gets them all right. Even better, you have the chance to specify to the manufacturer how you would like it made. 


Delivery may take longer than with other brands, but the wait is worth it, knowing that you will be receiving the mattress of your dreams. Look no further than Lytton sleep mattress reviews if you need proof that you are making the right decision. 


You have an opportunity to experience its greatness before everyone on the block discovers it and overwhelms Lytton with their demands. Visit the website to order your Comfort Plush. 


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