Nectar Mattresses Review -
June 7, 2018

Nectar Mattresses Review

If you’ve been searching for a comfortable, affordable mattress that’s designed to stand the test of time, then you’re likely to find Nectar mattresses appealing. Before we dig deep into the details, you should know that Nectar mattresses offer a comfort level that’s on the firmer side of medium, with multiple layers that support your body while conforming to its unique contours.

While most people appreciate this level of comfort, those who prefer soft mattresses tend to find that Nectar feels too firm. If you’re a fan of soft beds, or if you and your partner have different comfort needs, you might want to take a look at options from Helix, Muse, or Purple.

Nectar Mattresses Special Features

Nectar stands out for its incredibly generous trial period as well as its best-in-class warranty. While trials and warranties are a great indicator of a company’s willingness to stand behind its products, they’re just one part of the big picture! Not surprisingly, this mattress comes with some outstanding features that make it unique:

  • An ultra-dense foam core means it’s well-built and provides added longevity while providing heavier people with a good level of support.
  • Quilting in the top layer of gel memory foam, which enhances circulation while offering a pleasant “lofty” feeling that might remind you of a pillowtop mattress.
  • A cool Tencel™ cover, which wicks away heat and helps you stay at a comfortable temperature. The cover is OKEO-TEX certified for safety, even with infants.
  • A true “memory foam mattress feel” with plenty of “float.”

Last but certainly not least, the Nectar mattress provides protection from bedbugs and dust mites via its Tencel™ fiber cover, which does not admit moisture that bedbugs need to survive. This is a great feature, since anyone, even the best housekeeper, can bring bedbugs home. If your Nectar mattress comes up with a bedbug infestation despite these protective measures, the company will replace it for free.

Nectar Mattresses Materials

Nectar’s breathable base layer offers a density of 2.2+ ILD, firmer than most competitors at 1.5 ILD or less. It draws fresh air in via molded channels, which contribute to its cool feel. A three-inch layer of adaptive hi-core memory foam rests on top of the six-inch base layer, supporting your body while providing a pleasant touch of bounce. Next, a one-inch layer of gel memory foam helps with even weight distribution and reduced pressure points, and a one-inch layer of quilted gel memory foam lends a lofty feel while adding breathability.

The entire mattress is encased in a cover made with long staple cotton and Tencel™. This cover is specially milled to circulate fresh air, prevent bedbug infestations, and help keep you from overheating, even in warm weather. Nectar mattress covers are equipped with zippers for easy removal and spot cleaning with mild detergent, but it’s important to note that the company advises against dry cleaning the cover or immersing it in water.

Like most memory foam mattresses on the market today, Nectar mattresses are CERTIPUR-US® certified, assuring freedom from ozone depleting substances, PDBEs, TDCPP, and dangerous heavy metals including mercury and lead.

Nectar Mattresses: Models Available

Nectar makes just one mattress model. It’s on the firm side of medium, so if you’re into a softer mattress or want a very firm bed that feels like a traditional innerspring mattress, you may want to continue your search and go with a different brand. Tall sleepers will appreciate the fact that XL Twin and California King sizes are available.

The Nectar “Just Right” Mattress

Nectar’s “Just Right” mattress is popular with people who sleep in a variety of positions. Thanks to its firm base layer and multiple foam layers, it offers a combination of support and comfort that encourages proper sleep posture while conforming to the body’s curves. Motion transfer is virtually non-existent in the Nectar mattress, although it does offer a touch of bounce that’s hard to find in most memory foam mattresses. Edge support is excellent, again with thanks going to the durable base layer.

Where many other memory foam mattresses have a problem with excessive heat retention, Nectar addresses the issue via its Tencel™ cover, which provides air circulation while wicking heat away from your body. While Nectar is superior to many other mattresses out there and keeps most people at a comfortable temperature, it’s not the coolest mattress we found. If cooling is your top requirement, then you may want to look into Muse, Eight, or Tanda. Each of these brands utilizes proprietary cooling techniques and all are pretty impressive when it comes to satisfying hot sleepers.

With so many things going for it, you might think that Nectar would be among the most expensive mattresses on the market. Instead, the opposite is true: Nectar is competitively priced, with its most expensive mattress coming in at less than $1,000. While a transportation fee applies to orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, shipping is free in the continental US. For those who want financing, Nectar offers payment plans, with no credit check required. If you opt to pay in full rather than leasing to own, you’ll receive a generous discount on the purchase price. The company often offers promotional deals and extras such as pillows, adding even greater value.

The Nectar mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Nectar Mattresses: Compatible Frames and Foundations

While Nectar does offer its own feature-rich adjustable frame, the company’s mattresses are designed to offer compatibility with a variety of bed types.

  • Regular box springs
  • Divan bases
  • Traditional bedframes
  • Adjustable bases
  • Platform beds
  • Floor

Nectar Mattresses: Setup, Off Gassing, and More

Like many other mattresses that are shipped to your door, Nectar arrives tightly compressed into a roll, which has been packed into layers of sealed plastic. The package is very heavy – not at all surprising since the mattress is eleven inches thick – and there are several layers of packaging to get through. The protective carrier is equipped with handles, so it’s less troublesome to maneuver toward your bedroom than a slick package.

Unless you’re stronger than average, it’s a very good idea to get someone to help you with unpackaging and setup since the mattress is heavy and can be unwieldy. Once the Nectar mattress has been released from its packaging, it starts to expand. The expansion process is faster in warm weather and slower in cold weather.

Once it has been released from its packaging, you’re likely to notice that the Nectar mattress produces some off gassing. This new product smell is completely normal. At the same time, there’s significantly less odor than you’ll notice with some other brands; it should dissipate within a few days of unpackaging. The company notes that the new mattress smell comes from fresh foam being vacuum packed, and not from chemicals. However, it’s worth noting that if odor of any kind is out of the question, you may be better off with a different mattress; perhaps an organic one like ZenHaven, which is made of natural Talalay latex instead of foam.

Nectar Mattresses Trial Period

Nectar is so confident that people will love their mattresses that they offer an unprecedented 365-day trial period. No other mattress company even comes close! If you’ve been trying to find the perfect mattress for a while now and you’re concerned that you’ll hit yet another dead end, you are quite likely to find Nectar’s extended trial period appealing. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it for free. The company will even send helpers to pick it up.

Nectar Mattresses Warranty

Just like its mattress test period, Nectar’s warranty is extra-long. In fact, they say that their warranty is “forever.” Here’s how it works: If your mattress is defective within the first 10 years and you are its original owner, Nectar replaces it at no cost. If defects arise after the 10-year mark, the company will repair and re-cover your mattress in some cases, or replace it in others. Transportation costs are waived when material or manufacturing details are present. There’s more information in the fine print, so be sure to read the entire warranty if you’re thinking that Nectar’s mattress is the right one for you.

Nectar does a fantastic job of providing a traditional memory foam sleep experience while counteracting common pain points such as heat retention and edge support. This mattress offers excellent value for the price, easily competing with luxury mattress brands that cost far more. Additionally, we feel that its policies surrounding the trial period and warranty are exceptional – no other company comes close and with a full year to sleep on the mattress, it’s easy to determine whether the comfort level is suitable for your unique needs. Most purchasers are highly satisfied with their Nectar mattresses. Those who provide poor ratings tend to complain that the product is firmer than they’d like it to be, or that they feel too hot during the night.

Need to know more about Nectar mattresses? Visit the company at Please reach out with any questions you may have for us. We will be happy to help you!

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