Many people find nature rejuvenating and relaxing but dread sleeping on the cold, hard ground. The right camping mattress can prevent this problem, giving you a sound night’s sleep in any environment.

If you’re looking for the best camping mattress to suit your needs, this list includes some options for a variety of situations.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Camping Mattresses

What Are the Key Considerations When Buying a Camping Mattress?

Air Mattresses vs. Foam Pads

The first step when you’re shopping for a camping mattress is deciding whether you want an air mattress or a foam pad. These are the two basic categories of camping mattresses, and they each have different pros and cons. Here’s a quick summary:

Air Mattresses

  • Require inflation
  • Compact; much less weight and bulk
  • Easy storage and transport
  • Sometimes more comfortable
  • Some require pumps; some don’t
  • Can be punctured and deflate

Foam Pads

  • Don’t require inflation, saving time and energy
  • Can’t be punctured or deflated
  • Thin; can be uncomfortable

Weight and Size

Consider how thick and how large you want your camping mattress to be. Camping mattresses, unlike backpacking mattresses, are not meant to be carried long distances, so they may be bigger and heavier. However, you may still have a hike to your camp site or storage concerns, so you might still want something compact and easy to carry.

How many people will be sleeping on your mattress? A couple will need more sleeping room than an individual.

How big is your tent? Don’t make the mistake of buying a camping mattress that will barely fit in your tent or you won’t have any room for storage.

Are you an active sleeper? The more you move around in your sleep, the bigger you’re going to want your camping mattress to be.

Remember that thicker mattresses are probably going to be more comfortable than thinner ones, especially when you’re sleeping in a tent. If you sleep on your side, you should definitely get one at least three inches thick.

Air Mattress Pump Type

There are three main types of camping mattress pumps: hand pump, electric pump, and self-inflating.

R-Value: a Measure of Insulation

If you’re going camping in Fall, Winter, or Spring, you’re going to want a mattress that will insulate you from the cold ground.

As R-value increases, the better protection from the cold you will have. Spring and Fall require an R-value of at least three, while Winter necessitates a rating above five.


As with most purchases, you get what you pay for. Cheaper camping mattresses will probably not have the features or quality of more expensive models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for a deal.

What Features Do Camping Mattresses Have?

Self-Inflation- Many air mattresses are self-inflating. This means that all a user has to do is open the valve, and it will blow up on its own without the use of an air pump, allowing you to attend to other tasks like dinner.

Self-inflation can take quite a bit of time and lead to a mattress that is harder to deflate and pack away. Many users report that you need to manually blow air into self-inflating mattresses to achieve the best firmness. If you’re seeking something quick to set up and take down, self-inflating air mattresses might not be the choice for you.

Linking Ability- Some mattresses have the ability to link to others of the same model, making them even more convenient than the best queen air mattress for camping. Each piece can be carried separately and then fitted together for a bigger sleeping space.

Insulation- Many camping mattresses feature insulation to protect the user from the cold of the ground. If you’re going to be camping in colder weather, this is an absolute necessity. See the section above for more information about insulation and R-values!

Warranties- Some air mattresses come with a warranty, obviously meaning that faulty mattresses can be shipped back to the company that produced them.

Built-In Pillow- Depending on the material your camping mattress is made of, a separate pillow may slide around and become inconvenient over the course of the night. A traditional pillow is also bulky to store and carry. A built-in pillow, on the other hand, inflates along with the mattress and will always stay in place.

Which Camping Mattress is the Best?

Therm-a-Rest Mondoking 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Air Mattress

Therm-a-Rest is a trusted name in camping mattresses, as they invented the first self-inflating one in 1972.

It has an R-value of 11.4, making it more than suitable for every type of weather. Some users report that it’s better for cold weather than for warm because its insulation can make you feel hotter.

If you need a larger mattress area, you can buy two of this model—it’s designed so that they will fit together seamlessly to create one large sleeping pad, making it one of the best camping mattresses for couples.

Two sizes are available: Large (77×25 inches, $134.95) and XX-Large (80×30 inches, $156.95). Both are four inches thick. That makes this model the biggest and most luxurious that this brand makes. Users find it to be exceptionally comfortable, preventing the soreness that one might expect after a night in a tent.

When using the Mondoking, remember that self-inflating mattresses can take up to a week to fully inflate the first time they are used. After that, the process will speed up to around two days. Deflating it and rolling it back up can be a challenging process as well. This could be a serious problem for some users.

The other disadvantage to this model is the size. It’s heavy for a camping mattress at about eight pounds and, when rolled up and placed in its carrying sack, it’s still much bigger than other choices might be.

This model is among the best inflatable camping mattresses and is a great choice for pickier campers on less strenuous trips. It will keep sleepers warm and comfortable on all types of terrain and in all types of weather, but it’s not as convenient or easy to carry as competitors. Those hiking or canoeing to their campsite may want to choose a different model.

BeCamp Extra Wide Long Sleeping Pad

This fun-colored camping mattress is ideal for those looking for a less pricey option that doesn’t sacrifice anything in the way of comfort.

If you’re too tall for a regular camping mattress, this model should absolutely be your pick. It has more room both widthwise (24 inches) and lengthwise (75 inches) for a more comfortable sleeping experience. It’s also 2 inches thick and waterproof, meaning you have more cushion from the ground compared to other models.

This camping mattress is self-inflating, meaning you won’t have to worry about operating a pump when you’re out on your adventure. A few extra puffs of air might be necessary to achieve optimal firmness, but most of the inflation results from simply opening the valve.

This model is designed to be easy to pack up so that moving camp in the morning is as effortless as possible. It’s also compact for easy storage and carrying.

This camping mattress comes with a one-year warranty, so if your camping mattress gets damaged the company will send you a new one for free. Despite the durable 75D polyester material, campers in rugged terrain might appreciate this perk.

WindPouch Lite Inflatable Hammock

This model is a little more fun than other models! These polyester inflatable hammocks, which come in a variety of fun colors, are designed for a luxurious lounging experience.

The hammock holds up to 450 pounds and remains comfortably inflated for 6-8 hours. It self-inflates, so no extra pump is necessary.

There is a built-in headrest/pillow, meaning that a bulky pillow (which could slide around during sleep) isn’t required.

It might be lightweight, but it will hold up in the wind due to accompanying stakes that can be pushed into the ground to secure it in place.

This particular model doesn’t come with an attached side pouch, but if you’re sleeping instead of lounging you might not miss that feature.

If you’re an active sleeper you might have trouble spending a whole night in a hammock, but for those who find back-sleeping comfortable, this is an easy choice.

CampBro New Lightweight Sleeping Pad

This camping mattress has a bunch of interesting features. For example, it includes glow-in-the-dark ropes and logo, meaning you can always find your mattress in the dark. It’s resistant to both heat and cold, making it suitable for all kinds of environments.

Unlike some of the above models, this camping mattress is not self-inflating. While the 10-15 breaths required to inflate the mattress may be slightly inconvenient, this style of inflation may provide an easier time deflating the mattress after use. Users say it’s very easy to fit back in its storage bag.

Inflated, it measures 76x25x2 inches, but when deflated and packed up it weighs less than a pound and is around the size of a water bottle. Buttons are included on either side, meaning multiple mattresses can be chained together to make one sleeping surface. One mattress is suitable for one adult or two kids.

A limited lifetime warranty is included, as well as two repair patches– just in case.

Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor

Since this luxurious camping mattress is made of memory foam, it doesn’t require inflation at all and is stored at its full volume. This may make it unfeasible for some campers, but for others the advantages are worth the extra storage space required.

The biggest advantage of this model is superior comfort and immediate use. Inflatable air mattresses may be too thin or prone to deflating halfway through the night, but this camping mattress dodges these issues entirely. It’s 2.5 inches thick, meaning that even side sleepers will be able to keep their hips up and off the ground. Obviously, it will never pop.

The twin size is 18 pounds, 75x36x2.75 inches, and can hold up to 230 pounds. It comes with a waterproof cover, meaning that the foam is safe from a variety of types of destruction.

This camping mattress has the obvious disadvantage of bulkiness and weight, but if you’re seeking a leisurely and luxurious camping experience (as opposed to more rugged hikes) this is a great mattress choice.

Wakeman Non-Slip Luxury Foam Camping Sleep Mat+

This simple camping mattress choice is very similar to a yoga mat. Therefore, some recommend it as a supplement to an additional sleeping pad, but those who don’t need something particularly

It doesn’t require inflation at all, meaning it’s unbeatably durable when it comes to kids and pets and will never leak or pop. Storage may be a little bulky, but it’s lightweight at 2.5 pounds, and easy to carry.

It’s only 1.5 inches thick, which may not be enough cushion for some people, but users report that it does keep away cold and moisture very well.

If you’re not a picky sleeper, this low-effort and very affordable choice may be the one for you.

TargetEvo Heavy Duty Car Travel Thicker Air Mattresses Bed Inflation Back Seat Cushion for SUV

This camping mattress is meant to fit snugly in the back of an SUV with the seats folded down. It may be much more comfortable sleeping in a car rather than on the cold ground, but a traditional camping mattress won’t fit into a car as nicely as this model.

The size is about 71×51 inches and it’s extra thick for extra comfort. It can be used in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is an eco-friendly type of PVC that’s non-toxic and not smelly. It includes a built-in pillow.

Rather than being self-inflating, it uses an electric air pump, which may be inconvenient depending on your needs. It’s meant to stay inflated for about 10 hours, allowing you to sleep in!

Depending on the type of car you own, this may be the best car camping mattress on the market!

Final Thoughts

Obviously, there are oodles of choices when it comes to finding the best camping mattress for you. It depends heavily on your camping situation and your tastes.

Maybe you’re hiking and you need something light that will protect you from cold, rocky ground. Maybe you’re spending a leisurely night in a friend’s backyard and can splurge on something more extravagant and comfortable. Which camping mattress is the best one for you?

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There are several different types of sleeping pads, all of which share the goal of providing a barrier between you and the ground and adding comfort in a camping or camping-like situation. Self-inflating sleeping pads are just one type of sleeping pad that does this.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Unlike a regular sleeping pad, a self-inflating pad borrows the concept of an air mattress to add comfort without bulk. As a result, the best way to describe a self-inflating sleeping pad is to imagine a sponge on top of an air pocket with a fabric covering. It works when the sponge (aka a thin foam mattress) sucks in air, inflating the air pocket, and it can be compressed by simply squeezing the air out of the sponge. Since there is no need for air pumps or electricity, a self-inflating sleeping pad is perfect for camping or backpacking trips.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads— What to Consider

Valve Type: In order for a self-inflating sleeping pad to inflate and deflate, there needs to be a controlled way for air to get in and out—this is the job of the valve. Generally, self-inflating sleeping pads have either one valve that inflates and deflates the pad or two valves, one for inflating and one for deflating. Valves usually work by twisting a mechanism that allows air to flow, but many of them also allow for manual inflation. So, if the pad doesn’t fully inflate on its own, you can add a few puffs of air to help it expand completely. Usually you will find the valves located on a corner, or corners, of the sleeping pad.

Durability: Since sleeping pads will often be placed on rough terrain, durability is a major factor to consider if you want to be able to use your sleeping pad multiple times. Even when placing it on the tent floor, there is a high potential for punctures or rips that could ruin the pad. Because of this, you will want to find a sleeping pad with a durable outer shell. A term that outdoor enthusiasts use for this is denier, which refers to the thickness of fabric. As you can imagine, the higher the denier, the thicker and more durable the fabric will be, but this could also mean more weight. The goal is to find a balance between durability and weight that meets your needs. But, if you are using your sleeping pad on a cot or surface other than the ground, durability and denier may not be as important to you.

Insulation & Thickness: Part of a sleeping pad’s job is to provide a barrier between you and the surface you are sleeping on, which could be the cold, hard ground. Because of this, you will want a sleeping pad that is thick enough and insulated well enough to keep the cold from the ground away from you while you sleep.

The overall thickness of a self-inflating sleeping pad depends on the height of the foam pad plus the amount of air used to inflate it. You will find that most of these pads are 3 inches thick or less when fully inflated. If you are looking for a lighter pad, you could find one with less foam and more space for air, while a heavyweight pad would be made up of more foam than air.

Since self-inflating sleeping pads need to be able to draw air in on their own, they are insulated with open cell foam, which closely resembles, and works like, a sponge. Luckily, open cell foam is a better insulator than closed cell foam (i.e. a memory foam mattress), so it will do a better job blocking cool air from the ground. An easy way to tell how well the pad insulates is to look at its R-value; the higher the R-value, the warmer you will be. Usually an R-value of 3 is for general purposes, but you should look for an R-value of 5 or higher for particularly cold temperatures.  

Size & Shape: Self-inflating sleeping pads are usually either rectangular or mummy-shaped, which is basically a narrower rectangle with rounded corners. But, they do come in many different lengths and widths. Be sure to find a sleeping pad that, first, accommodates your body, and second, matches up with the sleeping bag, cot, or tent you will be using with it. If your sleeping pad is too short or narrow for you, it won’t be able to provide enough comfort or insulation. Another point you may want to consider is how much weight the sleeping pad can hold without losing air. Similarly, a sleeping pad that is a bad fit for the rest of your equipment won’t be able to meet your needs.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the main reasons campers purchase sleeping pads. Not only do sleeping pads add comfort by keeping you warmer, but they are also able to mask the painful imperfections of the terrain you are sleeping on. Some self-inflating sleeping pads have specialized cell designs to address individual preferences, while others provide more comfort by using thicker foam pads inside. Additionally, you can control the amount of air your sleeping pad takes in, which allows you to customize the comfort level. Some campers have found that sleeping on your back while on an inflated pad can help distribute your weight, which also adds comfort. In the end, comfort is a matter of your personal taste.

What Are the Top Five Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads?

Here is a summary of the top five self-inflating sleeping pads, each offering a unique combination of desirable features. All of these products are highly rated, and sleep tested.

TNH Outdoors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

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The TNH Outdoors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad has a mummy shape and is 1.5 inches thick to mask any bumps in the terrain you’ll be sleeping on. It comes equipped with a 500 series pneumatic valve that twists to open and close, or allows you to inflate the pad manually, and a 75D polyester out shell that is resistant to punctures and tearing. This sleeping pad rolls up into its compact carrying sack for easy transport on camping trips. TNH Outdoors offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as discounts when purchasing 2 or more of their products together.


  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to roll back into its carrying sack
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to inflate


  • May have to help it fully expand with manual inflation

Freeland Camping Sleeping Pad

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The Freeland Camping Sleeping Pad is self-inflating and comes with an attached pillow, compression straps, and a carrying sack. It has a rectangular design that measures 76” x 24.8”, and it is available in four colors. This sleeping pad is 1.5 inches thick when inflated, and it is made from open-cell foam and 190T polyester pongee fabric. It is equipped with dual no-leak valves, and it is designed to attach to other mats for group camping. The purchase of this sleeping pad comes with one patch kit and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Lightweight and small for carrying
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Includes an attached pillow


  • May have to help it fully expand with manual inflation

Lightspeed Outdoor XL Super Plush FlexForm Premium Self-Inflating Sleep and Camp Pad

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The Lightspeed pad has a rectangular shape that measures 77” x 30” and it is 3” thick. It has an R-value of 9.66, which will stay warm in extremely cold temperatures. This pad is built with 4-way stretch polyester and soft foam that hugs your body, plus it has an integrated pillow. It is equipped with dual valves for inflation and deflation and comes with a carrying sack and compression bands. Finally, it is available in teal and dark blue.


  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Includes an integrated pillow
  • Made with quality materials


  • May be too big/heavy for backpacking

ALPS Moutaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating Air Pad

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The ALPS Mountaineering self-inflating pad is lightweight and rectangular. Unlike the other self-inflating pads on this list, it is available in your choice of sizes, which vary in length, width, thickness, and weight. Each size is intended to fit the user as well as the type of camping he or she will be doing. It is equipped with dual brass inflate and deflate valves, and it is built with jet stream foam for quick filling and durable ripstop polyester fabric. This pad comes with a repair kit, compression straps, and a carrying sack. ALPS Mountaineering offers a limited lifetime warranty with the purchase of this product.


  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • May deflate slowly over night
  • May be too big for backpacking

Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad

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The Coleman Self-Inflating Camping pad has a rectangular design with an attached, inflatable pillow. It is made with a water-resistant polyester shell, and it has a free-flow valve that inflates and deflates the pad. This sleeping pad weighs 5.4 pounds, measures 76 inches by 27 inches, and gets up to 2 inches thick when inflated. Lastly, it has compression straps for easy transport.


  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Includes an integrated pillow
  • Made with quality materials
  • Inflates easily and quickly


  • Does not come with a carrying sack
  • May be too big/heavy for backpacking

What Else Should You Consider When Using and Purchasing Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads?

Even though there are several factors to take into account when purchasing and using self-inflating sleeping pads, paying attention to detail could help you find the perfect one for you on the first attempt. First, consider the price. The sleeping pads listed above range in price from $30 to $85, but if you are looking for one that is more professional grade, you could spend several hundred dollars. With all of the equipment that goes into a successful camping expedition, it is important to think about where you want to spend the majority of your budget, and it may or may not be on a self-inflating sleeping pad. Luckily, there are options at every price point.

Next, consider any accessories you may need that aren’t included with the pad itself. Although many of the sleeping pads listed above come with their own compression bands and carrying sack, some don’t, so if those items would be helpful to you, be sure to opt for a sleeping pad that comes with its own extras. Aside from compression bands and carrying sacks, an important accessory that may prove to be necessary is a repair kit. Some of the pads on the list include a repair kit, but if your choice doesn’t, a repair kit is an inexpensive way to avoid sleeping on a flat pad.

In addition, be aware of the fact that, like air mattresses, self-inflating sleeping pads may make some noise when you change positions at night. If this is something that could bother you (or your partner), you may want to find a pad that is more foam than air, or simply not inflate it to max capacity. By the same token, you want a sleeping pad that only loses air when you want it to. Some self-inflating pads may leak and gradually flatten throughout the night. A quality valve and durable materials could remedy that.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads— Final Thoughts

Self-inflating sleeping pads are a sleeping pad and hassle-free air mattress all in one. Although there are many factors to consider when purchasing one, keep in mind that all of it comes down to comfort level, which is different for everyone. So, the best self-inflating sleeping pad is the one that meets all of your needs and checks off all of your criteria.

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Camping can be an expensive hobby. Whether you are going on a backpacking expedition or setting up a tent for just one night, the cost of all of the equipment you need can really start to add up. One piece of gear that you don’t want to cut out of the budget is a sleeping bag.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Sleeping bags can cost anywhere between $18 and several hundred dollars, but it is possible to find a quality sleeping bag for a good price. In general, sleeping bags are priced based on the quality and quantity of the materials they are made with, as well as any special features or accessories that they have. So, when looking to purchase a sleeping bag on a budget, you will have to find a balance between the features you need and want with the amount you are willing to spend.

What do you need to know about budget sleeping bags?

How It Will Hold Up To Weather: It is reasonable to think about the type of weather you will encounter when sleeping outdoors, so this is one of the first and most important factors that most people consider when searching for a sleeping bag. In fact, the weather you will endure while using your sleeping bag determines many of the features to look for.

First, each sleeping bag is temperature rated—this indicates the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag will keep you warm while wearing one layer of clothing. Most sleeping bags are rated between +15 degrees Fahrenheit and +50 degrees Fahrenheit, but some are rated as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Since warmth is perceived and that one layer of clothing can vary, it is best to choose a sleeping bag that is rated for a lower temperature than you expect to experience, just to be on the safe side.  

Weather also includes any precipitation. If there’s a chance you will get rain, snow, or any other kind of moisture, it is crucial that your sleeping bag be at least water resistant because a wet sleeping bag can be dangerous. Even if you don’t expect to encounter precipitation, it is still a good idea to err on the side of caution and have a sleeping bag that resists moisture. Many sleeping bags are made with water resistant materials, but they can also be treated with a water proof substance for extra protection.

How Heavy It Is: If you plan on carrying your sleeping bag any significant distance (i.e. backpacking), its weight could become an issue. Usually, the warmer the sleeping bag, the heavier it is, and the more it costs. Because of this, most budget sleeping bags are rated for higher temperatures or are considered to be summer bags. But if this doesn’t jive with your camping expedition, there are some cold weather bags that are budget friendly, too.

Its Shape and Size: While the shape and size of a sleeping bag doesn’t play a particularly large role in its price, it does impact warmth and comfortability. Generally, a fitted sleeping bag keeps more warmth inside, but it allows for limited movement. Knowing this, you can consider the 4 main sleeping bag shapes: rectangular, barrel shaped, mummy, and double wide. 

As you might expect, rectangular sleeping bags are shaped like a rectangle, but they provide lots of space and comfort. The barrel shape is like a modified rectangle that is wider at the shoulders and narrower at the feet; this makes them spacious and slightly warmer. The mummy shape is the most fitted of them all and hugs the entire length of your body; this shape provides the most warmth and least amount of movement. Double-wide sleeping bags are essentially the size of two rectangular sleeping bags and are meant to sleep two people. Although double-wide sleeping bags are spacious, there are two bodies to keep heat in.

Because sleeping bags vary in shape and size, it’s important to check the specific dimensions of the product you want to buy to ensure it will fit your body. For example, mummy bags are narrow, so they may not fit all body sizes whereas rectangular or barrel-shaped bags are more accommodating. Be sure to give yourself an extra couple of inches all around, depending on the shape you choose. You may also want to take note of the zipper on the bag you wish to purchase. Some bags have full-length zippers for easy entrance or the option for ventilation while others have shorter zippers to keep warmth in.

What It’s Insulated With: Sleeping bags are insulated with either synthetic fill or down fill. Synthetic insulation is the less-expensive option, so all budget-friendly sleeping bags will have it. Usually synthetic insulation is made from polyester, nylon, or cotton, and it is durable, hypoallergenic and fast drying. But, synthetic fill can be bulkier and heavier than down fill. Some people may want to splurge on a down-filled bag because it is recommended by the pros, but down insulation can be an allergen and is virtually ruined if it gets wet.

What are the top six budget sleeping bags?

Here is a summary of the top six budget sleeping bags, each offering a unique combination of desirable features. All of these products are highly rated, sleep tested, and under $25.

Coleman Sunridge 40-60 Degree Sleeping Bag

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The Sunridge bag is a warm weather, adult sleeping bag rated for temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It has synthetic, polyester insulation, with a brushed polyester outer shell. This sleeping bag can accommodate people up to 5 feet 11 inches tall, and it is equipped with ZipPlow and Roll Control. ZipPlow is Coleman’s system for keeping fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags, and Roll Control makes it easy for one person to roll up and pack the sleeping bag. The Sunridge bag has a rectangular shape, and it can be zipped to a second bag to accommodate two sleepers.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Durable zipper
  • Lives up to temperature rating


  • May not be soft inside
  • Narrower than expected

Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag

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The Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag is ideal for warm-weather camping trips, with a temperature rating of 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It has several special features, including an integrated pillowcase, an interior pocket, and straps for a sleeping pad. This sleeping bag is ultralight, weighing just 1.6 pounds, and it measures 73 inches by 29.5 inches. Its shell is water repellent, plus it comes with a compression sack for storing and transporting. This bag can also be zipped to a second bag to accommodate two sleepers. Outdoorsman Lab offers discounts when purchasing one or more of their products together.


  • Keeps pillow in place
  • Spacious
  • Extremely portable
  • Great quality for the price
  • Easy to roll up and pack


  • Does not completely unzip
  • Narrower than expected

Ohuhu Sleeping Bag

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The Ohuhu Sleeping Bag is a rectangular-shaped, waterproof bag with a nylon shell and synthetic polyester insulation. It is lightweight at only 1.72 pounds, and it comes with a space-saving carrying sack. This bag is rated for temperatures between 48 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many other bags, this one has the option of a left-side zipper or a right-side zipper. Both options measure 75 inches by 34 inches when unrolled, and two bags can be zipped together to accommodate two sleepers at once.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Extremely portable
  • Unzips from both ends
  • Soft inside liner


  • Inside liner may shift around
  • May not live up to temperature rating

OuterEQ Sleeping Bag

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The OuterEQ Sleeping Bag is lightweight and comfortable for people up to 5 feet 11 inches tall. It has a polyester shell, a soft cotton liner, and cotton synthetic insulation. This rectangular sleeping bag has a temperature rating of about 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, plus it is machine washable. The OuterEQ bag comes with a convenient compression sack for each storage and transport, and it is available in army green and dark blue. OuterEQ also offers discounts when purchasing two or more of their camping products together.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to roll up and pack
  • Durable zipper
  • Great quality for the price


  • May be a tight fit
  • May not live up to temperature rating

Egoz Peanut Sleeping Bag

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The Egoz Peanut is a modified rectangular sleeping bag that has a drawstring hood to keep your head warm. It is rated for 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, and it is built with synthetic 300 GSM insulation, a cotton liner, and a polyester shell. This water-resistant bag comes with a drawstring carrying bag, and it measures 83 inches by 30 inches, so it can accommodate someone up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. This bag is easy to clean and built to last.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Easy to roll up and pack
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and warm


  • Zipper requires gentle handling
  • May be smaller than expected

Active Era Premium Lightweight Single Sleeping Bag

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The Active Era Premium bag is a water-resistant, warm-weather sleeping bag. It is rated for temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the right clothing, it is safe in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The Active Era bag is constructed with synthetic 200GSM hollow fibre filling, and a polyester shell. This extremely lightweight, rectangular bag is machine washable and comes with a carrying bag that’s equipped with a handle and drawstring. It measures 75 inches by 30 inches, and it weighs just over 2 pounds.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Comfortable materials


  • May be a tight fit
  • May not live up to temperature rating

What else should you consider when using and purchasing budget sleeping bags?

There is more to consider when buying a sleeping bag on a budget. First, think about the other people on your camping trip. There is an even bigger incentive to look for inexpensive sleeping bags if you are purchasing them for multiple people, but as mentioned earlier, not all budget sleeping bags are the same. Some sleeping bags are gender and age specific, which affects the warmth of the bag. Luckily, there are budget-friendly sleeping bags available for everyone in your party.

Next, think about any extras you would want. There are several sleeping bag accessories available, but those could stretch the budget. If you are tempted to buy specialized pads, shells, pillows, or the like, there are cheaper ways to get the same result. Most of these products can be replaced by regular blankets or heavy clothing. Bring along a large comforter for more padding under the sleeping bag, layer up for more warmth, and bunch up a sweatshirt for the perfect camping pillow. Plus, a water repellant spray can replace a shell, and it can be used on multiple pieces of equipment.

Lastly, it is critical to not expect the quality of a REI, L.L. Bean, or North Face brand sleeping bag when purchasing a bag that is under $25. In general, the sleeping bags on the list above are meant for casual campers on an occasional basis, not for extreme temperatures and professional expeditions. If you keep this in mind, you will be extremely happy with the quality you get for an inexpensive bag.

Budget Sleeping Bags Final Thoughts

Sleeping bags are cheaper and more accessible than ever, so if you are looking for a quality bag at a great price, it’s certainly possible to find it. But, it is important to note that the expression “you get what you pay for” could always come into play when buying inexpensive items, so budget sleeping bags will never be top of the line, but they can address your sleeping bag needs. In the end, determining the best bag for you and your adventure is all about weather, weight, shape, size, insulation, and your comfort.

About Marissa Gvozdenovich Marissa is an English teacher and writer. She enjoys the Florida beach life with her husband and puppy.

Now that it’s officially summer, and the heat is in full action, it’s the perfect time to go to the beach. With the sound of the waves crashing in the background, and a cooler with cold drinks and snacks, the beach is always a great idea! However, what’s not so great is coming back from a swim in the ocean and the sand on your feet starts sticking to your beach blanket. When you lay down to soak up a few rays, there’s sand stuck to your legs and arms. Then sand suddenly appears everywhere! It’s in your bag, your car, and maybe still on your body when you take a shower that night. It seems like an unavoidable part of a day at the beach, but the proper beach blanket can only make it better.

Quick Look at Our Top 9 Picks

The beach can be a great outing for the family, but an incredibly messy one. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re trying to relax, is stressing about how you’re going to clean up all the sand. That’s where a better beach blanket can help you out! Beach towels are best at keeping you dry after you dip in the ocean, but not as beach blankets. Whether you live by the beach, go to the beach every summer, or you’re just like being in the outdoors, investing in a beach blanket can cut down on so much unneeded summer stress! After all, the beach is supposed to be a place to relax, not worry!

What is a Beach Blanket?

This may seem like an odd question, but what is really considered a beach blanket? People use all different kinds of blankets at the beach. Some bring bed sheets, beach towels, tarps, or even tents. The possibilities are endless at the beach. The best beach blankets are those that work well at keeping the sand off the blanket, because that’s the number one hassle at the beach. Usually these blankets are made of more tarp-like material or mesh material because the sand can easily be swiped off or falls through back to the beach.

Beach blankets also usually have a way to secure to the ground in case of a huge gust of wind. You don’t want to be that person at the beach that’s constantly picking up their blanket to shake off the sand, and letting the wind blow it in the faces of everyone around you. Also, something that is comfortable. The family is usually sitting or lying on the beach blanket and no one wants to lay on a stiff piece of fabric. Lastly, sometimes they come with a way to compact them and easily travel with them like a small bag. This makes packing for the beach so much easier!

Qualities of the Best Beach Blankets

Look out for beach blankets that have these qualities:

  • Sand proof: Usually blankets that are sand proof has some sort of mesh material that allows the sand to drift through the blanket into the beach. This could also mean the sand doesn’t stick to the blanket, and can easily be wiped off.
  • Waterproof/Water resistant: If you like to lay close to the ocean, this is a good quality to look for in a beach blanket. Having a waterproof bottom layer will ensure that even if you set up your belongings in wet sand, you won’t have a wet bathing suit until you go in the ocean.
  • Compactable: It’s always a plus when a blanket comes with its own carrying bag! Beach blankets that can be folded up to small sizes and stored away in their own bag is incredibly convenient when there usually aren’t a lot of close parking spaces to the beach.
  • Securable: The best beach blankets come with some type of quality to keep them secured to the beach. Whether this is sand pockets, or stakes, these keep your blanket spread out on the uneven sand surface.
  • Lightweight: Sure enough, if your beach blanket is compactable into a small bag then it’s probably lightweight. Buying a lightweight blanket is much more ideal for beach than lugging around a heavy blanket that isn’t breathable. Plus, no one wants to carry around a heavy blanket on a hot summer day!
  • Thin: This may not be everyone’s preference, but lightweight and compactable blankets tend to also be thin. A thinner blanket does not mean it’s less durable, but thinner fabrics may be better suited for a blanket that will be in the sun a lot. Also, this can help with the breathability of the blanket. No one wants to lay on a thick and heavy blanket at the beach!

Mad Grit Beach Blanket

This XL family size beach blanket, has all the gadgets to give you and your family the perfect day at the beach without the hassle of laying on a sandy towel. It can fit 12 adults sitting or 7 adults laying with some room for your beach bags. The blanket itself is a 9 by 10 foot lightweight blanket made of parachute nylon. This makes the blanket extremely lightweight but also incredibly durable, and the sand falls right through the blanket. Allowing you to be sand free while soaking up the rays. This also includes 5 sand pouches in order to keep your blanket on the beach during a windy day, compression straps, a carrying pouch, stuff sack bag, and a Mad Grit bottle opener.


  • Washable
  • Does not hold sand
  • Lightweight & breathable material
  • Large blanket
  • Can be used for many purposes: picnic blanket, ground cover, roof shade cover, etc


  • Blanket can snag on attached bottle opener

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

This must-have beach blanket measures 9 by 7 feet, making it a great size to fit the entire family for a fun filled day at the beach. This Sand Escape Beach Blanket comes in a bag with compression straps, compacting it into a tiny carrier so lugging your beach belongings won’t be as much of a hassle. This beach blanket is made of lightweight and tear resistant nylon fabric and has 4 sand pockets to anchor the blanket to the beach.  The nylon material of the blanket allows sand to drift through the blanket, instead of sticking to the top like most blankets. This beach blanket is available in 4 different colors to match your beach aesthetic.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Covers a large area
  • Sand does not stick to blanket
  • Affordable
  • Can used for many other purposes
  • Easily fits family of 4


  • Gets we easily
  • Material can get hot from sand & sun

Kahuna Parachute Beach Blanket

This beach blanket is sure to fit the whole family, and keep the sand on the beach where it belongs. This parachute blanket packs into a small pouch, that can clip onto a backpack or your beach bag for easy carrying. It’s made with sand pockets to keep the blanket down on a windy day, and also comes with ground stakes that you can use to anchor the blanket down. There is a built-in zippered pocket to keep personal items that also conveniently keeps your items out of sight in public areas. It measures 8 by 8 feet, making this blanket definitely large enough for a 4-person family, and it’s available in 4 different colors!


  • Washable
  • Large size
  • Compacts into bag
  • Very lightweight
  • Keeps sand off blanket
  • Dries quickly


  • Stakes are not very long
  • Very lightweight so no padding if you’re on a bump surface

Peshtemal Light Weight Beach Blanket

Looking for a beach blanket that still has the soft feeling of a towel? This blanket is 100% cotton peshtemal. Peshtemal is a type of cotton that is usually found in Turkish towels, having extra-long fibers which makes them softer and much more luxurious. This blanket measures 63 by 86 inches, making it a great size for a beach blanket, picnic blanket, or as a tablecloth. This material makes it extremely lightweight, quick drying, and eco-friendly. Because these blankets are so lightweight, they are easily compactable, giving you more room in your beach bag. Wanting a larger blanket? This beach blanket has buttons that makes it connectable! It’s also available in 10 different color options, allowing you to find your favorite beach blanket look!


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Washable
  • Becomes softer with each wash
  • Versatile – can be used as a bed blanket & many other purposes
  • Very well-made


  • Will not keep sand off
  • Can snag easily

Laguna Summer Outdoor Blanket

This blanket is made for the outdoors! With durability in mind, this blanket was made for outings like picnics, a day on the beach, or camping in the wilderness. To withstand the elements, this blanket is made with a waterproof bottom layer, making it great for keeping sand from sticking on your blanket. Unlike many other blankets, this one could handle wet sand without making the whole blanket absorb the moisture. It has a fleece top layer, available in 2 different colors. It comes with a case to keep your blanket in with a backpack strap, and a pocket for all of your personal belongings. Measuring 72 by 57 inches, this beach blanket can easily fit 2 adults.


  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Soft & fuzzy
  • Sand does not stick to bottom
  • Stylish patterns


  • Not very large for family blanket

Roebury Sandproof Beach Mat

Looking for a water resistant blanket? This is the one! This 100% polyester blanket is sure to keep the moisture away, like wet sand or grass. This durable blanket will ensure that the stand stays on the beach with its durable and water resistant backing. It also has padding to make your experience a little more comfy when laying on outdoor surfaces like uneven sand or dirt. This beach blanket is measured 55 by 70 inches, making it suitable for 2 people to lay on. It comes with a zippered tote that the blanket compacts into, making traveling with this blanket lightweight and stress free! This beach blanket not only has a waterproof coating, but it’s also BPA-free and due to its smooth inner lining, can easily be wiped down from outdoor festivities.


  • Water resistant
  • Available in 3 colors/patterns
  • Versatile – can be used as a pillow or stadium seat cushion
  • Machine washable
  • Compacts into zippered tote
  • Great customer service


  • Some think it’s hard to zipper into tote
  • Higher priced blanket for material

CampMe Premium Outdoor Beach Blanket

Love to go to the beach, but hate the feeling of the sand sticking to you and your blanket? This CampMe beach blanket is sand proof! It has an inner and outer square, with the outer square made of a mesh material in order to let the sand stay off the rest of the blanket. This blanket is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you’re blanket is put on wet sand and or kids run on the blanket after jumping in the ocean. It’s extremely lightweight, weighing under 2 pounds, and it compacts into a small carrying bag to make traveling easier. This beach blanket comes also comes with 4 metal stakes so you’re blanket stays on the beach even during those windy summer days.


  • Repels water
  • Allows sand escape back to beach
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Does not get hot in the sun
  • Comes with 4 stakes
  • Material easily wipes clean


  • Only available in 1 color

Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket Sand Blanket

Looking to give a beach blanket as a gift? This blanket is not only great for the beach but also for a great cause. When you buy a Benvolence blanket, you are giving back to a community. These blankets provide clean water for villages in Africa, and the mission of this company is to spread generosity. This chi blanket is perfect for the beach! It measures 65 by 40 inches, and is made of 100% acrylic. Unlike of Mexican blankets, these are not itchy and get softer with each wash! Not only are these great beach blankets with their vibrant designs and durability. Plus, this is a great gift for anyone who’s always outdoors! They are available in 5 different vibrant colors.


  • Great gift
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable texture
  • Thick
  • Versatile – can be used as blanket, yoga mat, or other outdoor activities
  • Becomes softer with each wash


  • Some believe not as soft as advertised
  • Smaller than other beach blankets

El Paso Designs Mexican Beach Blanket

If you’re looking for a cheap blanket with a stylish design, you’ve found the one. This Mexican Falsa blanket brings a taste of Mexico to the beach side! This blanket measures 47 by 68 inches, making it a spacious personal beach blanket. It’s made of a mix of acrylic and cotton recycled fibers, making this beach blanket eco-friendly. They’re also incredibly durable, as they’re handwoven and imported from Mexico. It doesn’t get more authentic than that. Available in 24 different colors, you’re sure to find the blanket that best fits your beach aesthetic. Although it does not come with the product, there is a blanket carry strap available for purchase.


  • Handwoven from Mexico
  • Versatile – can be used for yoga, camping, picnicking, or home décor
  • Made out of recycle fibers
  • Available in many different colors
  • Inexpensive
  • Machine washable
  • Very soft


  • Shed lots of fuzz
  • Colors may not be completely true to picture

A Few Other Qualities to Consider

Here are just a few other tips and tricks for your beach blanket buy.

  • Find a blanket that’s washable. Just in case little George spills ketchup and stains the beach blanket, you know you can throw it in the washing machine and it will look brand new. Plus, an outdoor blanket should always be washable.
  • Find a blanket that’s versatile. Beach blankets have a lot of qualities that you may be looking for in other outdoor blankets. Save the money, and make sure your blanket can be used for other outdoor activities like camping or picnics.
  • Find a large blanket. Even if you don’t plan on going to beach with the whole family, it usually smart to invest in the larger blankets. This way, you have the option to hold more people and you can reserve a larger spot on the beach!
  • Find a blanket with a personal belongings pockets. While this may not be completely necessary, it’s definitely incredibly convenient. These pockets are great places to put your keys, wallet, and phone if you don’t like lugging around a large beach bag.

Arriving to the beach with a suitable beach blanket is a necessity, and it’s not a large investment. Most beach blankets are under $30, meaning after a family of 4, it’s probably the same amount of money it costs you to get into the beach. Preparing yourself for a fun day outside will only let the fun continue even when you have to pack up to go home. No more trails of sand in your car with a sand proof beach blanket! Plus, many of these beach blankets can also be used for other outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, seat cushions, yoga, and much more. And, most come in stylish patterns/colors so you can find your spot in the mist of others at the beach.

About Kelsey Woodbridge Kelsey is a lover of anything comfy, especially her bed. In fact, you will most likely find her in her bed drafting a new article, watching New Girl, or just lounging in fuzzy socks.

Camping with kids can be a challenge, but it can also teach life lessons and create lasting family memories. So, each year campgrounds around the world are flooded with eager trekkers. But before the trip, there is a great deal of preparation, which often means purchasing all the gear you will need on your adventure, including sleeping bags. It may be tempting to head out to the nearest big box store and grab any kids’ sleeping bag, but this could prove to be a mistake later.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Since kids’ bodies aren’t as susceptible to stiffness and soreness when sleeping, it may seem like kids can fall asleep anywhere, but children aren’t totally equipped to adapt to new situations quickly and without incident. This is especially true when there are factors involved that could affect their sleep. Every parent knows that when their kid is tired, things can go downhill fast. Because of this, choosing the correct sleeping bag for your kid-friendly camping expedition can be one of the most important decisions your make before your trip.

Kids’ Sleeping Bags – What To Consider

Fill: The two types of insulation that are found most often in sleeping bags are synthetic and down. Camping enthusiasts will almost always recommend down insulation because it is lightweight, easily compressed, durable, and usually down-fill sleeping bags are a higher quality. However, down-insulated sleeping bags are usually much more expensive and more difficult to clean than synthetic, and when down insulation gets wet, it is very hard to dry. This can be dangerous if you find yourself with a wet sleeping bag on a cold night.

Most casual campers choose to purchase a sleeping bag with synthetic insulation, especially for kids. Synthetic insulation refers to fill made of polyester, nylon, or cotton. These sleeping bags can also be lightweight, easily compressed, and durable, plus synthetic insulation dries much more quickly than down insulation, it is easier to clean, costs less, and is hypoallergenic.

Size & Weight: One of the main factors that makes a kids’ sleeping bag a kids’ sleeping bag is that it’s smaller than an adult bag. Kids’ sleeping bags are designed to fit a smaller frame, which helps to keep heat inside the bag. Some kids’ sleeping bags are made for toddlers and others are made for children, so be sure to consider your kid’s height and weight when choosing the right bag for them.  

Part of the size of the bag is its weight. A sleeping bag is one of the heaviest and bulkiest pieces of camping gear, so it is important to consider this if you plan on hiking with sleeping bags in tow or sleeping in cold temperatures. In general, the warmest sleeping bags are the heaviest. So, it’s best to look for a bag that your child is capable of carrying themselves, and one that will provide the appropriate level of warmth.

Shape: Sleeping bags usually come in one of four shapes: rectangular, barrel shaped, mummy, and double wide. Rectangular sleeping bags are obviously shaped like a rectangle, and they are designed to be more spacious and comfortable. A barrel-shaped sleeping bag is similar to a rectangular sleeping bag, but it is narrower in the feet. Mummy bags are fitted and snug to the body for the entire length of the sleeping bag. Lastly, double wide refers to an extra-large version of a rectangular sleeping bag that can fit two sleepers. 

The best shape for your child depends on a couple of factors—their sleep preferences, the temperatures they will be using the sleeping bag in, and the weight of the bag. Some of the sleeping bag shapes described above may be more comfortable for kids who like to spread out when they sleep or for kids who like to wrap themselves up in a ball. Plus, the more fitted the bag, the warmer it is, which is best for colder temperatures. And if the weight of the bag matters, rectangular and barrel-shaped bags are usually lighter than mummy or double-wide bags.

Durability & Maintenance: When it comes to products for kids, durability and cleanliness always matters. In general, kids are rougher with their possessions than adults are, so finding a sleeping bag that can hold up to tough love is best. Plus, the terrain the sleeping bag is placed on can wear it down over time. As a result, you will want to find a kids’ sleeping bag that has sturdy zippers and is made with durable materials and insulation that repel moisture.

Kids are also known to spill things and make messes, so the wrong sleeping bag could get ruined by one of these incidents. Sleeping bags also become dirty from the bodies that sleep in them. Because of this, purchasing a sleeping bag that is easy to clean and water resistant will prove to be a good decision later.

Climate: Climate, specifically temperature and precipitation, plays a major role in selecting a sleeping bag. Before you buy a kids’ sleeping bag, be sure to consider where and when it will be used.

All sleeping bags have a temperature rating that indicates the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag will keep a person warm while wearing one layer of clothing. But, warmth is perceived and varies from kid to kid, which is why it is best to purchase a sleeping bag that is rated for temperatures lower than what you expect to encounter, but not too low to cause overheating. The zipper on the sleeping bag can also help to regulate the amount of heat that’s kept inside by allowing the sleeper to adjust for ventilation. Since kids don’t have as much body mass to keep themselves warm, erring on the side of caution is smart.

Precipitation is directly related to warmth. As mentioned earlier, a wet sleeping bag will be much colder and could be dangerous. Because of this, many sleeping bags are built to be water-resistant, but if you want extra protection, consider treating the bag with a water-resistant chemical or adding a water-proof shell to the bag.

What Are the Top Five Kids’ Sleeping Bags?

Here is a summary of the top five kids’ sleeping bags, each offering a unique combination of desirable features. All of these products are highly rated, and sleep tested.

Wenzel Moose 40-Degree Sleeping Bag

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The Wenzel Moose sleeping bag is designed to keep young campers comfortable and warm in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a polyester shell with synthetic, hypoallergenic Insul-Therm insulation. This sleeping bag also features a self-repairing zipper that won’t snag, plus it is lightweight at only 3.25 pounds. It measures 66 inches long and 26 inches wide, and it comes with a stuff sack for storage and transport. Finally, it is available in pink and blue, and both colors feature an appealing moose design.


  • Holds up to washing
  • Fluffy and comfortable fill
  • Cute design


  • May not live up to temperature rating

Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag

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Coleman’s Youth Sleeping Bag has several special features. It is filled with ThermoTech insulation and has a ComfortCuff along the neckline of the sleeping bag to keep heat in. This sleeping bag also features a small interior pocket with Velcro closure and ZipPlow, which keeps fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags. It is rated for temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and fits children up to 5.5 feet tall. This sleeping bag is available in two design options: blue with camouflage print inside and pink with multicolor squares inside. Coleman also offers a limited warranty with the purchase of this product.


  • Lightweight for carrying
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Very warm


  • Side seams may be weak

Wenzel Backyard 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

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Wenzel’s Backyard model sleeping bag is the only mummy-shaped bag on this list. It measures 26 inches wide and 66 inches long, and it is built with breathable yet warm materials. The synthetic polyester insulation along with the mummy shape lock in warmth. This sleeping bag also features a double zipper that can open from both ends and provides draft protection. Unlike rectangular sleeping bags, the Wenzel Backyard has a hood to keep heads warm and keep heat inside the bag. It is lightweight at only 2.2 pounds, plus it comes with a stuff sack for carrying and storing. Lastly, this 30-degree Fahrenheit kids’ sleeping bag is available in green and purple.


  • Extremely warm
  • Fluffy and comfortable fill


  • Side seams may be weak

Coleman Kids 50-Degree Sleeping Bag

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The Coleman Kids bag is similar to the Coleman Youth bag above, but they differ in their temperature rating, and this Coleman model features a glow-in-the-dark design. This bag is rated for 50-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and can accommodate children up to 5 feet tall. It also has ThermoTech synthetic insulation and ComfortCuff to prevent drafts from getting in through the seams. The zipper is equipped with ZipPlow, which moves fabric out of the way of the zipper to prevent snags. This sleeping bag is lightweight and easy to carry at 2.4 pounds, and it comes with its own stuff sack for storage and transport. It is available in teal, pink, and blue, each with glow-in-the-dark designs.


  • Cute design
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Very warm


  • Zipper requires gentle use

Teton Sports Celsius Junior Sleeping Bag

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The Teton Sports Celcius Junior is the warmest sleeping bag on this list with a 20-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating. It is a rectangular sleeping bag with a hood for extra warmth. This sleeping bag features draft tubes, which run along the two-way zipper to prevent drafts, and it has a small interior pocket for storage. The Celcius Junior is available in 3 colors—brown/pink, blue/stripe, and blue/plaid—each with a matching stuff sack. Unlike other kids’ sleeping bags, this one gives the option of having the zipper on either the right side or the left side, and Teton Sports offers a limited lifetime warranty with the purchase of their sleeping bags.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Roomy and comfortable


  • May not live up to temperature rating

What Else Should You Consider When Using And Purchasing Kids’ Sleeping Bags?

There are a few other factors to consider when purchasing a kids’ sleeping bag, including price, comfort, and looks. In general, kids’ sleeping bags are affordable. Since many kids’ sleeping bags are made with synthetic insulation, the cost of down fill is eliminated, so other features of the sleeping bag determine the price. The recommended kids’ sleeping bags above range in price from $23 to $38, and luckily some of them come with warranties. Keep in mind that your children will grow out of their sleeping bag and that it may need to be replaced when considering your sleeping bag budget.

Next, consider the comfort that the sleeping bag will provide. As mentioned earlier, it is vital that your kids can get the sleep they need in order for everyone’s experience to be more enjoyable. A small pillow or a sleeping pad can add more comfort if necessary.

Finally, the look of the sleeping bag matters to kids. Unlike adults, kids will always pick the sleeping back that looks the best rather than the one that has all of the qualities necessary. Fortunately, most of the sleeping bags that are made for kids are available in appealing colors or they feature popular characters from T.V. shows or movies. It may be helpful to find a small number of sleeping bags that fit your child’s needs and have them pick their favorite look out of those options.

Kids’ Sleeping Bags – Final Thoughts

Ultimately, everyone’s goal when searching for the best sleeping bag is to find one that is warm, dry, comfortable, and easy to carry, and that is no different when searching for a kids’ sleeping bag. Although kids have different needs than adults, the recommended kids’ sleeping bags above are all designed to address those needs with some specialized features added. Parents and the makers of kids’ sleeping bags know that kids’ sleep, especially when they are away from home, is important for everyone involved.

About Marissa Gvozdenovich Marissa is an English teacher and writer. She enjoys the Florida beach life with her husband and puppy.

Sleeping bags just aren’t enough sometimes when it comes to camping outdoors, especially in cold weather. From pebbles, sticks, pinecones, tree roots, and surfaces that are jagged and uneven, you need some cushion beneath you.

Luckily, camping and backpacking companies have come up with a solution to this problem.

Light, durable, and inflatable sleeping pads work just like your mattress at home. Except, you can roll it up and carry it with you wherever you go.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Unlike a sleeping bag, pads aren’t meant to be large or bulky, most fit into small compression sacks that aren’t much bigger than a water bottle.

What is the R-Value?

Most sleeping pads come with an R-value, which is just a measurement of the quality of insulation, or the ability to hold heat.

If you’re going out into real wilderness, make sure your sleeping pad has an R-value that will keep your warm through the night; 9.5 is the highest rating on the insulation scale.

For summer nights, go with an R-value between 2.0 and 4.0 so you don’t get too hot.

While a high R-value is great for cold weather, you shouldn’t depend on the sleeping pad alone to keep you warm. Always bring extra clothing and blankets if you plan to sleep in extreme temperatures.

Sleeping Pad for Camping – Our Top Picks

TNH Outdoors Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

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TNH Outdoors has designed the perfect sleeping pad that works well for both men and women.

At 1.5 inches thick, you can lie down and feel like you’re on your mattress from home, rather than on top of rocks, dirt mounds, and other uneven surfaces.

This sleeping pad includes a 500 series valve for easy inflation and is narrow like a mummy bag. Just give it a couple of good blows and you’re all set up for sleeping.

The 75D Polyester skin will keep you dry, and it’s water resistant so it won’t soak up any rainwater or moisture.

This pad even works for people who are over 5’9, so if you’re a bit taller than the average person the TNH Outdoors sleeping pad will be your best friend.


  • Small and compressible enough to carry on a hiking trip
  • Can also be used for hammocks and outdoor patio areas
  • Long lasting and durable material ensures you can use this pad for years


  • Design issues, cells sometimes swell or create bubbles
  • Only inflates to about one inch rather than the 1.5 that is advertised
  • Is not self-inflating, has to be blown up manually which can be inconvenient and time consuming depending on the individual.

Unroll this sleeping pad completely and allow it to lie flat before you try blowing it up. This way, you won’t risk over-inflating it or making holes. Some of the problems people have had with cells bursting could be related to improper inflation. If you’re uncertain of how to correctly inflate your pad, it luckily comes with both written and photo instructions to further assist you. Inflatable pads aren’t for everyone as they are a bit softer, if you’d rather have a firmer sleeping pad that you don’t have to inflate, try a foam pad instead.

Outdoorsman Lab Ultra Light Sleeping Pad

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Outdoorsman Lab has provided us with a 2 inch thick sleeping pad that comes in green, orange, and blue!

The compact pad has a grid pattern designed to keep cells from splitting up and becoming one giant lump, and sizes down to 8 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches when rolled up.

Each cell has limited airflow to keep your from losing warmth, and to prevent leakage, while still being light and easy to carry.

Made with weatherproof, 20D woven nylon rip-stop material you can sleep through the stormiest of nights without dealing with a soggy sleeping pad in the morning.

The lifetime warranty ensures that no matter how long you own this pad, you can get a new one if anything is wrong with your current one!

Although it is a blow-up item, you can easily compare the comfort of the Outdoorsman Lab pad to that of a foam design, without the added weight.


  • Includes a lifetime warranty to protect against defective products
  • Fits inside a tent without issue and includes a sack
  • Can be used if you sleep on your side


  • Doesn’t provide very much insulation, use with a thick sleeping bag
  • Takes about 10-15 breaths to blow up which can be a bit much if you are a person of smaller stature

If you get your Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad and it feels a little stiff at first, it might just be that it needs to stretch.

Give this product a test run and blow it up over night before you head out on your trip to the wilderness.

Don’t forget to use the awesome packing bag that comes with it, you can easily shrink this pad down to a water bottle size and carry it with you anywhere!

Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

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The V-shaped Klymit Static was created to keep your “mattress” pad from moving around beneath you while you shift positions in your sleep.

From red, orange, blue, green, and other hammock styles, the Klymit brand has a sleeping pad for everyone!

The stuff sack that comes included will ensure that this product can be tightly placed in a bag without taking up extra space and getting in your way.

The 75D polyester is incredibly strong and won’t give in to pressure or puncture when placed against rocks or jagged edges.

In the event that it does, you can use the patch kit that comes with this sleeping pad for an extra tight seal.


  • Includes a lifetime warranty to protect customers from defective items
  • Includes a patch kit in case a hole does happen to occur
  • Antimicrobial laminate keeps your sleeping pad from becoming moldy


  • If you have a wide build your arms may hang off the sides, narrow
  • Some people have received defective items that don’t hold air

 Since there isn’t a weight limit, this product can be used by just about anyone.

At about 300 pounds, you might see some uneven distribution. Nonetheless, it’ll still work perfectly fine for those of a larger stature.

Make sure that you tighten the air valve completely, and consider adding extra coverage or patching around it to prevent air leakage.

If you do happen to receive a defective one don’t throw it away, take advantage of the lifetime warranty and send it back to the company for a brand new one.

EcoTek Outdoors HyberN8 Ultra Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Much like the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad, the EcoTek Outdoors HyberN8 has a hexagonal grid pattern for better insulation and air-locking to prevent leaks.

The 70D polyester prevents tearing and holes from sticks and stones that might be lurking around.

It also happens to be quieter, and more comfortable to sleep on than other material.

EcotTek is a very unique company, they’ve made a commitment to donate some of their profits to National Forest Foundation. In addition to light weight, well designed sleeping bag, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you helping the planet!


  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed, you’ll always be able to exchange it
  • Multi-use, can be placed in a hammock, chair, or used with a futon
  • For every sleeping pad purchased, they’ll plant a tree!


  • A bit smaller and thinner than some had hoped, looks larger in advertising photo
  • On the expensive side, some felt the price was not comparable to the quality

You can even place this pad inside of your sleeping bag if you want to keep it clean, the only downside is that it probably won’t fit inside a mummy bag.

However, you can still keep it in your tent and place it underneath you.

Currently, the HyberN8 is going through an evaluation to determine the R-value of this sleeping pad; as of right now it is estimated to be somewhere between 1.8 and 2.3.

Check back on the website every few weeks or so to see updates!

Stoik’d Brand Self Inflating Sleeping Pad for Camping

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Unlike the pads listed above, Stoik’d has created a pad that is both inflatable and includes a thick foam padding.

This is perfect for anyone who wakes up with sore muscles and a stiff back after sleeping on a blow up mattress.

This sleeping pad is completely flat, there are no grid patterns or uneven areas that move while you’re sleeping or cause discomfort when lying on your side.

The added survival blanket will provide you with extra warmth, in case you forget yours at home or just need a second one for the evening.


  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Package includes a free survival blanket and carrying case
  • Satisfactory R-value of 4.0


  • Does not fold up very easily due to foam padding
  • Material is very slick, can slide off pad

This sleeping pad is built for emergency situations, so if you think there’s any chance you might find yourself in a pickle while roaming outdoors, bring it with you.

The Stoik’d company is all about customer satisfaction; not only can you exchange this sleeping pad, you can return it for a full refund. Not that you won’t enjoy using it, but the best products are usually backed by excellent return policies.

Moon Lence Sleeping Pad for Camping and Backpacking

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Available in blue, green, and orange, the Moon Lence sleeping pad is different from most because of its two-way valve.

The light rip-stop 20D nylon material is extremely light and has an R-value of 1.3. It has rip-stop capabilities and is designed to be leak proof and waterproof.

This sleeping pad takes about 10 breaths, about 5 less than the average to fully inflate which is a plus if you’re someone with a smaller set of lungs.


  • Lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
  • Great for taller people who need more leg room


  • Won’t work very well in cold weather, more useful for the summertime
  • Not very firm, somewhat flimsy

The Moon Lence is overall easy to inflate, light, small, and easy to carry with you.

If you find something wrong or defective with this sleeping pad, return it for your money back within 30 days or exchange it for a new one at any time.

The Lifetime warranty will ensure that you get full use out of this product, and never have to buy another one.

Freeland Camping Self Inflated Sleeping Pad with Pillow Attached

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Freeland not only offers this sleeping pad in navy, light blue, and teal, but this pad in particular comes with its own built in pillow!

The 190T polyester pongee fabric will keep your body insulated and holds up against wear and tear from transporting and frequent use.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t sleep on the grid patterned pads, you’ll be very happy to know that this one is completely flat.

The best part is this pad can be conjoined with others if you’re camping with your significant other or your kids; when sleeping in the cold, extra body heat is always helpful.

The Freeland sleeping pad also goes through 72 hours of testing before being sold to customers, this prevents defective items from hitting the shelves.


  • A patch kit is included in case punctures do occur along with carrying case
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee against defective products


  • Some people have compared this pad to a yoga mat because it’s so thin
  • Too much effort required to blow up this “self-inflating” pad

To avoid air leakage and holes, lie the pad flat the first time you use it and allow it to completely self-inflate before attempting to blow it up the rest of the way.

Most self-inflating sleeping pads will need a test run for the first use. You don’t want to get it out into the woods before finding out it doesn’t work or before learning how to use it properly.

If you have a bad back and need extra cushion, this sleeping pad may not be right for you, due to how thin it is. Otherwise, it’s lightweight and easy to pack up and carry with you on your journey.

LULULION Self Inflating Sleeping Pad with Pillow

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This thick, durable pad is perfect for camping with your buddies and family thanks to the snap buttons on the sides. You can easily connect this sleeping pad to another for a bigger mat and more room to lie down.

Made from 190T polyester material, the Luluion is waterproof, mold, and mildew resistant.

The valves on this camping mattress allow it to blow up on its own completely, you should never have to assist expansion with your own breath unlike the others.


  • Full money back guarantee, can be replaced or returned for a full refund
  • Includes a carrying sack for easy travel and a free air pump


  • At 2.5 pounds, might be a bit bulky for hiking and trekking

The Lululion is a high quality sleeping pad made for families and friends who love travelling together! Pillow attachments are common on sleeping bags, but a rare find on the pads, so the Lululion is definitely a bonus.

Koolsen Ultralight Sleeping Pad

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In contrast to the name, the Koolsen is actually very warm and has an R-value of 4, so you can use it during the fall and the earlier part of the winter season.

The 75D polyester fabric has TPU lamination and it is both water proof and tear proof.

This pad is multi-use, you can use it for backyard camping in the bed of trucks, put it in your hammock, or keep it on your futon so your guests can have a warm, comfortable evening.

You’ll also be happy to know that the brand strives to be environmentally friendly and participates in a “plant a tree” program! So you know you’ll be doing a good deed by purchasing this sleeping pad.


  • For each sleeping pad sold, a tree is planted
  • Comes with a repair kit for holes and emergency fix-ups
  • Includes a bag for storage


  • Weight and size are a bit smaller and lighter than what is advertised by the company
  • Doesn’t inflate as easily as described by company

The Koolsen brand offers returns and exchanges if you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase; however I think you’ll enjoy this sleeping pad.

With an R-value of 4 you’ll have a nice, warm evening around the campfire. Since it is smaller than what most have expected, the upside is that you know for sure you’ll be able to carry it easily.

Bivaro Ultra Light Sleeping Pad for Travel and Hiking

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Last but not least, the Bivaro sleeping pad is one of a kind. While it does have a grid pattern, the Bivaro lies completely flat and provides plenty of support for your back and hips.

The bright orange color works well in situations where you find yourself lost or in need of assistance, you’ll be easy to find among a lush green forest or a white blanket of snow.

It does include a pillow, but as opposed to the other items listed, it’s not attached so that you can remove it if you find it to be uncomfortable or would rather use your own.

The Bivaro is light, and compacts all the way down to a water bottle size! If you aren’t sure how to roll it up, just check out the instructional booklet included with your purchase, it’ll tell you everything you need to know on how to use this sleeping pad properly.


  • Can be used for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Includes a carrying bag for easy storage
  • Waterproof material keeps you dry


  • Could be considered both a pro and a con, this sleeping pad is quite large, so it’s good for taller people. However, it may not fit inside a tent.

Open this sleeping pad completely before you blow it up to maximize empty space and to prevent it from popping or leaking air.

The Bivaro has an R-value of 1.3, so it is best to use it during summer weather and should not be relied upon for warmth in the winter.

There are 2 patch kits included with this sleeping pad, so bring them with you whenever you go for a hike or overnight trip, it’ll save you from sleeping on the ground in the event that your pad is punctured or begins to leak.

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, not to worry! Looking for a sleeping pad shouldn’t be a stressful situation; the idea is simply to keep you more comfortable while you’re out on the road.

No matter what season it is, look for the pad with the highest R-value possible.

The products listed above generally have an R-value of 4 or below, they’re meant for fall and early winter in an average climate.

For climbing mountains, and extreme cold, you’ll definitely need to look for a pad with a value of 7 or more.

Although they can be incredibly helpful, you should not rely on any sleeping pad for warmth. Make sure that you have a thick, insulated sleeping bag, preferably one that has room to place your pad inside and zip it up with you while you sleep.

No matter how great your sleeping pad is, no matter how long it has lasted, always bring a patch kit with you just in case.

Accidents are bound to happen, and they usually occur when you aren’t prepared for them. So if your pad doesn’t include a kit, make sure you get one and keep it with you at all times while you’re camping!

About Dabora Dabora is Chief editor at Sleeping Culture. She is a proud mother of two, passionate about sleep and finding ways to live a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

When you’re serious about camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and other intense outdoor activities, you need a sleeping bag that’s as strong as you are. You should be able to sleep comfortably regardless of the temperature, unpleasant snow storms and tough ground. So how do you know which one is the best? Don’t just challenge yourself, challenge your equipment too. Take the time to review some of the criteria below, and always test your sleeping bag before taking it on a long trip.

Quick Look at Our Top 10 Picks

What should I look for in a backpacking sleeping bag?

  • Rating– The rating of a bag measures how low the temperature can get before you start to feel cold, so get one that works for 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. If it gets too warm you can take layers off, but you can only put so many on when you’re on the road.
  • Moisture Resistance– Unless you’re camping out in the dessert, you need a sleeping bag that won’t soak up water from rain, snow, or morning dew and humidity. Some brands add a water resistant outer shell that does not allow the elements to penetrate the soft inner filling.
  • Size Matters-The dimensions of your sleeping bag could make or break your experience. Especially with mummy bags, purchasing the wrong size can mean trying to squeeze into it later. It’s better to go up if you aren’t 100% sure you’ll be able to zip it up right away.
  • Material-Do you have allergies? Do you have difficulty sleeping on fabrics that aren’t very soft? Are you a light sleeper? Some materials can be particularly noisy when you shift in your sleep. Polyester is the most common and popular type of material because it’s strong, warm, weather resistant and high quality. Goose down is also a naturally warm and water resistant material, but you can’t put it in a washing machine.
  • Are You Vegan?– Many of the best sleeping bags use goose down as a filling for warmth, as feathers repel water and retain heat. This can be an issue for people who enjoy nature, but don’t use animal products. However, you can find bags that contain polyester as a substitute. For those who are fine with using “cruelty-free” products, some companies offer sleeping bags that operate under humane practices. This means that no geese are harmed during feather harvesting.
  • Does Color Make a Difference?– Surprisingly, the color of your sleeping bag can be just as important as the temperature rating. If you’re hunting, you obviously won’t want to be seen carrying a big fluorescent sleeping bag. However, for people who just enjoy a long walk in the woods, you should definitely be looking for brighter colors. If something happens and you’re lost or injured, the color of your sleeping bag can help save your life.
  • Can You Return It?– Like most products, sleeping bags might occasionally end up with a snag or tear in the seam. Zippers break and mishaps can occur, and heavy duty sleeping bags aren’t cheap. Do yourself a favor and make sure that your purchase comes with a warranty and check the return policy. Keep your receipt and the original packaging, this will help to ensure that if something does go wrong, you can get your money back!
  • Versatility– How much do you plan to get out of your sleeping bag? If you’re camping with your spouse, it might not be very pleasant to have them sleeping so far away from you in a separate bag. Or, if you hate having your feet covered at night, a bag that doesn’t open at the bottom won’t be very comfortable. When you fall into these categories, you’ll need a sleeping bag with 2 or 3 zippers. Why? Well, there are plenty of brands out there that offer perks, like being able to zip up to bags together. This means you can easily sleep next to your kids, your spouse, your pets, or whoever might be accompanying you on your trip.
  • Is it machine washable?– One of the most aggravating thing about sleeping bags is how to go about keeping them clean! Most of the time, you can throw them in the washing machine with some cold water and dry them on low. However, not all bags work this way, and washing them in a machine can permanently damage the inner lining that keeps you warm. If you expect to be using your sleeping bag in dirt, rain, or other instances where it will be easily soiled, make sure you can wash it without ruining the material.

What are your top 10 sleeping bag options?

Where do you go from here? There are hundreds of different sleeping bags, brands, and features out there. It can be incredibly difficult and confusing to choose which one, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The sleeping bags below are of the highest quality, and work well for just about anybody.

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag With Compression Sack

With one of the best mummy bags available, the Winner Outfitters brand offers this item in orange, blue, and gray, so you can decide which one is best for your travels. The 350T Polyester material provides a soft, comfortable place to lay your head while the outer coating keeps you dry and toasty. The Hollow Fiber filling enhances warmth in 35 to 40 degree weather and is environmentally friendly as well!


  • Hypoallergenic, allergy friendly
  • Includes a compression sack for easy carry
  • Includes an 8.5 year warranty


  • Several issues with zippers jamming
  • Might not function well for taller people

This sleeping bag is 32 by 87 by 4 inches, from shoulders to feet and it is machine washable.

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bags

This mummy bag is made from 100% polyester and is made for extremely cold temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many other mummy bags, the Coleman brand caters to those of a larger stature and provides plenty of extra space. The draw string hood will protect your face and ears from icy winds and frostbite.


  • Made for use in all 4 seasons
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great for taller people who have a difficult time finding sleeping bags that fit properly


  • About one pound heavier than the 2.8 pounds advertised
  • Issues with the zipper breaking after a few uses
  • Somewhat bulky, takes work to pack it into compression bag

This sleeping bag has dimensions of 32 by 82 and is machine washable. Although the size can be a bit of a turn-off, you sacrifice quality by taking shortcuts. Stay warm anytime, anywhere with the effective Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag.

Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Available in both green and red, the Teton Sports Tracker is heavy duty and reliable. Unlike other designs, this sleeping bag has a “footbox” with added insulation to protect your toes from the cold. With Ripstop technology, polyester lining, and Teton’s own PolarLite Insulation filling, there’s no doubt you’ll be warm and dry in this sleeping bag.


  • Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Compression Sack is provided with your purchase
  • 3-piece hood for facial protection


  • Zippers sometimes arrive broken, or break upon use
  • Customers 6 foot or taller may need to purchase a size larger than normal

Even with a zipper issue here and there, the Teton Sports Tracker Mummy Sleeping Bag has excellent heat retention and is light weight. The bright color is useful for emergency situations in which you may need to be rescued by helicopter or if you need to be seen by a search team off in the distance. Out of all the features of this sleeping bag, safety is the most important one!

Envelope Sleeping Bag by Abco Technology

Mummy bags aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re claustrophobic or wide in the shoulders. Thankfully Abco Technology has created a sleeping bag that provides plenty of wiggle room, while keeping you warm and dry at the same time with a rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The Envelope is made from polyester, has a completely water proof lining, and includes a compression sack!


  • Lightweight, great for long hikes
  • Is comfortable and warm without having to wrap it tightly around your body


  • Zipper malfunctioning
  • Material is smooth, may take a moment to warm up completely

This sleeping bag is machine washable and has dimensions of 25.5 inches by 86.5 inches. The company also offers a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t completely satisfied, they’ll refund your money or offer an exchange.

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

One of the best products out there, the MicKinley sleeping bag has specialized 7 Denier TechLoft Silver Insulation that is unique to other brands. There is a double layer of padding around the chest, and the hood is curved to help protect your neck and face. The flannel lining and cotton exterior is incredibly comfortable and soft.


  • Compression Sack Included
  • Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • The lining material won’t stick to your clothes


  • This sleeping bag is large, and a bit heavy. May not be good for long hikes
  • Flaps and stitching may come loose, or arrive lose. May need to exchange

The McKinley 0 Degree sleeping bag has dimensions of 36 inches by 90 inches and weighs about 8 pounds. This product might not be the best if you enjoy walking and trekking over a few days or weeks at a time. However, if you have a campsite that you’ll be returning to in the evening, or if you bring your truck, this sleeping bag will keep you warm all night!

King Camp Envelope 4 Season Sleeping Bag

This bright, super comfy, and specially built sleeping bag is perfect for use any time of year! The King Camp envelope has the ability to withstand temperatures of 26 degrees Fahrenheit and above. It also comes in 11 beautiful, flamboyant colors so that if you are ever lost, you can easily be found by rescuers. The 190T Polyester fabric is soft to the touch and won’t cling to your skin or pajamas.


  • 1 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight and excellent for hiking and trekking
  • Easy to get sleeping bag back into the included compression sack


  • Sizes might feel smaller than what is expected
  • Issues with zippers breaking or malfunctioning

This sleeping bag has dimensions of 29.5 inches by 74.8 inches by 11.8 inches and weighs about 3 pounds. The company advertises the King Camp Envelope as a 4 season bag, however it’s best to use it for 50 degree weather and up, for lower temperatures you may need to bring an extra blanket.

Travel by Outdoorsman Lab

If you’re looking for a sleeping bag with lots of leg room and space to breathe, the Travel by Outdoorsman Lab is the product for you. This awesome bag unzips at the bottom for those who enjoy a draft as they sleep. The 210T polyester fabric is cozy, and includes an integrated pillow for extra cushion!


  • Includes a Lifetime Warranty and a 90 day risk free trial
  • Recommended for very cold weather, will keep you warm
  • Easy to store, can be placed into compression sack easily


  • Not very durable when used in washing machine
  • May need a bit more padding
  • Issues with zipper malfunctioning

This versatile sleeping bag has dimensions of 8 inches by 8 inches by 15 inches and weighs about 3 pounds. You’ll be happy with this product, but even if you aren’t, you can always return or exchange it thanks to the 90 day guarantee. Give it a try!

Norsens Backpacking Sleeping Bag

This water resistant sleeping bag has extreme weather capabilities for even the most intense campers. You’ll have plenty of extra length for comfort, and still be able to store it quickly and easily. The Anti-Pitch zipper design will prevent snags and tears while you pack it in for the night. This bag has a tight seal that doesn’t allow cold wind to flow through it.


  • Includes a 12 month warranty
  • Easy to place in a compression sack
  • Fits people who are taller/wider


  • Issues with zippers breaking after a few uses
  • Although it is advertised at 0 degrees, this sleeping bag may not be appropriate for temperatures lower than 35 degrees Fahrenheit

This sleeping bag has dimensions of 32.6 inches by 90.5 inches by 2.8 inches, weighs around 2.47 pounds, and is machine washable. You’ll never have to worry about this bag getting too heavy, you can hike for miles and never notice it’s there! The Norsens brand is a favorite, and loved by many!

Farland Camping Envelope Sleeping Bag

You’ll be happy to know that this sleeping bags comes in not only a wide variety of colors, but Farland also provides extra contouring for those who like the mummy shape, but don’t like the tight fit. This sleeping bag is an in-betweener, plenty of room to move your legs and feet, but tight enough to keep you warm and snug without feeling like you’re suffocating. Made for super cold weather, this bag is advertised at 20 degrees Fahrenheit and up. The 290T polyester material provides plenty of cushioning and is water resistant.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can return this product any time if it doesn’t meet your standards.
  • Double zipper allows you to connect your sleeping bag to another
  • Great for year round use!


  • Zipper frequently malfunctions, doesn’t stay closed
  • Possibility of the wrong color being delivered once purchase has been finalized

While other sleeping bags seem to have more than just one issue, the only problem with this one is the zipper. This issue is common with most sleeping bags, but this product has an otherwise sterling reputation! You’ll sleep like a baby and stay warm all night long, to avoid air seeping in consider getting zipper locks to keep your bag sealed.

Honest Outfitters Sleeping Bag

The Honest Outfitters sleeping bag is designed with a soft, water resistant polyester material. The hood includes draw strings that tighten around your neck and face to protect you from the elements. The best perk? This sleeping bag includes a compression bag, and a bag for storage! Honest Outfitters gives you a 3 in 1 for your purchase.


  • The quality of this sleeping bag is great for the low price
  • The extra bags included will save you more money
  • There are additional pockets included for storing important items such as keys, wallet, phone, etc.


  • Zipper malfunctioning, poor design

With dimensions of 32 inches by 87 inches by 4 inches and is machine washable. At only 3 pounds, this sleeping bag is super light and very easy to carry.

Which Backpacking Sleeping Bag Is Right for Me?

Buying a sleeping bag can be incredibly tedious and frustrating when you’ve got too many choices, and too much information at your disposal. This list can help you narrow it down, but if you’re still having trouble, take a few things into consideration. Are you claustrophobic or aggravated by small, tight spaces? In that case, don’t get a mummy bag! Choose from one of the envelope shapes; they’re designed for people who are taller or tend to move around a lot while they’re sleeping. It also gives you the option of pulling the blanket up around you if you do get too cold.

Try the Travel by Outdoorsman Lab Envelope! Since it unzips at the feet, you’ll have plenty of room to adjust, and you won’t feel trapped in a tight space. What about people who do enjoy a snug fit, though? Well, that’s where the Mummy Bag happens to come in handy!

Specifically, the Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag. Generally, people get cold in the upper body near the shoulders and chest, and down by their feet. Teton has added extra padding around the chest and feet to keep you warm round the clock. Additionally, this product includes a warranty, so if you decide you hate it, you can always get your money back. This product is recommended for those who enjoy a snug, warm fit throughout the night.

If those two don’t really fit your needs, try the Honest Outfitters Sleeping Bag! As it is, a quality bag already costs quite a bit and doesn’t include the cost of straps, compression bags and storage. Luckily, this product comes with all 3! It won’t fall apart in your washing machine, and is durable enough to handle all types of weather. It’s roomy enough to fit those who are taller or have kids that like to squeeze into bed with them after a nightmare. For the environmentally conscious people out there, you’ll be happy to know that this sleeping bag does not contain goose down or animal products. So, vegans rejoice! This sleeping bag is perfect for your needs while you go out and enjoy a long hike through nature.

Final Thoughts

Take your time, and don’t rush to make a decision. Always remember that “you get what you pay for” with most products, and sleeping bags are no different. Going with cheaper options means you’re more likely to be dissatisfied. Lower priced sleeping bags tend to fall apart very quickly at the seams and aren’t as warm as advertised. Generally, sleeping bags in the $40 and up range work better and last longer.

Stick to bright colors that can help others identify you in the woods or the mountains, and look for added features that help to make your hike more convenient. This is especially important if you are travelling with pets and children, you’ll be keeping your loved ones safe! Features that include extra pockets and bags means that you can carry more supplies like socks, water, first aid kits and more! The more money you put into your bag, the more you’ll get out of it!

About Dabora Dabora is Chief editor at Sleeping Culture. She is a proud mother of two, passionate about sleep and finding ways to live a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

What is an Ultralight Sleeping Bag?

Ultralight sleeping bags, or backpacking bags, are known and desired for their convenience. When you are going on a camping expedition with only the supplies you can carry, every piece of gear you bring needs to be as light and easy to transport as possible. Most often, ultralight sleeping bags are known for their ability to compress down to an unbelievably small size and the fact that they can weigh less than two pounds. Although many people look for a sleeping bag that will allow them to enjoy a comfortable night sleep, an ultralight sleeping bag’s purpose has more to do with saving space and energy, so it doesn’t offer the extra padding you may find in heavier sleeping bags.

Quick Look at Our Top 6 Picks

What is a Compression Sack?

Almost all ultralight sleeping bags come with a specialized compression sack that squeezes the sleeping bag into a small, packable, light unit. But even though you may sacrifice some comfort for this convenience, ultralight sleeping bags can still keep you dry and warm in extremely cold weather conditions.

Ultralight Sleeping Bags – Key Considerations

Fill Material: Sleeping bags typically have one of two types of insulation materials: synthetic and down. Most serious campers and backpackers would recommend down because it is a natural material that is inherently light and easily compressible, so it automatically meets the most important requirements for an ultralight sleeping bag. Even though down-insulated sleeping bags are usually the pro’s choice, they are oftentimes the more expensive option. But, they will be a higher-quality, more-durable sleeping bag. 

Synthetic-insulated sleeping bags are more common among casual campers and families. These sleeping bags are still easily compressible, and very light depending on the specific material used, plus they are reasonably durable. Synthetic insulation is usually made of polyester, nylon, or cotton and it is dries much more quickly than down insulation does.

Size & Weight: A sleeping bag is one of the three largest items you will carry on a camping trip and although all ultralight sleeping bags are compact and lightweight, you will still find some variations. Depending on the trip you are taking, you may want the lightest and smallest possible, or just one that is smaller than a regular sleeping bag. Ultralight sleeping bags can compress down into an 8 to 12-inch tall canister-shaped sack and weigh between 1.5 and 5 pounds.

Be sure to consider the pack that your sleeping bag will be going in or attaching to, as well as the other items that will be going into or attaching to the pack. This will allow you to determine how much weight you are willing to add to your load, and where you can fit it. Fortunately, most compression sacks are adjustable and have pull cords that can change the size of your packed sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Design: Most sleeping bags fit into one of four different design types: rectangular, barrel shaped, mummy, and double wide. In general, the rectangular shape is meant to be more spacious and comfortable, and it is easily turned into a double bed when zippered to another rectangular-shaped sleeping bag. A barrel-shaped sleeping bag is shaped like a V: wider in the shoulders and narrower in the feet. This eliminates some material and makes it more compressible. The mummy design is narrow and snug to the body throughout; it uses minimal material in order to conserve space and weight. And of course, the double-wide bag is twice the width of a rectangular sleeping bag and is meant to sleep two people.

Deciding on the type of sleeping bag you wish to purchase is determined by your needs and preferences. You may opt for a sleeping bag with less material that is smaller and lighter, or you may let the shape and size of your body decide what will fit best for you.

Weather Conditions: One of the most obvious factors to consider when planning a trip in the outdoors is weather. Consider both the temperature and types of precipitation you may experience on your camping expedition. Each sleeping bag has a temperature rating, which is the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag will keep you warm. Generally, the temperature rating is set with the assumption that the sleeper will be wearing at least one layer of clothing. However, level of warmth is often a matter of perception that varies from person to person, so, as a precaution, be sure to buy a sleeping bag that is rated for temperatures lower than what you expect to encounter.  

It is equally important to consider the precipitation you may encounter on your trip. Most sleeping bags and their compression sacks are already water resistant or water proof when you purchase them, but if not, consider treating them with a water-resistant substance or purchasing an additional water-proof shell.

What Are the Top Six Ultralight Sleeping Bags?

Here is a summary of the top six ultralight sleeping bags, each offering a unique combination of desirable features. Each product is highly rated, and sleep tested.

Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

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This four-season sleeping bag is lightweight, portable, and waterproof. It is barrel shaped, meaning it is wide in the shoulders and narrow at the legs. The sleeping bag is available in blue and red, and it is built for comfort. It is made with a polyester lining and exterior shell for durability.

Even though this is an ultralight sleeping bag, it has a 20-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating and features a double-filled, quilted design. It is machine washable, and easy to transport with a compression carry bag. Abco Tech offers a 100% money back guarantee with your purchase of this sleeping bag.


  • Lives up to the temperature rating
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stays dry
  • Easy to roll up and repack
  • Great value for the price


  • Won’t fit plus-sized campers
  • Less durable than expected

Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag offers a variety of features and options. It is available in green/grey and red/grey in both adult and child sizes. The Tracker is a mummy-style sleeping bag, meaning that it provides a snug fit around your whole body and a hood to keep your head and neck warm. Plus, it offers a zipper tube to prevent drafts and extra insulation around your feet for ultimate warmth and comfort.

The sleeping bag is constructed with a brushed micro polyester liner, water resistant diamond ripstop shell, and microfiber PolarLite insulation for comfort as well as compressibility. This sleeping bag is easy to pack into the compression sack, even without rolling. Additionally, it is rated for as low as 5-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. A limited lifetime warranty comes with the purchase of this sleeping bag.


  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Packs up small
  • Lives up to the temperature rating
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great value for the price


  • May be difficult to zip up fully
  • Won’t fit plus-sized campers

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag is made with several high-quality materials; the shell and liner are both constructed with 350T polyester with a waterproof coating on the shell. It is insulated with 200G/m2 Hollow Fiber for increased warmth. Additionally, it has an upgraded, double-slider zipper that prevents snags.

This mummy-style bag, which means it offers a snug, warm fit while sleeping and makes it lightweight, is rated for temperatures as low as 35-degrees Fahrenheit. There are also Wind Pads that surround the hood to prevent heat from leaving. It comes with a compression sack for easy packing and transport. Finally, Winner Outfitters offers a 30-day return or refund guarantee and a 365-day warranty, as well as discounts when you purchase 2 or more of their select outdoor products together.


  • Hood has space for additional pillow
  • Vented on the sides
  • Great value for the price
  • High-quality materials
  • Very comfortable


  • Compression bag not as pictured
  • Won’t fit plus-sized campers

Naturehike Mini Ultralight Envelope Design Sleeping Bag

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The Naturehike three-season sleeping bag has a traditional, rectangular design and is rated for temperatures as low as 60 degrees. It measures 190cm x 75cm when unfolded and comes in three colors: army green, dark blue, and sky blue.

This sleeping bag is constructed with a waterproof, polyester cover, a cotton liner, and cotton insulation. Ultimately, it is intended to be an ultra-portable, extremely lightweight, fair-weather sleeping bag that compresses into a carrying bag that measures 8 inches in height or less.


  • Extremely compact
  • Double, reversible zipper
  • Quality, durable materials
  • Great value for intended purpose
  • Easy to roll up and repack


  • Not cushioned
  • Slippery outer material
  • Not for tall campers

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Bag

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The Outdoorsman Lab sleeping bag has a variety of features to offer. First, it has a water-repellent shell and a quick-dry, polyester liner, and it is rated for temperatures near 40-degrees Fahrenheit. It has anti-snag zippers and it is machine washable. In addition, it features an integrated pillowcase which will keep your pillow in place or allow you to use towels or clothing as a pillow. It also boasts a large, zippered interior pocket as well as elastic straps that fix the sleeping bag to a sleeping pad.

This sleeping bag is available in two sizes and two colors: regular and XL, and blue and dark blue. It can be used as a blanket when completely unzipped, or it can be attached to a second sleeping bag. Outdoorsman Lab offers a 90-day, risk-free trial of this product, a lifetime warranty, and discounts when you purchase 2 or more of their select outdoor products together.


  • Exceptional customer service
  • Easy to unpack and repack
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extremely compact


  • Narrow in the shoulders
  • May experience difficulty with zipper

Hyke & Byke Quandary Down Sleeping Bag

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The Quandary sleeping bag is a high-quality, down-filled, three-season mummy bag. It is rated for 15-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and is available in five colors and three sizes: black, blue, light blue, maroon, and red, and sizes long, regular, and short. This sleeping bag is made with a water-repellent ripstop nylon liner and extra-large, anti-snag zippers.

In addition, this sleeping bag is extremely lightweight, no matter the size you select. It comes with a water-resistant compression sack that measures 10” tall and 7.5” in diameter and weighs no more than 3.24lbs. Hyke & Byke is a company that gives 10% of its sales to help eliminate poverty, and they also offer a lifetime warranty on this product.


  • Quality, durable materials
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great value for the price
  • Lives up to the temperature rating
  • Very comfortable


  • Narrow in the shoulders
  • May have an odor
  • May experience difficulty with zipper

What Else Should You Consider When Purchasing Ultralight Sleeping Bags?

There are several other factors to consider when purchasing your ideal ultralight sleeping bag. Oftentimes, the first factor that people consider is price. As mentioned earlier, sleeping bags with down insulation are typically more expensive, followed by those with synthetic insulation and those with extra options and features. Each of the recommended ultralight sleeping bags above range in price from $25 to $145, but some can cost as much as $800. Fortunately, most of the recommended sleeping bags offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied or a warranty to protect your purchase.

As previously mentioned, ultralight sleeping bags are not built to be very comfortable, and this is understandable because with comfort comes bulk. Ultralight sleeping bags are made for convenience, so if possible, plan for an alternative way to add comfort. For example, you could purchase a lightweight sleeping pad that can be rolled up in your sleeping bag’s compression sack. Or, consider leaving the bulky pillow behind and plan on using cozy sweatshirts for head and neck support.

Ultralight Sleeping Bags – Final Thoughts

Overall, ultralight sleeping bags are intended to serve the purpose of being extremely portable, not to provide a luxurious sleep experience. So, once you decide that an ultralight sleeping bag will work best for your needs, most of your work is done. The ultralight sleeping bags on the market offer many of the same features with only slight differences. However, those small variances can make a big difference when you are out in the wilderness with a sleeping bag that you are not satisfied with. Be sure to focus on your preferences and the extra options and features that fit your taste.

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Whether you plan to go camping, send your child to a sleepover party, or travel to a faraway country, it is absolutely necessary to invest in the right equipment. Choosing the right sleeping bag is not easy since there are endless options. We’ve narrowed down the top sleeping bags so that you can easily choose which is most suitable for your needs.

Quick Look at Our Top 10 Picks

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag

When searching for a brand new sleeping bag, there are several important factors to consider such as:

  • Moisture Resistance and Weather Expectations: At the very least, you want a sleeping bag that won’t soak up any type of moisture. In the snow for example, there is a greater chance of freezing if you introduce extremely low temperatures with a damp sleeping bag. Heavy duty sleeping bags have what’s known as a “temperature rating,” which will essentially be the degree to which your bag will keep you warm. For example, a sleeping bag with a rating of 15 will keep you warm until the temperature drops below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. You should purchase a bag that is rated 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the weather expectations you have for your travel, location just to be on the safe side. You can always unzip your bag if you get too warm, but you may not have extra layers if you get too cold.
  • Material: Like many products, as the price of the item goes up, so does the quality. Sleeping bags made with real down are longer lasting, lighter to carry, and are much warmer than synthetic bag stuffing. However, unlike a synthetic bag, you’ll have more difficulty keeping down clean and cared for. Look for the density level when purchasing a down bag; the higher the density the better the quality. Flannel, polyester, and cotton seem to be the preferred item among hikers and backpackers. These materials are soft to the touch, and don’t create an itching sensation the same way that some synthetic types do.
  • Will It Be Comfortable for Your Personal and Environmental Needs: If you plan on hiking through Alaska you’ll want a bag that is tight and form-fitting; these will generally come in a mummy shape and are ideal for colder regions. If your environment is going to be populated by small creatures like mosquitos, spiders, or small reptiles, the mummy bag will help to keep them out while you’re asleep. On the contrary, if you’re a light sleeper who tends to shift positions several times throughout the night, try a square or rectangular shaped bag if you need more room to move around. Check the dimensions of your sleeping bag, if you’re taller or have a bigger build, you may want to go up one size.
  • How Versatile Is the Zipper: If you’re in an area that is slightly warmer than expected, will you want to open the bag up and use it as a blanket instead? If so, make sure you get a sleeping bag that unzips all the way around rather than one that does not open at the feet. You should also keep in mind that it is extremely important to test the zipper of any product, it is normal for items that are shipped through online retailers to occasionally have defects or damage. Make sure that your zipper is completely functional before taking your sleeping bag out for a hike.
  • Does the Weight Matter For This Particular Trip? If you plan on driving a truck to a campsite and unloading your things before you go out to explore, the weight of your sleeping bag probably won’t matter to you. However, no one wants to hike 10 to 15 miles out into the wilderness with 5 pounds of sleeping gear on top of everything else. If you plan to go nomad for a while, get something that weighs 3 pounds or less and is easily compressible.

Consider trying out the sleeping bags listed below, they’re top quality, and top rated among hundreds of users!

Best Sleeping Bags – Our Top Picks

ABCO Sport Sleeping Bag-Envelope

With a waterproof outer layer made of 210T polyester, and a hood with cinch strings to keep your head dry, this sleeping bag is fitting for the rain and the snow. The shape for this product is rectangular and the dimensions are 7in by 13in by 8in. The ABCO Sport was specially made for those who enjoy long treks through the mountains and extreme weather. With an impressive rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit your sleeping bag will most definitely keep your warm in the cold weather, and won’t overheat if the temperature starts to rise. This product also comes with compressible carrier for convenience, just pack, press, and go.


  • Machine Washable
  • The barrel-shaped design gives you plenty of shoulder space and leg room while still maintaining warmth
  • Compressible bag for storage


  • Large and bulky according to reviews (but still light)
  • Testimonials show that those with a height 5’9 or taller have difficulties with this sleeping bag/too snug
  • Some customers have said it’s more of a mummy-style sleeping bag

Those who have ordered this product agree that it does the job; this sleeping bag will keep you warm and protect you from the elements. However, some customers have mentioned that the zipper comes loose or completely unzipped throughout the night. Hold onto your original packaging, and the retailer from which you purchased it may be able to return or exchange your item for one with a zipper that is not defective.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Both affordable and guaranteed to keep you warm, the Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is ideal for those who prefer the “road less travelled.” With a creative design for the harsh climates, this product has a “mummy” style hood with dimensions of 96in by 36in that also allow for plenty of to stretch out your legs. If you happen to get too warm in the evening, no problem; this sleeping bag allows you to unzip both sides to allow for ventilation. The best part? The Sports Celsius XXL doesn’t require any rolling up; this product is designed to be easily compressible and comes with a customized container that you can easily stuff your bag into.


  • Zero-degree Fahrenheit Rating
  • Includes a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer reviews say that this product is still comfortable in warmer temperatures, not too hot


  • Customers who purchased this bag between 2014 and 2017 have commented that the zipper was faulty and came off track. However, this problem may have already been corrected by the company.
  • The zipper is applied to the sides of the bag, the bottom cannot be unzipped

Overall, customers were satisfied with the size, warmth, and the ease in with which they were able to compress and store their sleeping bag. The Teton Sports Celsius XXL is light, durable, and sold at a great price.

Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is made from 100% polyester material and is machine washable. Dimensions for this sleeping bag are 75in by 33in by 4 in, and is rectangular in shape; you can find other shapes for this brand on Amazon as well. As an added feature, this products also includes cords for rolling up and securing your sleeping bag when it’s time to get back on the road. The zipper has a guide attached that will prevent snagging and keep your bag closed and insulated throughout the night. At a rating of 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit this product can be used for cold evenings while out camping, but is not appropriate for freezing temperatures. You’ll never need a pillow because the Coleman Brazos sleeping bag has a built “comfort cuff” to lay your head on so you can sleep comfortably, and carry less luggage.


  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Can be completely unzipped and used as a blanket
  • Dries very quickly according to customer reviews


  • Difficult to stuff pack into the provided carrier
  • Some customers have said the inside material is too rough, or feels as though their clothing is being snagged on the material throughout the night.
  • Defects such as seams coming loose and lining falling apart have been noted on sleeping bags sold from 2017 and prior

While you won’t be hiking the Swiss Alps with this sleeping bag, it’s great for a short vacation out in nature. Ideal for anyone who loves to go kayaking or hang out at the lake, this product is a dream come true for those who spend a lot of time near the water. Even in the rain, this sleeping bag will ensure that you stay warm and dry.


The Honest Outfitters sleeping bag has year-round capabilities and a polyester waterproof lining that still holds in warmth. You’ll also enjoy the draw strings attached to the hood for added protection. This sleeping bag comes with 2 extra bags for free! One for compressing and storing your sleeping bag away, and the other for your travelling gear. With measurements of 87in, by 32in, by 4in and a weight of 3 pounds, this bag should be light and easy to carry.


  • Amazon customers have said that both the price, and the quality of this bag are excellent
  • The inner lining is soft and comfortable for sleeping in
  • Built-in Velcro pocket to store your keys, wallet, and phone


  • 2018 reviews show recent manufacturing issues; poorly designed zippers, and wear and tear after very little use

This sleeping bag is rated between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and so far customers are satisfied with the warmth it provides. This particular bag was a popular sale for the Coachella festival in Arizona; it was perfect for camping out in the evenings. The Honest Outfitters Company also provides sleeping bags in other dimensions and varieties.

X-Cheng Flannel Sleeping Bag

The X-Cheng Sleeping bag is one of the highest rated among Amazon users, over 99% of consumers approve!  The soft, warm flannel lining won’t give you the same scratchy sensation that polyester sleeping bags tend to have. The simple, rectangular shape of this sleeping bag has dimensions of 85in by 30in and only weighs about 5.6 pounds. It may not be designed for extreme weather, but you can take it with you while travelling to new camp grounds or attending outdoor events. Your X-Cheng should keep you warm in temperatures from 32 degrees to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Comes with a complimentary pillow
  • Cinch-style draw strings that wrap the hood around your face for protection from the elements
  • Made with 100% waterproof material
  • Machine washable


  • So far, this product has had excellent reviews, and no negative feedback has been documented

This sleeping bag has won the hearts of those who are taller than the average person; it provides plenty of wiggle room, and has the perfect length. Although it isn’t designed for frigid weather, many consumers have stated they would gladly use their X-Cheng while out hunting and hiking. The light weight material makes it possible to travel with comfort and convenience, and the protective material around the hood will protect you from cold winds.

Hyke and Byke Goose Down Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

For those who enjoys taking several weeks or months to wander out into the colder parts nature, this is the sleeping bag for you. Created with non-rip nylon material, you can be sure that this product will be durable and long lasting. Thanks to the down, your bag will weigh less than 3 pounds, even in the large size! For this mummy-shaped design, you can expect the dimensions on a regular (sizes come in regular, short, or tall) to be 78in in length, 28in around the shoulders 22in at the hips, and 11in at the feet. Although it is advertised for temperatures of about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, the rating for this sleeping bag is 0 degrees Fahrenheit!


  • Lifetime Warranty included with purchase
  • Goose down is lighter and warmer than synthetic materials
  • Outer layer is made with water-repellent nylon material


  • Goose down cannot be machine washed/ruins the sleeping bag
  • Some Amazon customers have stated that this bag is not meant for colder temperatures

The Hyke and Byke Company is exceptional in their desire to go above and beyond for their customers. Hyke and Byke partners with Kiva to donate some of the profit from their sales to providing microloans for their customers and reduce poverty in the world. Not only will you be helping yourself by purchasing one of these excellent sleeping bags, you’ll also be helping the homeless!

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

Created for 3-4 season hiking, the Winner Outfitters Mummy Bag will be the only sleeping bag you need for the entire year. With a waterproof, tear-proof outer lining, this product is durable, heavy duty, and long lasting. This product is machine washable and weighs just under 3 pounds, making it an easy item to carry while you’re trekking through the woods.


  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee
  • Inner lining is comfortable to sleep on


  • Some customers have mentioned that this bag is a bit tight
  • Inconsistencies with product shipment: no compression sack included, wrong color, etc.
  • Testimonials state that this sleeping bag may not be suitable for temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Some difficulty is to be expected when putting the mummy bag into compression sack

With almost 80% of consumers giving this sleeping bag a 5 star rating, you can be sure that this is still a quality item. However, it may be best to go up one size as several people that have used this product feel that the bag they purchased was just a bit smaller than what they had expected.

All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag

If you happen to be extra tall and find it difficult to secure a sleeping bag for your size, look no further. With dimensions of 88in by 32in, this mummy bag is perfect for men who need more room to breathe. Withstanding up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this sleeping bag is suitable for year round weather.


  • Built-in storage pocket for phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Customers have said that the inner materials very comfortable/doesn’t itch
  • Excellent quality for the price!


  • May not be as warm as expected according to reviews
  • Some customers received products with broken zippers

The biggest complaint about this product from consumers, was mainly that it is not the “All Season” sleeping bag that they had anticipated. Most product complaints about the zippers also took place in 2017; reviews regarding this matter have improved in 2018. However, this sleeping bag gets an A+ for size!

All Season Hooded XL Sleeping Bag

If you’re a little claustrophobic, the Tough Outdoors brand alternatively offers the All Season XL sleeping bags in a rectangle shape. Not only is it excellent for those who have extra height, it’s also great if you’re wide in the hips and shoulders. The dimensions on this product are 88in by 44in. Unlike the mummy bag, you’ll have far more leg room to stretch and move around comfortably throughout the evening. This sleeping bag also unzips at the bottom and opens up to a full queen size blanket!


  • Machine Washable
  • Includes a free compression bag
  • Completely unzips to serve as a blanket
  • Storage compartment for phone, keys, wallet, etc.


  • Complaints that this sleeping bag is not entirely waterproof
  • Zipper problems in previous models

The Tough Outdoors brand has had mostly good feedback as an online retailer and customers approve of their products. There have been complaints of zipper issues in late 2017, but the majority of consumers feel that this product has done its job.

Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

Made from 100% polyester material and 100% cotton inner lining, the Coleman Palmetto will keep you toasty in up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This item is rectangular with dimensions of 33in by 75in, however the company also offers contour designs and mummy bags. To avoid snags, this sleeping bag has a built in ZipPlow; you shouldn’t have to worry about the zipper coming lose or getting caught. Coleman Palmetto Company attaches Comfort Cuffs to nearly all of their sleeping bags; don’t worry about bringing a pillow with you.


  • ZipPlow installed to prevent snagging and wear and tear
  • Includes a cord to keep your bag rolled up tightly
  • FiberLock Construction to keep inner lining from clumping


  • This sleeping bag only accommodates those 5’11 and shorter
  • Customer complaints say the material creates shocking from friction
  • Some testimonials state that this sleeping bag is heavier than what is advertised

The older models for this sleeping bag have been improved, and the 2018 reviews reflect those changes. People were happy with the price, the changes in material, and the improvement of the overall quality. This product is easy to wash and can be air-dried without leaving behind a residual smell. Best of all, it has been put to the test- consumers have reported that this product does work in the rain and keeps out moisture.

Ensure Your Sleeping Bag Is In Working Order Upon Arrival

Like all products, you should approach the purchase of a sleeping bag with the “you get what you pay for” mindset. The less you pay, the less likely you are to obtaining a quality product. When ordering a sleeping bag online, give yourself time to look over your purchase for tears, broken zippers, and any other defects that could be a potential problem. It’s also a good idea to do a trial run and test it out in your backyard or garage before taking it out for camping.

Make sure you follow the suggestions above and take as much as time as necessary to search for a bag that will meet your personal needs, and the potential requirements of your environment. Bring extra clothing in the event that you end up hiking sleeping through temperatures that were lower than expected. In situations where a good sleeping bag can mean the difference between living or freezing to death, it is paramount to be prepared.

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Sleeping bags can be considered one of the most important pieces of gear for a camping trip. Any experienced backpacker understands that not getting restful sleep can ruin an expedition. So, although there are several crucial items needed for camping, sleeping bags cannot be overlooked.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks

When it comes to selecting a sleeping bag, warm, dry, and comfortable are usually the most desirable features. However, sleeping bags are more complex than that and offer a variety of features and accessories for any camping trip. With the endless options on the market, it can be hard to decide what is best for your needs, but it is also more likely that the perfect sleeping bag for you is out there.

Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather – Key Considerations

Climate: This may be the most important factor to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag. The climate you plan to use your sleeping bag in determines the several of the features you will need in your sleeping bag. Before your trip, find out what type of weather and temperatures you can expect, as well as what type of terrain you will be sleeping on. All sleeping bags come with a temperature rating, or the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag will keep you warm. The temperature rating is set with the assumption that the sleeper will be wearing long underwear. The majority of sleeping bags have a temperature rating between +15 and +50 degrees Fahrenheit, but some can go as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is generally suggested to choose a sleeping bag that is rated 5 or 10 degrees less than the temperatures you expect to be sleeping in.

Another major factor to consider about the climate is precipitation. If you expect to encounter rain, snow, hail, sleet, or any kind of moisture, your sleeping bag should be water proof or water resistant. Some materials are naturally more resistant to moisture, but others may need the help of an additional shell or liner to ensure that water cannot soak through the sleeping bag.

Weight: Your sleeping bag will be one of the heaviest pieces of equipment you bring on your expedition. If you plan on backpacking, the weight of your sleeping bag will be of particular interest, but if you are setting up camp in one place or car camping, it may not play as large of a role in your decision. Usually, the heavier the weight, the warmer the sleeping bag, so you are looking for a bag that balances warmth and weight for your specific trip.

Shape and Size: The shape and size of your sleeping bag plays a surprisingly large role in keeping you warm. Your body is the main source of heat in a sleeping bag, so the better the sleeping bag “fits” you, the easier it is to stay warm. In general, there are 4 sleeping bag shapes: rectangular, barrel shaped, mummy, and double wide.

The rectangular shape is intended to be more spacious and comfortable, plus it allows you to zip bags together to create a double bed. The barrel-shaped sleeping bags are wide at the shoulder and become narrower towards the feet, which makes heating more efficient and makes them easier to carry. The mummy design is narrow from head to toe so that is lightweight for carrying and snug to the body for maximum warmth. The double-wide sleeping bags, as the name suggests, are roomy and meant to sleep 2 people.

Sleeping bags also come in varying lengths and widths for several reasons. First and most obvious, you need to make sure the bag will fit your height and width. Check the dimensions of each sleeping bag prior to purchase and give yourself a couple of extra inches. Second, mummy designs are more restrictive and may not fit all body sizes and shapes, so larger sleepers may opt for the barrel shaped or rectangular designs. Finally, some bags come with different zipper lengths. Certain bags have partial zippers for warmth and to cut down weight, while others have full-length zippers for ventilation and flexibility.

Insulation: There are two types of sleeping bag insulation: synthetic and down. Generally, synthetic is less expensive, so it is the choice of most campers, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic insulation is usually made of polyester or nylon, it is durable, hypoallergenic, and fast drying. However, synthetic insulation is bulkier and heavier, and may break down faster. Goose-down insulation is more durable than synthetic, plus it compresses to a smaller size and weighs less. Goose-down typically comes highly-recommended, but it also comes at a higher price and is ineffective when it becomes wet. It is also an allergen for some, and it requires special care for cleaning.

What are the top five sleeping bags for cold weather?

Here is a summary of the best sleeping bags for cold weather, including both down and synthetic insulation types and a variety of shapes. Each product is highly rated and fit for cold temperatures.

Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

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The Brazos Cool Weather sleeping bag has a traditional, rectangle design and is rated for 20 to 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. It measures 33×75 inches and is machine washable. This sleeping bag features Coleman’s Thermolock, ZipPlow, Roll Control, and Quick Cord. Thermolock prevents drafts at the zippers, ZipPlow prevents fabric from snagging in the zipper, Roll Control makes re-packing easy, and Quick Cord makes for convenient sleeping bag storage when it’s not in use.

This sleeping bag features a polyester cover and a tricot fiber blend liner. Coleman’s Fiberlock Construction ensures that the synthetic insulation stays in place, which extends the life of the sleeping bag. It measures 75×33 inches and weighs 5.4 pounds. Coleman also offers a five-year warranty.


  • Stays warm in cold temperatures
  • Quality, easy-to-use zipper
  • Dries quickly after getting wet
  • Roomy and doesn’t restrict movement


  • Bulky to carry
  • Difficult to re-pack into carrying bag
  • Seams may be weak

Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

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The Reisen Cold Weather sleeping bag is oversized and rated for 30-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. It measures 90×33 inches and weighs just 4 pounds. Reisen offers two options for this sleeping bag—with a drawstring hood or without. It features a polyester, water-resistant shell with cotton insulation and flannel lining.

This sleeping bag unzips fully for use as a blanket or quilt and has Anti-Pinch zipper layers. It also features a Velcro interior storage pocket and a full-length draft tube to prevent heat from escaping and cold from getting in. This sleeping bag comes with a compression carrying bag for easy transport and storage.


  • Quality, easy-to-use zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to re-pack into carrying bag
  • Stays warm in cold temperatures
  • Roomy and doesn’t restrict movement


  • Insulation may be thinner than expected

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

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This mummy-style, polyester sleeping bag is sculpted to fit snug to your body and head for ultimate warmth. It is rated for temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit and measures 82×32 inches. Coleman makes each of its sleeping bags with ComfortSmart technology, which includes ZipPlow, Fiberlock, Thermolock, and Zipper Glide. ZipPlow prevents fabric from snagging in the zipper, Fiberlock keeps insulation in place and increases durability, Thermolock prevents drafts at the zippers, and Zipper Glide allows for easy zipper use.

This sleeping bag also offers two-way zippers, so sleepers can customize ventilation. It is machine washable and comes with a carrying case.  The pack weighs 5.8 pounds and comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Stays warm in cold temperatures
  • Thick and plush for comfort
  • Quality, easy-to-use zipper


  • Carrying bag may be too small and difficult to re-pack
  • Bulky to carry
  • Dimensions may be smaller than expected

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

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The TETON Sports Celsius XXL is a rectangular design, synthetic insulation sleeping bag rated for 0-degree temperatures. TETON Sports’ SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fiber insulation is compact, soft, and hypoallergenic. The sleeping bag measures 90×39 inches, weighs 7 pounds, and comes with a convenient carrying bag. The outer shell is made of taffeta and the liner is comfortable, brushed poly-flannel. There are three colors available: green, grey, and black.

This sleeping bag provides warmth all around with an attached drawstring hood to keep your head warm and off the ground, plus there is extra padding around the shoulders and zippers to prevent drafts. It can also zip to a second sleeping bag. The sleeping bag features an inside pocket for safe keeping of valuables and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Very comfortable
  • Roomy and doesn’t restrict movement
  • Fits tall sleepers
  • Stays warm in cold temperatures
  • Drawstrings throughout for comfort and warmth adjustment


  • Too heavy for backpacking
  • Zipper may stick or break
  • Outer shell fabric is noisy with movement

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

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This is the perfect double-wide option for couples and families camping together. It is a roomy 87×59 inches, features a waterproof, durable, polyester shell, and a soft lining inside for warmth and comfort. Plus, it can be separated into two sleeping bags for versatile use.

Sleepingo’s double sleeping bag has synthetic insulation made of tetron and cotton and comes with two travel pillows. Both the sleeping bag and the pillows fit into a compact, nylon carrying bag. This 6-pound package is rated for 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Very comfortable
  • Stays warm in cold temperatures
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Velcro closure to ensure zipper stays zipped
  • Easy to re-pack into carrying bag
  • Fits tall sleepers
  • Full refund if not satisfied


  • Does not keep head warm
  • Insulation may be too thin
  • May not live up to temperature rating

What else should you consider when purchasing sleeping bags for cold weather?

There are several other ideas to consider when purchasing your ideal sleeping bag for cold weather. First, many sleeping bags are standard, adult sized, however, there are options specifically for women and children. Woman’s sleeping bags are designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body specifically; the sleeping bags are typically shorter, narrow at the shoulders, wide at the hips, and extra warm at the torso and feet. Children’s sleeping bags are usually smaller, but they also provide other features that keep the lining, pad, and pillow together. Additionally, children’s bags have more pockets to hold camping gadgets and toys.

Second, consider other extra features and accessories. Some sleeping bags are equipped with a drawstring hoods to keep your head and pillow snug and warm, or they have more interior or exterior pockets. You may also be interested in purchasing an additional pad or shell. It is usually recommended to place a pad under your sleeping bag for extra comfort and warmth, since an extra layer between you and the cold ground can help with aches and pains and retaining heat. An added shell could help with keeping moisture out.

Additionally, some campers consider purchasing a larger carrying bag that can store other items (i.e. pillow) along with the sleeping bag. Other popular accessories include heating elements that can be inserted into sleeping bags for extra heat and a durable water repellant (DWR) that can be used to treat all types of gear.

Finally, consider price. As with most sporting equipment, camping gear can get expensive, and with so many items to purchase, it is natural to try and balance quality with value. Each of the top choices above fall in the range of $25 to $70, but some sleeping bags can cost over $1,000. In general, price for sleeping bags is largely dependent on insulation type, features, and temperature rating.

Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather- Final Thoughts

The right sleeping bag can make a good camping trip great. Whether you are backpacking, hiking, climbing, or on any other camping adventure, restful sleep is necessary for the successful completion of your expedition. So, when purchasing your sleep gear, staying safe, warm, dry, and comfortable are the top priorities.

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