People often listen to music, white noise, or meditation tracks to help them sleep. Each of these can block out noise that disturbs sleep, provide relaxation that encourages sleep, or put an end to racing thoughts that prevent sleep. However, playing audio in the middle of the night might not be pleasing to everyone in your household, so you need a way to listen privately. But if you’ve ever tried to sleep with regular earbuds, you know that they’re not very comfortable to lay on, and the cords can get in the way. This is why a specialized set of sleep earbuds could be your solution.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Earbuds for Sleeping— Key Considerations

Comfort: As I’ve already mentioned, most people turn to sleep earbuds because regular sets are too uncomfortable to sleep with, especially when side sleeping. As a result, comfort makes up a large portion of the key criteria for a good pair of sleep earbuds.

Basically, you need to find a pair of sleep earbuds that you can comfortably wear for several hours without adjusting them. If you need to wake up to re-insert the earbuds throughout the night, they aren’t helping you. Plus, you want to find a pair that doesn’t dig into your ear when you are laying on your side because it’s painful and could cause damage to your ear.

Wired vs. Wireless: The benefits of a wireless set of sleep earbuds are pretty clear. First off, it can be dangerous to have a wire that close to your neck while you sleep because of the risk of strangulation. And if you are someone that often changes sleep position, the wire could become wrapped around other parts of your body causing discomfort, or the movement could tug on the wire, unplugging it from your device and interrupting your sleep. Some people have found that they can avoid some of these disadvantages by tucking the wires under a pillow.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are best for sleep because they are much safer and more comfortable, although they are usually more expensive than wired sets. Additionally, wireless earbuds can be inserted further into your ear, so they won’t get in the way when side sleeping. Be sure to find a pair that has a long battery life if you plan to wear them all night.

Noise Cancellation: Since one of the main reasons for using sleep earbuds is to block out environmental sounds, noise cancellation is an important feature to look for. There are two kinds of noise cancellation: passive and active. Passive noise cancellation refers to sound being physically blocked from entering your ear, similar to how an earplug works. Active noise cancellation works when the earbuds add sounds to your audio that specifically cancel out the unwanted sounds. The most effective noise cancellation is the combination of both passive and active methods. Earbuds that employ both types of noise cancellation will result in the quietest listening experience.

Sound Quality: Sound quality is not as important as the other features you will find in sleep earbuds because even poor sound quality will get the job done. But, for the purpose of sleep, you will want to find a sound quality that you find to be soothing, inoffensive, and balanced.

In general, sound quality refers to how crisp and clear the audio is, how well the sound blocks out environmental noise, and the amount of sound that comes out of the earbuds that can be heard by someone who isn’t wearing them. Headphones almost always have the best sound quality, but earbuds are a close second. Keep in mind, though, that sound quality can be a matter of opinion or personal preference.

Price: Sleep earbuds can be very expensive or very cheap, but the price doesn’t always indicate the quality. Some expensive earbuds are a letdown, while some cheap sets are excellent. Because of this, it is best to find a set that has the features you want at a price you can afford. For your reference, the recommended earbuds below range in price from $12 to $249, but you may find others outside of this range. 

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What Are the Top Five Earbuds for Sleeping?

Here is a summary of the top five earbuds for sleeping, each offering a unique combination of desirable features. All of these products are highly rated, and sleep tested.

ENACFIRE E18 Wireless Earbuds

The ENACFIRE E18 Wireless Earbuds have high-quality HD stereo audio output and connect easily to your Bluetooth device. These earbuds are equipped with extra bass, and the Bluetooth connection is clear and strong up to 33 feet from your device. Each pair has a 3.5-hour battery life, but the compact charging case stores enough energy to charge the earbuds 4 to 5 times, resulting in 15 hours of total playtime.

These earbuds come with 3 different tip sizes, plus the built-in microphone allows you to take calls while using the earbuds, and a single button on the left bud allows you to pause and skip songs. ENACFIRE includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy, with the purchase of this product.


  • Small enough to sleep with comfortably
  • Fit well and stay in place
  • Good sound quality


  • Short battery life

Bose Wireless Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

The Bose Wireless Noise-Masking Sleepbuds are specifically designed to help you sleep with no interruption from environmental noise. They come with 3 sizes of Stay Hear+ Sleep Tips, and they are controlled through the Bose Sleep app, which also has ten soothing sound tracks to choose from and an alarm clock feature. The storage case works as a charger, which will charge the buds fully one time before having to plug it in. Each set of earbuds has a 16-hour battery life, so the sound tracks will play all night.


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Fit well and stay in place


  • Cannot play your own audio—only the provided soothing sounds
  • High price

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

The MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs are wired earbuds specifically designed for sleep. These earbuds are extremely lightweight and have soft silicon double-layer tips that can adapt to any ear. The specially designed tips provide a high degree of noise cancellation to block out environmental noise. Each pair is equipped with a microphone for receiving calls and on-wire button to control audio, plus they come with a zippered carrying case. MAXROCK offers a three-month, no-hassle return and replace policy with the purchase of these earbuds.


  • Very comfortable to wear while sleeping
  • Won’t cause ear pain
  • Great value for the price


  • Not as durable/long-lasting as expected

ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds

The ATECH Sleeping Earbuds are small and perfect for side sleeping. The entire earbud is constructed with flexible silicon for a snug, comfortable fit. These earbuds have an extra-long, thin, tough wire that won’t restrict your movement. The wire has a built-in microphone to answer and end calls and a button to control your audio. ATECH offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back policy with the purchase of this product.


  • Very comfortable to wear while sleeping
  • Impressive sound quality and noise cancellation


  • Not as durable/long-lasting as expected

MAXROCK Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Earbuds

The MAXROCK Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Earbuds are made completely of soft silicon, including the two-layer tip design that adapts to any size ear and cancels out extra noise. The built-in microphone allows you to answer and end calls, and the in-wire button allows you to control your audio playback. This set of lightweight earbuds is available in 5 different colors: black, green, pink, grey, and white.


  • Comfortable to wear all night with no pain
  • Excellent noise cancellation


  • Not as durable/long-lasting as expected

Earbuds for Sleeping— Final Thoughts

Listening to soothing audio is a great, medication-free way to beat insomnia, but there are a few other points to take in mind as you look to purchase, and use, earbuds for sleeping. Although using earbuds in bed can seem harmless, there are some disadvantages. For example, it is critical to keep your earbuds properly cleaned and sanitized because bacteria and earwax buildup can occur if you wear them for a significant amount of time, which can lead to irritation or infection in your ear canal. Plus, it’s always a good idea to be conscious of volume, as hearing loss can occur if you listen to loud sounds for several hours each night.

With all of this in mind, you should have a good idea of what to look for in a pair of earbuds for sleeping. In essence, it all comes down to finding a set that cancels out environmental noise and is comfortable and safe enough for you to wear for several hours in a lying down position.

About Marissa Gvozdenovich Marissa is an English teacher and writer. She enjoys the Florida beach life with her husband and puppy.

For certain individuals, a bed is not the ideal sleep setting, and a recliner could be the perfect solution.

Although many people think of recliners as the perfect chairs for relaxing and watching TV, they can actually help people with certain medical conditions or preferences enjoy restful sleep.

People who have suffered injuries, pregnant women, the elderly, those with respiratory conditions, and individuals with acid reflux can find it uncomfortable to sleep on a flat, horizontal surface. A recliner allows them to find their ideal sleep position.

Other people simply prefer to sleep in a recliner, or sleeper chair, rather than a bed.

The general population finds this to be odd or improper, but there is no real harm in it.

These individuals have found that they wake up feeling more rested and without the aches and pains they have after sleeping in their bed. Then, bed versus recliner becomes a decision based on personal preference and circumstance.

Quick Look: Our Top 5 Picks

Recliners for Sleeping – Key Considerations

Recliner Type: There are three main types of recliners: rockers, wall-huggers, and lifts. Rocker recliners are also known as glider recliners, and they function as the name suggests—they have the ability to rock, or glide, back and forth. These are typically recommended for people who have trouble falling asleep and nursing mothers because of the gentle, soothing movement.  

Wall-hugger recliners are the ideal answer to a downfall of many recliners, which is their large size. Wall-huggers are built to take up little space, so they are perfect for tight quarters and won’t take up an entire room.

Lift recliners allow their users to get in and out of the chair easily. They offer a motorized function that lifts the chair, which in turn, lifts the person into standing position. These are ideal for elderly people and those who suffer from joint pain or injuries.

Durability: Depending on how much you plan to use your recliner, you may want to consider a sleeper chair with a durable frame and durable materials. If you plan to sleep on your recliner each night, it is worth purchasing a chair with a sturdy hardwood or steel frame, since the frame is often tested, and weakened, with the frequent movement of the chair. If the recliner will be used gently, a plywood frame, for example, could help your budget.

Similarly, you will want to consider the best fabric for your sleeper chair. For a chair that will see heavy use, opt for a tough, durable cloth or leather. If your chair will see light use, faux leather or lower-quality cloth could save you some money.

Lastly, be sure that the chair is a good fit for your frame, height, and weight. A chair that is the correct size will hold up longer than a chair that cannot meet the demands you place on it.

Features & Functions: If you’re willing to stretch the budget, there are a variety of extra features and functions available to choose from. Some of these include how much a chair can be reclined or elevated and whether the chair is operated manually or mechanically, among others.

Based on your personal preference or your health, you may want a chair that reclines almost to a horizontal position or a chair that allows you to elevate your feet and legs to a certain height. In a similar way, you may decide to save money on a chair that operates manually, or splurge on a chair that has remote-controlled or motorized operation.

Other features that are available in sleeper chairs are cup holders, pockets, and heat and massage functions. Cup holders and pockets are underestimated extras that can prove useful when you don’t have to stretch out of a reclined position to reach a beverage, periodical, or TV remote. Heat and massage functions come at a price, but are especially helpful for relieving aches and pains, while providing ultimate comfort. However, it would not be typical to sleep all night with the heat and massage features running.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the most important considerations when buying a recliner because restful sleep cannot occur without it. For sleeper chairs, comfort mostly comes from materials, support, size, and position, but it is always a matter of personal preference.

Consider what you find to be the most comfortable materials, including both the fabric covering the chair as well as the padding under the fabric. Additionally, determine what kind of support you are looking for—lumbar/back? Head? Neck? Legs? You will want to choose a recliner that props you up in all the right places.

Be sure to also consider the size of the chair, meaning the area of the back and the area of the seat. Will your body fit comfortably within the dimensions? Finally, decide how much you want to be able to recline or elevate. Is it more important to be able to recline to an almost horizontal position, or to elevate your feet and legs?

What are the top five recliners for sleeping?

Here is a summary of the best recliners for sleeping, each offering a unique combination of desirable features. Each product is highly rated, and sleep tested.

Ashley Furniture Larkinhurst Recliner

The Larkinhurst is a traditionally styled, rocker, or glider, sleeper chair. It features an earth-tone, faux leather upholstery with polyester and polyurethane blend filling. It operates manually with a side-panel pull tab. Plus, this recliner is built to last with a metal-reinforced seat and footrest. The recliner is oversized, roomy, and comfortable with pillow-top armrests and an overstuffed back pillow—perfect for sleeping.

This chair can easily be paired with a matching sofa or loveseat. It measures 43” W x 40” D x 40” H when in its closed position, requires minimal assembly after shipping, and can fit through doorways as narrow as 32”. Ashley Furniture offers a 1-year warranty on this recliner.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Holds up to pets and children
  • Very comfortable for sleeping
  • Easy to assemble after shipping


  • No place for a pillow
  • Not for tall sleepers
  • May not stay in reclined position

NHI Express Addison Recliner

The Addison recliner is built with a sturdy, hardwood frame and measures 35” W x 40” D x 40” H when in its closed position. This recliner is available in three colors: blue, chocolate, and mocha. Each option features stain-resistant, microfiber upholstery.

This wall-hugger chair is operated manually and only needs 4 inches behind it in order to fully recline. The Addison offers a contemporary design and a high-quality mechanism that is built to last. Plus, it is oversized and roomy, providing comfort all night long.


  • Easy to assemble after shipping
  • Very comfortable for sleeping
  • Accommodates large sleepers comfortably
  • Supports whole body
  • Good value at a low price


  • Mechanism may be difficult to operate
  • May make squeaking noise

Lifestyle Recliner

The Lifestyle recliner is available in tan/taupe color and is made of a heavy-duty, plush, easy-to-clean chenille fabric in a contemporary design. It comes equipped with a power mechanism for easy operation and a USB charging port for any electronic devices. It is also a wall-hugger recliner, meaning it only needs to be placed a few inches from the wall in order to fully recline.

This recliner measures 39” W x 40.5” D x 40” H in its closed position and reclines to a nearly horizontal position, thanks to its LayFlat Premium Mechanism that has been tested to last over 30,000 uses. Lifestyle offers a 2-year limited warranty with the purchase of this sleeper chair.


  • Easy to assemble after shipping
  • Good value for the price
  • USB charging port
  • Quiet power mechanism
  • Soft, comfortable upholstery


  • May not provide enough padding or cushion
  • Footrest does not elevate to desired height
  • Motor may not last

Homall Recliner

The Homall recliner offers a sleek, modern design in either black or brown. It is made with high-quality, faux leather and is generously padded with comfortable, spongy foam throughout. It also features a durable steel frame and maximum comfort with an upgraded footrest, wide armrests, a plush seat cushion, and a wide back.

The recliner measures 27.6” W x 35.8” D x 38.6” H in its closed position and is recommended for a maximum of 265lbs. This chair requires completely manual operation with no levers and reclines to a nearly horizontal position for comfortable sleeping. Homall offers a lifetime exchange warranty with the purchase of this product.


  • Easy to assemble after shipping
  • Sturdy and high-quality materials
  • Aesthetically pleasing and stylish design
  • Easy-to-clean upholstery


  • Chair is narrow, small
  • Must have ability and strength to operate chair manually

Great Deal Furniture Teyana Recliner

This stylish recliner comes in three appealing colors: black, red, and white. It is crafted with beautiful faux leather upholstery and a sturdy birch wood frame. It is operated manually with a side-panel lever, and it measures 27.5” W x 28.5” D x 36.5” H in its closed position.

The Teyana recliner is easy to clean, and it reclines to a nearly horizontal position for sleeping. The solid wood base and legs make the chair feel stable and comfortable throughout the night.


  • Easy to assemble after shipping
  • Easy to operate manually
  • Aesthetically pleasing and stylish design
  • Very comfortable for sleeping


  • Narrow design not for large sleepers
  • Footrest may be difficult to push down

What else should you consider when purchasing recliners for sleeping?

Before you buy, consider the both the benefits and drawbacks of recliner sleeping.

Usually, the benefits of sleeping in a recliner revolve around your personal health and medical conditions. Recliners typically help most with back pain, respiratory issues, blood circulation, acid reflux, and comfort in pregnancy.

Sleeper chairs can help ease the tension in your back and can offer lumbar support that is just what your spine needs after working or standing all day.

Additionally, recliners allow you to adjust the angle of back, head, and neck, which can help with breathing and acid reflux.

Recliners also allow you to adjust the angle of your lower body, increasing blood flow and reducing pain, pressure, and swelling in your feet, legs, and ankles.

Finally, many pregnant women find that they can sleep much more comfortably in a recliner because it is more supportive and adjustable than a regular bed.

There are, however, some disadvantages to sleeping in a recliner every night. Most of these disadvantages revolve around the fact that a recliner does not allow you to sleep in a variety of positions as a normal bed does.

As a result, you may find that you wake up with stiffness in your muscles and joints, most commonly in your knees and hips, after spending the night in a sleeper chair. Similarly, staying in the same position for an extended period of time can lead to poor blood circulation in your legs, which is why it is important for the recliner you choose to be adjustable in several places.

Finally, you may find that you only need to sleep in a recliner for a limited time (i.e. recovering from surgery or injury).

This is an important factor to consider because it could allow you to save money on a recliner that may be more than you need. Each of the recommended recliners above are budget friendly and appropriate for a variety of needs and preferences, including the individuals who will be temporarily sleeping in a recliner.

Final Thoughts

Whether your recovering from an injury, living with a medical condition, pregnant, or just prefer it, a sleeper chair may be the most comfortable, beneficial option for getting restful sleep.

It is best to ask yourself which features really matter to you and which features would actually improve your sleep.

With so many recliners on the market, remember to weigh all of your options, focusing on finding a perfect fit for your health and comfort.

About Marissa Gvozdenovich Marissa is an English teacher and writer. She enjoys the Florida beach life with her husband and puppy.

Temperature is a touchy subject in most households. Central air conditioning and heating can raise the electricity bills to astronomical amounts when you’re not paying close attention. And after you’ve come to a happy medium about the right temperature, not everyone’s happy. Whether it’s during the colder months of the year, or during the summer when the AC is blasting too high for your taste, an electric blanket is a great investment.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Nowadays there are so many different types of electric blankets, you can find one for every need and situation. Electric blankets aren’t just great uses at home to keep the electrical bill down, but electric throws are great for offices that keep the AC on full blast and as travel blankets!

Different Types of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets all have the same purpose: to keep you warm. However, you have a few options to decide which kind of electric blanket you may specifically be looking for.

Electric over-blanket: This is the electric blanket you place on your bed, usually on top of your bedding to keep you warm during the night or while you lay in bed. These blankets are typically designed to be lightweight, so they feel like a top sheet or blanket. Depending on the size of bedding you have, these blankets tend to have 2 controllers to regulate heat on both sides of the bed. The cords are most likely designed to go between your mattress and box spring, and then plugged into the nearest outlet.

Electric under-blanket: Similar to an over-blanket, an electric under-blanket goes on your bed like a mattress pad. This goes on the top of your mattress, and under your sheets so the warmth is coming from underneath you. By having a blanket or sheet on top of you as well, this will trap the heat in, keeping the heat in all night long. These electric blankets also usually have controllers on both sides of the bed for bigger bed sizes.

Electric throw blanket: This electric throw blanket is usually smaller than the other 2 options, and is great for providing warmth anywhere. Unlike the over-blanket or the under-blanket, this electric blanket isn’t necessarily made to go on the bed, although that’s still an option! This type of blanket has a simple controller and a cord that plugs into the nearest outlet. Whether you need a heated blanket in the office, while you travel, or when you’re sitting on the couch, this blanket is great for any purpose.

Features in Electric Blankets

There are many different features that electric blankets can have, and deciding which ones are important to you, will help narrow down your options!

  • Time Programming: Some electric blankets have the option to program when your heating blanket turns on and off, allowing your bed to be warm when you crawl into it. This feature makes your electric blanket feel like luxury!
  • Heat Settings: Many electric blankets don’t just have on and off buttons. Heat settings can range from low, medium high, to 10 different settings. This makes the blanket more versatile, and you can find your perfect temperature.
  • Dual Controls: A lot of electric blankets that are made for the bed have 2 controllers if they’re a full bed size and larger. This allows for couples to each have their own controller on their side of the bed, and control the heat on their side of the blanket. No compromising is required!
  • Overheating Protection: A lot of electric blankets have an automatic shut-off feature to prevent the blanket from overheating. On electric throw blankets this tends to be around 3 hours, and on blankets for the bed it could be as high as 10 hours.
  • Temperature Sensors: More intuitive electric blankets can sensor your body temperature as well as the temperature around you to adjust the heat. This uses infrared heating, bringing warmth that’s the perfect temperature.
  • Extra Foot Warmth: Some heated blankets may be designed to have a higher temperature at the feet, or foot pockets to ensure the blanket stays on your feet and keeps them warm.

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw

This is a great economical option, if you’re looking for an electric throw blanket! Available in 6 different color options, this throw blanket also different in price based on what color you buy. If you’re looking for the best bargain, compare colors! It’s made out of 100% polyester MicroPlush fabric, making it incredibly soft and great for lounging around the house. This throw blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches, making it the perfect option to keep in your living room or bedroom when you’re feeling a little cold. It has a lighted controller with 3 warming settings, and a 3 hour auto off function. There is a 6-foot-long cord, so you can plug in your electric blanket to the nearest outlet without a problem.


  • Long cord
  • Ultra-plush microfiber (very soft)
  • Economical
  • Machine washable & dryer safe
  • 5-year warranty


  • Controller can get too hot & melt
  • Does not heat around edges of blanket

Utopia Bedding Electric Micro-Mink Throw

Looking for an electrical blanket, but don’t want to overheat? Then, this is the heated blanket for you. Perfect to keep on the sofa or your bed, this throw is 50 inches by 60 inches long. It’s made out of 100% polyester on the foam base, offering great insulation for those cold nights. This micromink electric throw is lightweight, unlike other bulkier blankets, making it the best electric blanket for those that get cold very easily. It has thinner and more flexible wiring, so it lays flat inside the blanket. This means, you won’t feel all the wiring while cuddling up with your blanket. Another feature, is it’s 3 hour auto shut off feature to make sure you and your blanket don’t overheat.


  • Lightweight
  • Thin wiring
  • Extremely soft
  • Great size for throw blanket
  • Machine washable


  • No color options
  • Does not get very hot

Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket

This Shavel Thermee Electric Blanket checks all the boxes for durability. Made to place on your bed as a comforter or blanket, this Shavel Electric Blanket has 7 layers of warmth. It’s made of heated micro flannel. The soft wiring is placed between an electrical damping cloth, then a layer of polyester on the top and bottom around this. Another layer of soft micro flannel is then on the front and back, quilted together with a satin hem for a stylish touch. Available in 9 different colors, you’re sure to find a color that will match your bedding, and room décor! Packaged with control units for each side of the bed, the controller cords go between the mattress and box spring to the end of the headboard, so you don’t see the wires.


  • Warms up fast
  • Great quality, thick blanket
  • Ability to get very warm
  • Can’t feel the wires


  • Controllers do not have light to adjust settings at night
  • Heavy
  • Pricey

Sunbeam Microplush Throw Electric Warming

If you have pets, you might have to share this blanket. This electric throw is soft to the touch! Made out of velvet plush, this blanket is sure to keep you warm on those cool nights or when you want to save energy and keep the thermostat cooling during the winter. It’s 50 inches by 60 inches, making it the perfect sized throw to have in the living room while you’re watching a movie or in the bedroom when your comforter just isn’t providing enough heat. It has a ThermoFine warming system, composed of 3 heat settings and a 3 hour auto shut off feature, so it doesn’t overheat. Included is a 5-year warranty, making it a great investment! However, you may have to share it with your furry friends, as many reviews have stated their pets loved it as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable plush fabric
  • Holds heat well
  • Attracts pets
  • 5-year warranty


  • Cord is not long enough for controller
  • Controller is very sensitive to movements

Biddeford MicroPlush Analog Electric Blanket

This electric blanket is definitely more on the pricey side, but is also more substantial. Equipped with 10 heating settings and a 10 hour auto shut off, this blanket has a wider range of heating capabilities, which allows premium comfort for everyone. Depending on the bed size of your choice, this blanket either has 1 or 2 controllers, allowing users to regulate the heat directly from their bedside. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to warm up to the temperature you desire, and after that you can adjust it accordingly to your needs. This blanket can also be used on the couch or wherever you need a little more heat to get through the colder months. Made out of MicroPlush material, this blanket is machine washable and can be dried on a low temperature.


  • 10 heat settings
  • Warms up fast
  • Great customer service
  • Machine washable & can be dried on low temp


  • Arrived with odor
  • No light indication of auto shut off
  • Only available in 1 color

Beautyrest Heated Electric Throw

Just as the brand name suggests, this electric blanket will give you the beauty rest you need. Or, the relaxation you need. Find yourself always having cold feet? Unlike the other electric blankets, this one comes with foot pockets, making sure your feet are covered with optimum warmth. Perfect for a living room throw, or an extra layer of warmth if you’re office is incredibly cold, this electric blanket offers 3 heating settings. It has an auto-shut off feature after 2 hours with UL/ETL safety standards. This Beautyrest heated electric blanket also comes with a 6-foot-long cord that attaches at the bottom of the blanket, making it extremely usable in any space with an outlet close by. It’s also machine washable, and able to tumble dry on low heat.


  • Foot pockets to keep feet warm
  • 52 by 62 inches
  • 5-year warranty & 30-day free return
  • Lightweight feel


  • Only available in 1 color
  • Less heat at the foot of the blanket

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw Blanket

This stylish electric blanket is great for those looking for a heated throw, or even a travel heated throw! This Sunbeam blanket is 50 by 60 inches, making it perfect for a travel blanket if you tend to get cold during long flights. Made with MicroPlush comfort, this blanket is made with microfiber on both sides of the blanket. This makes for easy washing, and also keeps the blanket lightweight. While this blanket is more thin, so are the wires, so they don’t get in the way of cuddling up for a warm snuggle. It has 3 different heat settings, allowing the user to adjust the heat to their desired temperature, with a 3-hour auto-off feature. It’s machine washable and dryer safe as well!


  • Stylish pattern
  • Warm & cozy
  • Not rigid
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable & dryer safe


  • Cord doesn’t reach across full blanket
  • Only 1 pattern option

BioSmart Low-Voltage Electric Blanket

Worried about the hazards of having an electric blanket? This BioSmart product is the best electric blanket, if you are concerned about safety. It has a pulsed, low-voltage DC current, which eliminates of the risk of electromagnetic radiation and other health concerns with heated blankets. This blanket uses infrared heating to bring warmth without making you sweaty. This blanket will not produce hot spots either, ensuring the blanket is evenly warm all over. Not only is it safe, but it’s comfy! This blanket is multi-layered with fabrics, making is the perfect plush blanket to add to your mattress during those excruciating cold months. This BioSmart blanket comes with 2 wireless remote controls for each side of the bed, and a 5-year warranty as well.


  • Multi-layered comfort
  • Built with safety in mind
  • Wireless remotes
  • 5-year warranty
  • Controlled by your own body heat


  • Controllers are hard to see in dark
  • Heat does not cover the edges
  • Expensive

SunBeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

If you’re looking for an electric blanket that goes under your sheets and on top of your mattress, this option is made just for that. This is an electric under-blanket, or a mattress pad. This is a great option for the colder times of the year, and also if you want to be “cocooned” in by warmth. This comes with dual controllers, meaning there is a controller for each side of the bed, and you don’t have to have your settings the same as your spouses. It has 10 heating settings so if you tend to be cold at night all year round, you have the option to keep this mattress pad on and set to a lower setting. Made out of 100% polyester, this electric under-blanket is soft quilted, machine washable, and dryer safe.


  • Dual controllers
  • 10 heating settings
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • 5-year warranty
  • Pre-heating function
  • Even heating


  • May be able to feel wires
  • Can be very warm on low settings
  • Plug is at the foot of the bed

Which is the Best Electric Blanket for You?

There are many different electric blankets on the market today, and a lot of them look the same. Here are a few points that may help you determine which is the best electric blanket for you.

  • Why do you want an electric blanket? Do you find yourself cold while you’re sleeping or are you looking for a blanket that will keep you warm while you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie? An electric throw blanket can be used anywhere with an outlet, however an electric over-blanket or an electric under-blanket are made to specifically warm you will you’re sleeping.
  • Are you concerned about safety? Many blankets have an auto-shut off feature that prevents the blankets from overheating, but this does not stop some controllers from melting or starting to melt. If you’re main concern is safety, investing in a more expensive electric blanket with temperature sensors is a great way to ensure whoever is using this blanket is safe.
  • Do you want the heat to come from on top of you or below you? As mentioned above, there are electric over-blankets and electric under-blankets. Under-blankets are similar to mattress pads with heating capabilities, while an over-blanket is a heated blanket or sheet on top of you. Both work great, so this is a personal preference.
  • Is it important that your electric blanket is machine washable and dryable? Many electric blankets are safe to machine wash, and tumble dry on low, but be sure before buying that yours is too!

Beat the colds months, and high electric bills with an electric blanket. Not only are these an amazing Christmas presents for family members that are always cold, but they’re great for those that work in freezing air conditioned offices every day. Sometimes regular blankets just don’t provide the heat you need. Electric blankets can also work wonders to sooth aches and pains in the body, making them great for those with chronic pain or long-term illnesses. Next time you reach for a blanket, reach for an electric blanket.

About Kelsey Woodbridge Kelsey is a lover of anything comfy, especially her bed. In fact, you will most likely find her in her bed drafting a new article, watching New Girl, or just lounging in fuzzy socks.

A popular and growing trend among millennials and young people is the use of essential oils. Consumers are using oil diffusers as a cure for just about any ailment from acne, high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, depression, body aches, menstrual cramps, and of course, getting to sleep! In the 20th century society is moving toward natural and holistic treatments over medications and doctor’s appointments due to a mistrust of modern medicine and a strong desire to get back to their roots. There are literally hundreds of oils out there that can be placed in diffusers, added to soaps, cosmetics, and home-made misters. The quality of essential oils makes them somewhat costly, but if you purchase the right brand, your oil will last you for months.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

  •  Carrier Oils – Some examples of these oils are hazelnut, avocado, cucumber seed, primrose, hempseed, jojoba, grapeseed, coconut, shea butter, macadamia, and sunflower. Carriers are meant to help to dilute essential oils without causing them to lose their potency or strength. For example, if you were to add water to dilute your oil, it might get rid of the therapeutic properties. Carriers won’t reduce the beneficial characteristics, but they will keep the oils in your diffuser from becoming overwhelming. If you tend to find yourself with a headache when using therapeutic oils, you might just need to add a carrier to it.
  • Diffuser Oils Are Toxic to Pets – Lately, people have been using essential oils and diffusers as a way to calm their pets down when travelling to new places or trying to get to sleep at night. Safe oils include lavender, cardamom, spearmint and thyme. You still need to dilute them significantly, and avoid oils that contain tea tree, cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, winter green and ylang ylang. If your pet begins to exhibit strange behavior like excessive drooling, tremors, or acting as if they don’t recognize who you are, these are signs of poisoning due to essential oils and they should be taken to the vet immediately for evaluation.

Best Essential Oils for Sleeping – Our Top Picks

100% Therapeutic Grade Pure Organic Lavender Oil

Sky-Organics has a wide variety of oil mixtures, but this one is just pure, untouched lavender! Derived from artisanal farmers from the south of France, this natural oil doesn’t have chemicals or harmful substances added to it either. For anyone suffering from a migraine, lavender is known to ease the tension of a headache and help you fall asleep with ease. This oil is also considered to be a mood booster, and since depression is often a symptom that stems from lack of sleep, a bit of this essential oil might help you.

You can run a tiny bit in your hair or add a drop to your wrists. Essential oils can also be administered by pouring a few drops into a spray bottle, then simply add a bit of water. Pregnant women experiencing nausea and vomiting will be happy to know that lavender helps to settle the stomach. Try spraying lavender mist on your bedsheets before sleeping, this way you won’t have to wake up and run to the bathroom in the middle of the night!


  • Scent is subtle, not too strong
  • Although the bottles are small, they last awhile
  • Burns slower in diffuser than other oils


  • Only sold in 2 to 4 oz. bottles, no large size

The uses for lavender are endless, you don’t have to use it just for sleeping! If you mix a few drops of massage oil with a few drops of the lavender, you’ve got your own unique, personalized massage oil. The stimulating effects are beneficial to encourage healthy urine flow and the calming properties create better circulation and blood flow. Sky-Organics is a reputable company that has excellent reviews from their customers worldwide. They have other essential oils available in orange, eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint. Sky-Organics also offers diffusers at an affordable price!

Majestic Pure Aromatherapy Essential Premium Oils Set

This awesome pack of 8 different essential oils is worthwhile if you love to try new scents. Not only does it include Bulgarian lavender, but rosemary, frankincense, and clove leaf as well! Frankincense specifically is a natural sleep aid and provides anxiety relief. Another effect of frankincense is its ability to open up your airways. If you’ve ever had an upper respiratory infection, you know how hard it can be to breathe, let alone fall asleep.

You don’t have to suffer through it, mix up a few drops of lavender and frankincense and add it to your diffuser, or rub a very small amount on your chest like you would with vapor rub. This starter kit is perfect for someone who has heard about essential oil, or is curious and can’t decide which one to get. It’s better to start with kits like this because they are inexpensive, and once you find a smell you really like you can purchase a larger bottle later.


  • Can be used in humidifiers
  • Useful and inexpensive as a gift for birthdays and holidays
  • Not mixed with carrier oils


  • Dropper is wasteful, gives out too much oil
  • Issues with product labels being mixed up
  • Some issues with a chemical smell present in a few packages

For sore feet after a long and exhausting day of work, put a few drops of lemon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary and cinnamon into a rolling bottle. Of course, you’ll need to dilute this mixture with water! Roll onto the soles of your feet for a pleasant, muscle relaxing scent that eases the tension in your body. You should fall asleep easily once you start to smell the sweet and calming oils. Try the eucalyptus on your feet while you’re at work to keep your pain away all day long.

Edens Garden Good Night Synergy Blend and Relaxation Synergy Blend

You’ll be pleased to know that the Synergy blend has its own exclusive blend, rather than a single scent. The perfect compound of lavender, sweet majorum, chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood, key lime, and vanilla will invigorate your senses and loosen you up for the evening. Edens Garden does not use any additives, fillers, bases, or any other synthetic chemicals in their products and they are GC/MS certified for customer safety and satisfaction. The oils are derived by cold pressed plant matter such as flowers, leaves, bark, stems, and wood; 10% of all profits go to charitable organizations.

Another excellent product is the Relaxation Synergy Blend; maybe you aren’t trying to sleep for several hours. If you just want an hour or two to relax and take a nap, try this blend instead! Use a carrier oil such as sweet almond with this fusion of lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, geranium, mandarin, and patchouli.


  • Comes in 5 ml, 10ml, 30 ml, and 120 ml bottle sizes
  • Great for pain management with headaches caused by high blood pressure


  • Could be too strong to place on a pillow case or directly to the skin without diluting
  • Some did not enjoy the smell this oil produced, possibly a bad batch

If you have a sleep tracker at home, try using this essential oil for a week and compare the results to that of the earlier weeks when you hadn’t been using the Relaxation or Good Night Synergy Blends. You should see a significant improvement in your REM cycles and experience deeper, more sound sleep where you aren’t waking up several times a night.

BioFinest Peppermint Oil

Those of us who frequently get tension headaches and migraines don’t have the easiest time getting sleep. The sensitivity to light, noise, and movement, are equally as miserable; watching someone walk across a room or seeing a flash from the tv is enough to make you sick. So, what can we do about this nausea? How do you get to sleep when you need to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes?

Well, peppermint has always been a holistic cure for nausea and vomiting! Instead of trying to hold down an actual peppermint, try the BioFinest Peppermint Oil. After about 10 minutes, your stomach should start to settle and your headache should be much less noticeable. Soon, you’ll be able to comfortably drift off to sleep and wake up feeling like a brand new person.


  • Cruelty free! Vegans will be happy to know that this product was not tested on animals
  • Naturally repels rodents and insects like mosquitos
  • You can mix a few drops with coconut oil and a little bit of baking soda for home-made tooth paste


  • Not very concentrated, shouldn’t need very much dilution

Peppermint also happens to be great for when you’re truly sick. It can be hard to breathe when your nose and lungs are full of phlegm, and in turn, sleep does not come easily or at all. Use the BioFinest Peppermint Oil to open up your airways and get the rest you desperately need. Feeling ill is no fun, but this 100% pure and natural oil will get you on the mend, so you can get back to living your life the way you want to!

Vitruvi Bergamot Essential Oil, 100% Pure Undiluted Premium

For all the “Sleepytime Tea” drinkers out there, this is definitely the right oil for you. Unlike other essential oils, this is meant to be placed in your diffuser for a little extra flavor and relaxation while you enjoy your nightly cup. Vitruvi is a popular and widely renowned brand for its top quality oils and competitive pricing. As soon as the box arrives, you should catch a whiff of the aroma before you even open it, it’s that strong! The smell of pinewood forests and mountains will take over your senses, putting you right to sleep.


  • The lustrous black bottle is perfect for preventing leaks and damage from UV rays
  • Can be mixed with grapefruit, geranium, and cedar wood for an extra boost of scent


  • Will not be potent if diluted with a carrier oil
  • Cannot be returned once opened

Although it may not be as strong as other oils when placed in a diffuser, it’s important to remember that Vitruvi created the bergamont to be enjoyed with other senses. Using a chamomile tea with this oil is a great combination for getting to sleep, just make sure you plan on sleeping in the next morning! You’ll want to enjoy the deep rest as long as you can.

Beauty Aura Lemongrass Essential Oil

This large 4 ounce bottle of lemongrass essential oil will stay in your cabinets for weeks, thanks to the amazing quality and long lasting scent of Beauty Aura products. Lemongrass is one of the more popular, frequently purchased of the hundreds of scents available, and it can be used in so many ways.

From air fresheners, beauty products, moisturizers, and sleep aids, it’s natural and highly regarded by people across the globe. Most important of all, the semi-sweet smell of this essential oil provides a calming effect that encourages muscle relaxation and tension relief. Lemongrass is meant to be blended or diluted with a carrier oil to keep it from becoming overwhelming.


  • Comes in a larger size rather than having to purchase several mini bottles


  • Issues with the dropped disintegrating, some defective bottles have made it into the marketplace

While this is a great product, there have been some minor complaints about the smell and bottle design. Some bottles have arrived with the dropper either melting or disintegrating into the actual oil. Once these plastic pieces of the dropper are placed in a diffuser (it’s going to dissolve into your oil) the smell can be unpleasant..

If you receive a Beauty Aura Lemongrass Essential Oil with this problem, discontinue use immediately and contact the company for an exchange. Sometimes these things happen, but it doesn’t mean you should lose your money when you can always get help from customer service support. You can also purchase a different scent, lemongrass is great for relaxing your body before bedtime, but there are plenty of other scents available from this company.

Majestic Pure Frankincense Oil

We all know frankincense works wonders as a sleep aid when mixed with other oils, but what about when it is used by itself? One of the more popular essential oils, frankincense smells beautifully when placed in a diffuser. However, this particular brand should always be diluted with a carrier, especially if you’re using it on your skin or in DIY cosmetics. The earthy scent will relax your body and make you feel as though you’ve been dropped into a tropical forest next to a tree full of fruit. That image alone makes you want to drift off to sleep, doesn’t it?


  • Glass dropper provides minimum drip to help your bottle last longer
  • Exemplary quality and capability for aromatherapy and sleep therapy


  • No real cons for this product!

The Majestic brand actually has had mixed feedback from consumers, some felt that the smell just wasn’t for them. Each brand produces their essential oils in different locations, with different methods, and purchase plant material from different parts of the world. So you’ll have to remember that one version of Frankincense won’t necessarily smell exactly like the next one, although it should be very similar.

If possible, you should always try to get a smaller bottle and see if you like it first before spending too much on larger sizes. Otherwise, put a few drops in your diffuser, grab your favorite blanket, get comfortable and pass out.

Wild Thera Gentle Sleep Enhancer Goodnight Balm with Essential Oils and Valerian

This product is a little different, it’s not the kind of essential oil you place in a diffuser or add to a spray. Designed as a sleep aid to help with insomnia, Wild Thera is similar a natural combination Carmex and Vicks Vapor Rub. Instead using it for when you’re ill, you rub small amounts on your temples, upper part of your lip under your nose, and forehead just before you’re ready to go to sleep. This balm is made with essential oils chamomile, clary sage, valerian, lemon balm, catnip, rosemary, lavender, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax, all organic and all natural.


  • Made without petroleum or parabens
  • Cruelty free, not tested on animals
  • All derivatives are organic and non-GMO


  • Container is rather small for the price

The company does not recommend anyone with kidney failure to use this balm as it may further aggravate the issue. In general, those with kidney issues should not use products containing magnesium. Otherwise this product is perfectly safe to use and will give you the assistance you need for a good night’s rest, and the castor oil might even help your eyebrow hairs stay strong healthy.

About Dabora Dabora is Chief editor at Sleeping Culture. She is a proud mother of two, passionate about sleep and finding ways to live a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

Sleeplessness is an issue faced by many. Snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome are some of the numerous forms of sleep deprivation. For some individuals, sleeplessness is fleeting and occasional, but for others, it can be a long-term struggle, and usually, there are two main causes: stress or a medical condition. But, no matter the cause, sleeplessness must be remedied because of how important sleep is for our health and wellbeing. A lack of sleep can result in poor decision making or judgement, weight gain, hormone disfunction, illness due to a weakened immune system, depression, increased blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart disease, among others.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

If you are living a healthy lifestyle—clean eating, exercise, etc.—sleep should come easy, but it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, even the healthiest of individuals experience difficulty falling and staying asleep, and it begins to affect their overall wellbeing. When faced with this struggle, a natural first step would be to look for help in the form of over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Sleep & Maintaining Good Habits

Sleep is closely related to our overall health, and as mentioned earlier, a lack of sleep can cause our health to decline in a variety of ways. This is why 7 to 9 hours of sleep should be the nightly goal for adults, but it is really based on the person. For example, one person may find they can function normally on 6 hours of sleep, but someone else might need up to 10 hours of sleep per night. However, pregnant women or people with other medical conditions may require more sleep for their body to perform the functions it needs to. One way to tell if you are getting enough sleep is whether or not you feel drowsy during the day, for instance, at work or during personal obligations.

The best ways to improve sleep are to live clean and have a routine. If you take care of your body with healthy foods and exercise, your body will be functioning the way it should, including being able to achieve restful sleep. Similarly, a good routine when it comes to your sleep habits can make a big difference. Good sleep habits include going to bed and waking up at the same times consistently, making sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep, and avoiding certain activities before bed.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule will ensure that you always get the proper amount of sleep. Our bodies never become accustomed to a lack of sleep, so if you lose sleep one night, you will need to sleep more the next night to make up for it, and that is difficult to accomplish. It is equally important to make sure your bedroom is the perfect sleep environment. Your bedroom should be a calm, cool, dark, and silent place that is rid of anything that has lights, moves, or makes noise, since those things can interrupt your sleep. Lastly, what you do before bed can influence your sleep. Avoid being active, eating, or working before bed, and instead try taking a bath or shower, reading or writing in a journal, drinking herbal tea, or meditating before bed.

Sleeping Pills

If your sleeplessness is due to racing thoughts in your head or a medical condition, living a healthy lifestyle may not be enough to help you achieve restful sleep. For those people, a sleeping pill may be able to help.

To put it simply, sleeping pills are drugs or natural supplements that are meant to help those who struggle with sleeplessness fall asleep and stay asleep all night. In most cases, sleeping pills are intended for adults, but natural supplements may be suitable for children as well. Sleeping pills are available over the counter, or for more serious cases, by prescription. It is common for people who experience occasional sleeplessness to seek help with over-the-counter sleeping pills first, but it is recommended that you see a doctor if your insomnia becomes a bigger issue.

Sleeping pills that are not natural supplements are typically made with one of two active ingredients: diphenhydramine and doxylamine succinate. These ingredients share some of the same qualities—first, they are both antihistamines, and second, they have very similar side effects. Antihistamines are usually used to treat allergies, but they also have certain sedative qualities which make them effective as sleep aids. The side effects of these drugs are typically referred to as “hangover effects” and can include dry mouth, blurred vision, drowsiness during the day, constipation, and general unwell feeling, among others. Additionally, these ingredients put users at a higher risk for developing a dependency on, or tolerance for, the drug. For these reasons, unnatural sleeping pills are only meant to be used temporarily, not as part of your daily routine.

Natural sleeping pills are, as the name suggests, made with naturally occurring ingredients such as melatonin, valerian, chamomile, passionflower, hops, magnesium, and 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). These ingredients either come from our bodies or nature, and they have qualities that create feelings of relaxation and drowsiness in order to help users achieve restful sleep. The supplements made from these ingredients are safer to take on a more regular basis, but they are not proven to be as effective as unnatural sleeping pills. However, it is important to note that there are some risks with taking natural sleeping pills because they are not strictly regulated by the FDA. As a result, these natural supplements could be made improperly, contain the incorrect dosage, or have the wrong ingredients.

What Are the Top Ten Sleeping Pills?

Here is a summary of the top ten sleeping pills, first unnatural then natural, and each offers a unique combination of desirable features and options. Each product is highly rated, and sleep tested.

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

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The Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid is an over-the-counter, 25mg sleeping pill with the active ingredient doxylamine succinate. This drug uses an antihistamine to produce a drowsy effect that helps people fall asleep and stay asleep. Other ingredients in this product include dicalcium phosphate, blue coloring, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and sodium starch glycolate. As with all sleeping pills, the effects of this drug vary based on the individual and it is not intended as a permanent solution to sleeplessness. Each pack of the Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid contains 96 tablets and the recommended dosage is one tablet.


  • Body will not become tolerant to the drug
  • Becomes effective within 45 minutes
  • Highly effective


  • May cause grogginess in the morning if you sleep less than 8 hours
  • Safe for adults only

Vicks ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid

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Unlike other Vicks brand products, ZzzQuil is only intended to help its users get quality sleep, not treat colds or aches and pains. It helps people who experience difficulty falling and staying asleep with the active ingredient diphenhydramine HCI. Diphenhydramine HCI is an antihistamine that helps users feel drowsy and drift to sleep. This product also contains the ingredients red and blue coloring, gelatin, glycerin, polyethelene glycol, purified water, and sorbitol sorbitan solution. ZzzQuil is non-habit forming and is available in packs of 48 LiquiCaps.


  • Becomes effective within 20 minutes
  • Won’t leave you feeling groggy
  • Highly effective


  • May allow you to wake up in the middle of the night
  • Safe for adults only

Unisom SleepTabs/Gels

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Unisom SleepTabs are similar to the Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid because they have the same active ingredient: doxylamine succinate. Doxylamine succinate is a non-habit-forming antihistamine that encourages drowsiness to help users fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Unisom SleepTabs also contain the ingredients dibasic calcium phosphate, blue coloring, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and sodium starch glycolate. This drug is available in tablet form in packs of 32, 48, or 80, and each dosage is one tablet.


  • Body will not become tolerant to the drug
  • Highly effective


  • May cause grogginess in the morning if you sleep less than 8 hours
  • Safe for adults only

Advil PM

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Advil PM differs from the other unnatural sleeping pills because it relieves aches and pains while also helping you fall and stay asleep. The two active ingredients are ibuprofen (200mg) and diphenhydramine citrate (38mg), and other ingredients include calcium stearate, carnauba wax, colloidal silicon dioxide, corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, blue coloring, glyceryl behenate, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, polydextrose, polyethylene glycol, pregelatinized starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium starch glycolate, stearic acid, and titanium dioxide. Advil PM comes in coated caplet form in packs of 20, 40, 50, 120, and 200.


  • Relieves both chronic and temporary pain
  • Won’t leave you feeling groggy
  • Highly effective


  • May cause you to have restless legs
  • Safe for adults only

Peak Life Somnapure Clinical Strength Sleep Aid

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The Peak Life Somnapure sleeping pills are similar to ZzzQuil because they share the same active ingredient, diphenhydramine HCI. This antihistamine product is non-habit forming, and helps its users fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. Other ingredients in this product include croscarmellose sodium, dicalcium phosphate, blue coloring, fractionated coconut oil, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, polydextrose, silicon dioxide, starch, stearic acid, talc, and titanium dioxide. Somnapure comes in packs of 30 caplets.


  • Relieves anxiety
  • Becomes effective within 30 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Body will not become tolerant to the drug


  • Safe for adults only
  • May cause heart to race

Olly Restful Sleep Gummy Supplement

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The first natural sleeping pill on this list is the Olly Restful Sleep Gummy Supplement. This gluten-free, drug-free supplement’s active ingredients are melatonin, l-theanine, chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm. Melatonin is a hormone sourced from our bodies that governs our sleep cycle, l-theanine is an amino acid from green tea that creates a calming effect, chamomile is an herb that has a calming effect, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, and passionflower and lemon balm produce soothing and relaxing effects. Olly Restful Sleep gummies come in packs of 50, with the recommended dosage of 2 gummies per day. Because it is made with all-natural ingredients, it is safe to use on a more regular basis.


  • Becomes effective within 30 minutes
  • Safe for children
  • Highly effective
  • Great taste


  • May cause odd dreams

Natural Factors Stress-Relax Tranquil Sleep

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Relax Tranquil Sleep- Like the Olly Restful Sleep gummies, the Tranquil Sleep product from Natural Factors is made with 100% natural ingredients including melatonin, l-theanine, and 5-hydroxytryptophan. All of these work together; melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in our body that regulates sleep cycles, l-theanine is an amino acid that calms our bodies, and 5-hydroxytryptophan comes from amino acids and is a precursor to melatonin. Other natural ingredients include sugar, magnesium stearate, natural fruit flavors, and citric acid. This sleep aid comes in chewable tablet form, and the recommended dosage is 2 tablets before bed.


  • Becomes effective within 40 minutes
  • Highly effective
  • Energetic feeling in the morning
  • Safe for children
  • Relieves anxiety


  • May contain too much sugar/sweetness

Nested Naturals Luna Natural Sleep Aid

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The Luna sleeping pills is all natural and 100% vegan. Like the other natural sleeping pills or supplements on this list, it is non-habit forming and has minimal side effects because it contains no chemicals. The active ingredients in Luna are magnesium, melatonin, GABA, l-theanine, valerian root, lemon balm, passionflower, and hops. Magnesium helps regulate our body’s production of melatonin, and melatonin regulates our sleep cycles. GABA and l-theanine are both amino acids that work to create a soothing effect. Valerian root, lemon balm, passionflower, and hops are all herbs and extracts that calm our bodies. All of these ingredients together result in a product designed to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake up rested. Nested Naturals offers a risk-free, money-back guarantee with the purchase of Luna.


  • Won’t leave you feeling groggy or “hungover”
  • Energetic feeling in the morning


  • May not overcome particularly stubborn sleeplessness
  • Effect may be different each time you take it

Zhou Nutrition Driftoff Premium Sleep Aid

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The Driftoff Premium Sleep Aid works double duty by helping users sleep and easing anxiety and restlessness. These natural sleeping pills are vegetarian and free from any chemical ingredients. Like the Luna sleep aid, the active ingredients in Driftoff are melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, GABA, passionflower, lemon balm, and hops. This product also has the ingredient l-tryptophan, which is an amino acid found in plant and animal proteins that supports the functions of melatonin. All of these ingredients together produce feelings of relaxation and drowsiness. Finally, Zhou Nutrition offers discounts when you purchase two or more of their products together.


  • Won’t leave you feeling groggy or “hungover”
  • Safe for all ages
  • Relieves anxiety


  • May not overcome particularly stubborn sleeplessness

Genius Sleep Aid

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The Genius Sleep Aid has several key benefits that go above and beyond helping with sleeplessness. This product helps decrease anxiety levels, balance moods, detox your body of caffeine, and restore adrenal function. These sleeping pills are vegan and non-habit forming. The major ingredients in the Genius Sleep Aid are melatonin, l-theanine, glycine (an amino acid), inositol (a form of sugar), and rutaecarpine, which is what helps to rid your body of caffeine. Additionally, Pacific Coast Naturals, the manufacturer of the Genius Sleep Aid, offers discounts when you purchase two or more of their products together.


  • Won’t leave you feeling groggy or “hungover”
  • Energetic feeling in the morning
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Highly effective


  • May not work for everyone

What Else Should You Consider When Using Sleeping Pills?

When trying to find a solution for sleeplessness, it is vital to keep your health as your number one priority. Whenever you introduce a new medication to your body, there are risks to take into consideration.

First, what are the side effects of this new drug or supplement and are you willing to see if they manifest in you? This question is most relevant when considering an unnatural sleeping pill because it is more common to experience side effects with the antihistamine pills than natural supplements. The only natural ingredient that has been reported to have side effects is valerian or valerian root, which can bring “hangover” symptoms like headache, upset stomach, confusion, dry mouth, and feelings of anxiety. Furthermore, you should be prepared to experience side effects when trying different products to determine which one works best for you.

Second, will this new drug or supplement interact adversely with your current health conditions or medications? Certain over-the-counter sleeping pills, both natural and unnatural, could create a new health concern or worsen an existing one. It is important to research, and be informed about, any new medication or supplement you are going to try in order to make the safest decision.

Sleeping Pills – Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep, there is help. Both natural and unnatural sleeping pills provide options to remedy your sleeplessness, whether it’s caused by stress or a medical condition. Not all sleeping pills are the same, so it is best to try different products to find a good fit. Keep in mind that sleeping pills are an occasional or temporary solution to sleeplessness, and if your sleeplessness continues, consult a doctor for another course of action.

About Marissa Gvozdenovich Marissa is an English teacher and writer. She enjoys the Florida beach life with her husband and puppy.

There’s no better way to cope with a long flight or car ride than taking a restful nap and waking up when you’ve arrived at your destination. How do you make this possible?

Quick Look at Our Top 6 Picks

First of all, you need to be comfortable—and that’s where the travel blanket comes in.

What are the key considerations when buying a travel blanket?

Here are some of the most important items to consider when you’re shopping around for a travel blanket to accompany you on long, boring trips.

  1. Color & Pattern: For some people, the color and pattern of the blanket don’t matter very much, but for others a pleasing aesthetic is essential. (There’s nothing wrong with preferring a blanket that makes you happy to look at it!) Some travel blankets come in colors and patterns (both feminine and masculine) but many stick to neutrals like gray and navy blue. One of the first things you need to decide on when buying a travel blanket is whether you want one that’s fun or one more drab.
  2. Size: How do you want to wear your blanket? Some people like to just drape a blanket across their laps, but others like to wear it around their shoulders and have enough length to cover their toes. If you’re generally colder, or you have a tough time getting comfortable in vehicle seats, you may want to opt for a longer blanket.
    How tall are you? That’s the second consideration when it comes to size. Taller people need larger blankets, whereas smaller people (and children) can pick one with less fabric.
  3. Material: Blanket materials can range from super soft to more coarse fabrics. Some materials are thinner, and therefore easier to pack and travel with, but bulkier fabrics will keep you warmer. How short are you on space and how important is it to you to have a super cozy experience?

What features do travel blankets have?

Here are some of the special features that a travel blanket might have. Which ones are essential for your travel experience?

  1. Hypoallergenic: Some travel blankets are made of hypoallergenic material that won’t set off the immune systems of anyone using them.
  2. Machine Washable: Not all blankets are machine washable, but you should consider making this feature a must-have if you’re going to be on dirty airplanes or muddy camping trips.
  3. Matching Storage Bag: Some travel blankets come with a storage bag that will keep your blanket clean and dry when not in use. This is particularly important for those who can’t carry too much luggage! Of course, those that don’t come with storage bags can be rolled up and secured with rubber bands.
  4. Pocket: Some blankets include a pocket that can be used to store items during your flight or car ride. This way, you have less of a chance of dropping something on the floor and not noticing because your blanket is in the way.
  5. Poncho Shape: Similar to the infamous Snuggie, some travel blankets are meant to be worn over the neck and shoulders so they stay firmly in place and keep you as cozy as possible.

Which travel blanket is the best?

World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket

View On Amazon

This 100% polyester fleece-knit blanket has a lightweight feel, like a sweatshirt or a fleece jacket. This property means that it is more compact when rolled up, and therefore easier to travel with.

This blanket is four feet by five feet, meaning it won’t be big enough to cover your entire body from the neck down, but it would be great for setting across your lap or giving to children.

It’s machine washable (with similar colors, in warm water, and tumble dried) which is very convenient on germy planes or when traveling with kids.


  • Doesn’t “pill” during washing process
  • Compact
  • Offers great color choices
  • Very good price


  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag
  • Thin and therefore less warm than other options
  • Sheds lint on other surfaces
  • Made of coarse fabric

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

View On Amazon

This polyester blanket is state-of-the-art—it’s small and lightweight, but will keep you warm. Not too warm, however—if you start to sweat, it will wick the moisture away from your skin for a more comfortable lounging experience. At 70×56”, it’s long enough for adults to wear, but of course that means it’s going to be a little pricier than other options.


  • Comes with a high-quality mesh bag with a strap, which ends up being a little bigger than a soda can when in use


  • Doesn’t come in a lot of color choices
  • The material isn’t very durable and may come apart after repeated washing

Cabeau Fold ‘N Go Travel Blanket & Case

View On Amazon

If you’re fidgety and have a hard time getting comfortable, this might be the option for you. This particular blanket can be folded into its storage bag and used a few different ways. It can be a banket, of course, but it can also serve as a neck pillow, a lumbar support, or a seat cushion, meaning that you can adapt to whatever kind of seat you find yourself in.

The material is French microfiber, making for a very soft product that’s also machine washable. It’s 60×36” when unfolded, meaning it may be a little small if you’re on the tall side. When folded and placed in the bag, it measures 12x7x4” and has a convenient handle.

This blanket comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • The material is opaque, so you can use it to block out light while napping


  • Leaves lint on surfaces
  • The Velcro on the handle is low-quality and doesn’t stick firmly

Forestfish Fleece Throw Blanket

View On Amazon

This 100% polyester travel blanket measures 60×40”. With cold water and no bleach, it’s perfectly machine washable, and won’t fade or pill. The edges are neatly sewn for an attractive product. It comes with a waterproof and anti-dust drawstring bag for storage, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty.


  • Very soft
  • Comes in attractive patterns


  • Not long enough to be used as more than a lap blanket
  • The accompanying bag is fragile

Travelrest 4-in-1 Premier Class Travel Blanket with Pocket

View On Amazon

This blanket is poncho-style, meaning it has a slit through which you put your head so it can rest on your neck and shoulders and keep you warm from head to toe. It also features a roomy pocket on the front (think kangaroos) for keeping items while you’re napping or relaxing.

You have a few choices when it comes to this model. You can get a 38×60” blanket or a bigger 40×72” blanket, and you can choose either gray or navy blue. This might not be a lot of color options, but the neutrals should be appealing to most.

The blanket comes with a carrying case with a strap, which has snaps so it can be attached to luggage.


  • Very helpful customer service


  • Carry case snaps and zipper not very sturdy
  • Bulky
  • Sheds lint on surfaces

HappyLuxe Wayfarer Travel Wrap and Shawl

View On Amazon

This is possibly your most stylish travel blanket option, and while it may be a little more expensive, many would agree that it’s worth the price.

The style is particularly feminine, which may not suit everyone. It comes in three colors—black, grey, and pink—and can be used as a wrap, a scarf, or a blanket. At the back of the neck is a hidden pocket meant for air-activated warming pads for a particularly luxurious and cozy travel experience. It measures 72×35” and isn’t bulky when folded.

The micromodal fabric is soft, breathable, lightweight, durable and environmentally sustainable, as well as easy to clean—just machine wash on gentle, with cold water and like colors. It won’t pill or wrinkle!


  • More stylish than other travel blanket options
  • Doesn’t pill or wrinkle
  • Responsive customer service


  • Not as warm as other blanket options due to lightweight construction
  • Feminine style that might not suit all possible users

Best Travel Blanket – Final Thoughts

We’ve reviewed six travel blankets with a variety of features and in a variety of price ranges. Each one is distinct, but they all have been hailed as really solid travel blanket options that are sure to give you a bang for your buck.

What features are on your must-have list when it comes to a travel blanket? Which model are you going to go with? Let us know in the comments below!

About Dabora Dabora is Chief editor at Sleeping Culture. She is a proud mother of two, passionate about sleep and finding ways to live a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

You’ve finally found the right bed. It’s just the right firmness, the right temperature, the right size, and the right price. But there’s one thing you may have forgotten to consider: your pillow.

Quick Look at Our Top 10 Picks

What About Your Pillows?

If you’re happy with the pillows you have, you probably won’t think twice about them.

But if you’re experiencing neck strain or just still not quite comfortable, your pillows may need a second look. Neck and back alignment are critical for a good night’s sleep, and your mattress isn’t the only factor.

Going through the trouble of researching mattresses and neglecting your pillows may leave you to think you’ve bought the wrong mattress, but you may just need to find a better pillow.  Consider upgrading them to complete your restful night’s sleep.

Types Of Pillows

Before spending money on the wrong pillows, investigate the types that are available. Just like your bed, pillows are made from a number of different materials, and each one has unique properties that may or may not be right for you.

  • Down Pillows—made with the “down” feathers of ducks, geese and other waterfowl, they’re comfortable for those who like to “sink” into their pillows. Air circulation may decrease as they flatten, causing heat retention. They must be dry-cleaned, not washed.
  • Down Alternative Pillows—for those who are allergic to natural down pillows, these less-expensive models are washable and as comfortable, but may not last as long as the down.
  • Foam Pillows—the filling could be any combination of latex foam, memory foam or polyurethane, in any number of forms—noodle, molded, shredded, or a combination.
  • Shredded Foam Pillows—polyurethane foam is chopped into small pieces (think sugar cubes) and stuffed into pillow sacks. Because of its shape, it tends to sleep a little cooler, and is very adjustable.
  • Molded foam—exactly as the name implies, it’s one molded piece and can’t be adjusted. It usually has a contoured shape, and is great for people who have neck or back pain.
  • “Noodled foam”—similar to shredded foam, this is a foam that is turned into long noodles. This gives a pillow that’s adjustable and great for stomach and side sleepers.

Kinds Of Pillows

  • Memory Foam Pillows—these can be made with memory foam alone, or a combination of the above three. It offers cushioning, but possibly too much cushion, and may tend to sleep hot as a result. They may also have a strong chemical smell. It’s commonly used for pillows designed to support certain areas, such as back or neck, between the knees or under the stomach.
  • Latex Foam Pillows—like mattresses, they’re made from natural or synthetic latex, and can be more expensive as well as “bouncy.” But they last longer, feel cooler and don’t have the same smell as a memory foam pillow.
  • Polyurethane Foam Pillows—a less-expensive alternative to latex, poly foam pillows are cooler than memory foam but not quite as cool as natural latex. The filling could be shredded or molded foam, and the density is based on how much foam is actually used in it. It may also have a “smell.”
  • Cotton Pillows—cool and natural, everything is cotton, including the filling. They’re not as expensive as some of the other types, but may flatten and not last as long.
  • Polyester Pillows—inexpensive and available at nearly every store that sells pillows, they’re similar in feel to cotton. But they also tend to flatten easily and not last as long.
  • Buckwheat Pillows—made from the shells of buckwheat, these pillows are noisy and don’t respond to movement well. They’re also not washable; to refresh, just leave them out in the sun a couple of times a year. But they are breathable, supportive, hypoallergenic and don’t retain heat, so fans of buckwheat love them.

Now, What Size?

Pillows come in four basic sizes to accommodate each bed:

  • Toddler Pillow, 14″ x 20″
  • Standard Pillow, 20” x 26”
  • Queen Pillow, 20” x 30”
  • King Pillow, 20” x 36”

These are general sizes, and not all manufacturers use them, but the pillow size is usually printed on the package.

Some vendors only offer standard and king, while others will have a full range of sizes. (This is also true of pillowcases.) If you order online, check before you click the “order” button.

Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping like this calls for a pillow that’s soft enough to give you proper neck support without pushing your head up and your neck and back out of alignment.

Lower lofted pillows offer that kind of support that lets you sleep comfortably on your stomach without interfering with back and neck alignment (although heavier sleepers may need a medium loft for comfort.)

Some pillows allow you to remove or add loft to get just the right amount for you.

XTReme Comforts adjustable loft Memory Foam Pillow with Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover

This pillow could easily be classified as a “cooling pillow.” But XTreme Comfort’s CertiPUR-US Certified Foam pillow allows you to add or remove loft as you need it to give you individual neck and spinal alignment in any position. They’re shipped rolled in a vacuum-sealed bag for additional cleanliness. If it does flatten a bit, just refresh it in the dryer for 20 minutes or fluff by hand.


  • Bamboo cover keeps the pillow’s surface cool
  • Hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites
  • Six-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Safe, with no chemical smells or “off-gassing”


  • Dimensions might be larger than normal pillowcase sizes
  • Some users report it “hard” or “sinking”
  • More expensive than other pillows
  • Smell may linger longer

Sable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Sable’s comfortable, adjustable pillow is also CertiPUR-US Certified Foam that’s hypoallergenic. Additionally, it’s made with top-grade materials that include a YKK #3 zipper for a no-stick zip, with 40% bamboo fiber to prevent perspiration. This pillow is also registered an FDA Class 1 medical device, since it offers neck pain relief. With a thick bamboo cover, it’s softer but cushions your neck for a good sleep.  At just $28.99, it’s affordable, too. No wonder it’s an Amazon’s Choice!


  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Adjustable loft for a custom comfort
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No latex foam
  • Removable cover for washing


  • Only available in queen size
  • Some users report chemical smell
  • Pillow may not support as well as others

Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

Like stomach sleepers, good alignment is essential to a comfortable sleep. Low-loft pillows are also good for smaller sleepers, with heavier or average-sized sleepers needing medium lofts. Here are two that can help you do that.

Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow

With a unique stitched center divot, support areas on both sides and unique areas for both large and small necks, this pillow supports your head and keeps it in one place while you sleep on your back. Using a chiropractor/orthopedic recommended design, the high-sided/low centered design also supports your head should you switch to side sleeping. Whether you suffer from injuries or just want to sleep on your back comfortably, this Nature’s Guest pillow is hypoallergenic and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. At $55, it’s more expensive than most pillows available, but designed to keep back sleepers in perfect alignment.


  • Adjustable loft with zippers on both sides
  • Gusseted for better comfort
  • All natural materials, with 100% cotton cover with cotton/wood fiber filling


  • Only available in standard/queen size
  • Not machine washable or dryable; hand wash only

TAMPOR Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo Charcoal Contour Pillow

This contoured pillow boasts an ergonomic design in molded memory foam for cervical alignment. It’s fused with both charcoal and bamboo make for a cleaner, cooler sleep. The TAMPOR is CertiPUR-US tested for quality, durability and content. There’s no off-gassing, because they’re free of the ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, or CFCs. The special contour design holds your neck and head in a natural curve, giving you pain relief as well as helps prevent snoring. The removable airflow cover is washable, and covers both the core and an inside cotton cover.  Natural resources are used to produce a comfortable pillow.


  • Molded natural foam, CertiPUR tested
  • Contoured for natural cervical alignment
  • Washable cover
  • Comes with an extra case


  • Not adjustable
  • Not as comfortable for side sleepers
  • Might be too soft
  • Shipped rolled, may not completely expand

Jiaao Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain

If neck pain relief is your goal, this flatter model may just be what you’re looking for. Soft memory foam combined with firmer foam guarantees proper support along with enough softness. The ergonomic design allows you to sleep better with better spinal alignment. The core is made from CertiPUR-US certified foam, so it’s free from chemicals and is hypoallergenic.  The outer cover is washable, and the inner cover provides moisture wicking and breathability. Priced at just $26, it’s affordable, too.  Jiaao offers a 90-days NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee and a 5-Year warranty.


  • Ergonomically design offers good spinal alignment for back sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemical smells
  • Cover is machine washable


  • Foam core is not machine washable

Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

Adjustable lofts are best if you prefer to sleep on one side or the other (or turn back and forth.) You can either remove some of the loft, or move it around as needed.

Coop’s Adjustable Loft Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

This fully adjustable pillow is an Amazon’s Choice for side sleepers. Inside the bamboo and polyester cover is Coop’s proprietary mix of shredded visco elastic memory foam, removable and adjustable for that just-for-you thickness. CertiPUR means it’s made without the usual chemicals that are frequently found in bedding like flame retardants and VOCs. It’s machine washable, and guaranteed not to flatten.


  • Adjustable, breathable
  • Hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites
  • Shredded foam and bamboo help keep you cooler
  • 100-day guarantee
  • Great customer service
  • Made in the USA


  • Firmer pillow
  • Some off-gassing when the pillow is new
  • A more expensive pillow than most

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow For Side and Back Sleepers With Blue Gusset

Another Amazon’s Choice for “firm pillow” with over 1600 reviews and 43 questions answered. Made from medium-firm polyester gel fiber in a 100% cotton cover, many happy users report that they don’t flatten out like others. Utopia’s Gusseted Quilted offers a firmer support for head and neck for side sleepers, and offer maximum comfort for any position. The pillow is somewhat soft, but not to the point of “sinking.” Like a bed-in-a-box mattress, these pillows come vacuum-sealed and fluff back up when they’re opened and re-inflated.


  • Machine washable and dryable, without losing its loft
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Affordable price point ($29.99 for a pair of queen, $39.99 for king set)


  • Only available in queen and king sizes
  • May be too warm for some users

Best Cooling Pillows

In a class by itself, cooling pillows can work with a cooling mattress to help with temperature regulation. A lot of body heat is generated at the head, and if your pillow doesn’t dissipate that heat, you may find yourself constantly turning the pillow to find a “cool spot.” Cooling pillows will solve that problem by providing breathability and heat dissipation, just like a cooling mattress does.

Bluewave Bedding Super Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

This unusually lower pillow is not only a lower loft for back sleepers, it’s cooling.  The cover is made from 60% polyester and 40% bamboo-derived rayon, and is machine washable (but the foam core isn’t.)  CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is infused with gel particles along with ventilation to help you sleep cooler at night. It’s free from mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. A lower loft and profile can also help alleviate neck and shoulder pain for back or stomach sleepers.


  • Pillow contours to your head
  • Bamboo offers antimicrobial properties
  • Contains no latex


  • Only available in standard size (24″x16″)
  • Not “flippable”
  • May be a little firmer than others

Save&Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Another take on the contour pillow, this model also has a cooling gel layer. Unlike normal memory foam, which can trap heat and sleep hot, Save & Soft’s model is good for back, side and stomach sleepers who need cooling at night. A built-in cooling gel pad prevents overheating that memory foam is known for. Priced at $38, it’s under $50 but offers benefits you normally see in more costly models.


  • Removable cover is infused with bamboo and aloe vera, and hand washable
  • Long-lasting support, maintains its curved shape
  • Hypoallergenic, with no latex
  • Good neck support


  • May not be suitable for side sleepers
  • Slight chemical smell may linger

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Double-Sided Pillow

An Amazon’s Choice for cooling pillow, and priced right at just $24.00 with a three-year warranty. With a 5-inch loft, it’s suitable for back, side or stomach sleepers. Reversible, so you can take advantage of the cool gel panel for warm nights or the memory foam side for cooler evenings. The hypoallergenic performance-knit cover is removable and machine washable, so it’s easy to keep this pillow clean. Open-cell foam technology helps move and dissipate heat. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so it’s resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria and other allergens. The responsive design contours to your head and ensures that your back, neck and shoulders are well aligned to give you the best sleep while keeping you from overheating.


  • Zippered removable cover for easy washing
  • Less expensive than other models
  • Firm
  • Helps with hot flashes and night sweats
  • Also helpful for migraine sufferers


  • May have chemical smells
  • Harder than a normal pillow on the gel side
  • Heavier than typical pillows
  • May not stay cool for a long period of time

Find Your Best Pillow

Even with a mattress that’s just “pretty good,” your bed’s pillows can make or break a good night’s sleep. Whether you need a cooling pillow, a higher-loft one to sleep on your side or a contoured model to support your neck, there is a pillow for every sleeping need. Don’t give up on your mattress until you’ve tried new pillows that are suitable for your sleeping style. We hope this guide will help you find the one that’s best for you.

About Amy ODonnell Amy O’Donnell is a legal blogger and copywriter. She lives in rural Louisiana with her partner, two dogs and a cat, but considers herself a Texan after 18 years in Houston. Amy writes for a number of different genres, including health, technology and legal. You can visit her personal foodie blog over at HeatCageKitchen, where she writes about new trends in food, health, kitchen and occasionally annoying her partner.