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How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Haven


Take a good look at your bedroom. There is a bed, probably a window, perhaps a carpet and a wardrobe, and fluffy bed sheets. We might not be doing as much in the bedroom as we do in the living room or the kitchen, but we spend a lot of time there and it’s important to make it a welcoming and comfortable environment. Here’s what you can do to transform your bedroom into an ultimate sleep haven:

Start with the sounds

It’s no secret that sounds can affect our sleep: certain sounds can help us relax and fall asleep faster while others will keep us awake for hours. There are people who need dead silence in order to sleep peacefully, and if that’s the case with you, don’t hesitate to get yourself good earplugs and keep them on your nightstand. If, on the other hand, you’re not a fan of dead silence, you can always play soft, relaxing music. While some prefer the sound of the ocean or jazz, others can’t fall asleep without a steady stream of white noise, so the sound of a fan or a vacuum cleaner can help them.

Clean the air

It doesn’t matter how peaceful and comfortable you are in your bed if you can’t breathe properly. People suffering from asthma and allergies know the struggle and they are aware of the importance of clean air in the bedroom. Having an effective air purifier in the bedroom will help you sleep better even if you’re not suffering from allergies, but it will do wonders for you in case you do.

Let there be light

There’s no point denying that we sleep better when it’s dark. This is one of the reasons why people who go camping for days say that they sleep better than they do at home, and notice that their sleeping patterns go back to normal. Sadly, there is more to it than just flipping off the light switch on your way to bed: you should slowly set the mood. Leave your electronic devices at least an hour before you actually hit the sack and slowly transition to softer light. It’s a good idea to install light dimmers in the bedroom because they will set the mood for sleeping (and they can make a romantic atmosphere in the blink of an eye). Blackout curtains are also a good idea as are soft sleep masks.

The mattress that matters

At last, we get to the most important part of the bedroom – his Majesty the bed! You should never try to save money in the bedroom by opting to buy a cheaper mattress. A good mattress is one of the keys to getting a good night’s sleep, and if you can’t exactly remember when was it that you actually bought your current mattress, it’s probably time you bought a new one. Fortunately, there are many different mattress types you can choose from, and when you find the one that’s best for you, it will significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

You should never feel guilty for wanting to make your bedroom as comfy and luxurious as possible. Just as there are people who are willing to have top of the notch kitchens and garages, there are those who need great bedrooms. After all, if you’re not sleeping well, other areas of your life will likely suffer as a result, so make your bedroom a real ‘sleep sanctuary’.

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