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Nothing compares to the feeling that comes with sleeping on an air mattress, especially if you own a good one. Knowing that many situations can arise that will warrant you to take a nap or sleep in your car, it is also crucial to have a car air mattress. You would not want to wake up with a severe neck or back pain just because you slept uncomfortably. A car air mattress will give you enough comfort since it is both reliable and convenient to use.

What is a Car Air Mattress?

As the name implies, a car air mattress is a lightweight and inflatable bed used in cars. When deflated, they can be compacted and carried or stored in a small form.

However, a standard air bed cannot work in a car because of its size. It may not fit perfectly into a vehicle. Usually, car air mattresses come in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of car you have. There are ones that can fit into the back of pickup trucks, vans, or SUVs.

Usually, when you are going on a road trip, your car’s back seat needs to be as comfortable as possible, as you may spend the night there. Having a car back seat air mattress will help a lot. First, instead of lodging in hotels, you can comfortably sleep in your vehicle hence saving extra costs. Aside from that, other benefits come with having an air bed.

Why Do I Need a Car Air Mattress?

There is still a need to have an air mattress with you if you often travel on road trips or for other engagements. Here is why you need one;

For comfort: The comfort your back seat will give you does not match the satisfaction you will get from using a car air mattress. You will not have to worry about body aches or neck pains; instead, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to carry on your trip after a night’s rest. Guaranteed comfort is one of the primary reasons why you should buy this mattress.

Handy: A car air bed when deflated takes up tiny room space. It is also lightweight, making it effortless to move around and pack together with your other belongings when preparing for your road trip. The car air bed can be placed on the floor, trunk, or wherever you feel is convenient for you in your car.

Multipurpose: Aside from being used in your vehicle, a car air mattress can also be useful indoors. For example, it can serve as an extra bed for guests or a place where your kids can relax and play. Also, you can take the mattress when you are going into the woods for camping. There are a lot of other examples when having an extra air bed is necessary. If you look for a different type, check other mattresses here. 

Budget-friendly: Another advantage of a car air mattress is that it is affordable. Its price is almost the same with standard air beds. Buying this mattress means you are paying nearly for a product that can be used anywhere, at any time, whether indoors or outdoors. Since it can be used inside your house, you are practically killing two birds with a stone.
Now that you know the different benefits you stand to gain from buying a car air mattress, let us examine the five best car air mattresses. Here we go!

Haomaomao Car Air Mattress

With this car air mattress, you are saying goodbye to boring road trips. Again, be sure to enjoy a perfect night’s rest. The air bed is designed to be laid flat by filling the space between the seat and the floor. Two extra inflatable pillows come with the mattress.

The best part is that you will no longer use an old manual inflatable pump. It can be quite stressful. But having a Haomaomao mattress will put all that stress away as it comes with an automatic quick inflatable pump. So, all you need to do is simply connect the pump to the vehicle and inflate it. Within a few minutes, your bed is ready without the need for laborious manual inflation.

You also do not have to worry about your bed losing air once inflated as the tight double-layer nuzzle has a design that ensures it never leaks air even when you are sleeping.

The car air bed is made with a thick, durable, and PVC material. These materials are not just of high quality; they are light and will never leak. Although the sides of the mattress are wrapped with suede, it is soft and easy to clean.

The car air mattress does not take up much space when deflated. Hence, you can easily carry it around and use it for any other purpose.


  • Made with high-quality material
  • It has an automatic quick inflatable pump
  • Does not lose air once pumped
  • Lightweight
  • Materials are water-resistant and easy to clean


  • None so far

Berocia SUV Air Mattress

This car air mattress is super comfortable as it comes with a lovely flocking surface and a thickened design. The airbed is fast when inflating and deflating, and features the newest special air tap.

Also, it comes with three separate airbags, and you can decide to fold the last bag to serve as a back seat air bed.

One feature that makes Berocia SUV air mattress one of the best is the fact that it is foldable and suitable for use in all cars. That means little attention should be paid to the fact that it has “SUV” attached to it. You can use it even in your trucks and pickups.


  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Comes with three separate airbags
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Fast when inflating and deflating


  • Not perfect for two people
  • Not an ideal choice for people that weight more than 250 pounds

Haitral Portable travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress

This car air mattress comes in four different colors – blue, beige, black, and gray. Weighing about 5.5 pounds, this means it can be easily carried around as well as easy to use. Hence, you can use it when camping, traveling, or going on holiday escapades.

Since it is made with non-toxic, high-quality material, children are safe to use it, as well as adults, the elderly, and even pets. Unlike some car backseat air mattresses, this bed can accommodate two people at once, depending on their size and height.

It is straightforward to inflate and comes with a package that includes an electric air inflator. When it comes to operation, the air mattress is not recommended for more than five hours of continuous use. It is because the bed quickly deflates. So, you will need to inflate often for use.
The air mattress also comes with an air pump, two pillows, and one repair patch kit.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very durable
  • Can be easily inflated
  • Made with high-quality non-toxic material


  • It does not last when inflated
  • The air pump is not reliable.

Smart Speed Car Air Mattress

The Smart Speed Car Air Mattress is suitable for people who travel a lot with kids as it is large and can accommodate more than one person.

Two sections can be inflated separately. You can turn the airbed upside down and place it on the ground to get a sizable inflatable sofa. So, the lower section fills the leg space between the front and back seats whenever you are inside the car.

The coolest part is that the airbed is waterproof. You can even take it with you to swimming and float on it. How cool is that? This particular feature makes it an ideal choice for people passionate about nature and camping.

As regards the package, the car air bed comes with an air pump and two small inflatable pillows. However, note that there is no repair kit, so you have to be careful not to puncture the bed.

This car back seat air mattress is made of PVC, a high-quality, safe, health-wise, durable, lightweight, non-toxic, and temperature-resistant material.

Since the mattress is waterproof, you can easily wash it probably in a lake or a river nearby; allow it to dry up and then fold it. The fact that it is easy to clean will come in handy if you are on a camping trip.

The weight capacity of the air mattress is 500 pounds; hence, it is enough to accommodate two adults or 3-5 kids. Here are some other options for toddler mattresses. 


  • It is made with non-toxic PVC
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Can accommodate more than three kids
  • Comes with an air pump


  • Does not come with a kit repair

Drive Travel Car Inflatable Bed

This car air mattress is designed to give you the comfort you desire. It is made from high-quality PVC that has this fluty feathery feeling. Also, it is wide enough to take up all the backseat of your car. However, it can be short for some vehicles, so it is advisable to take your car measurement before purchasing it.

The mattress is pretty heavy, hence the name “Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress.” It weighs 6.15 pounds, and the maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds.

You can quickly inflate the mattress. It does not take more than 2 minutes to get it ready for use, and you can promptly deflate as well.


  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Easily inflates and deflates
  • Can fold into a small size
  • Made from high-quality PVC
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not easy to carry around
  • Small size, so, cannot fit into some cars

Types of Car Air Mattresses

Car mattress with built-in pump: Car air mattress manufacturers who are seeking to solve some pump problems now design beds with a built-in air pump for easy inflation and long-lasting comfort.

Car mattress with an external pump: This model is different from those with a built-in pump. Here, the car air mattress has an external pump, which can either be manual or electric. One significant advantage of having this accessory included is that it is always readily available.

Multipurpose car air mattress: A multipurpose car air mattress can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are the kind of person that travels a lot or camps frequently, this car airbed is the most suitable for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Air Mattress

Ease of use: Buying a car air mattress when you cannot figure out how to use it is meaningless. Hence, you should buy one that has a built-in pump for inflating and deflating. Aside from that, the mattress should be made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean or at most washable. You will be traveling a lot with the bed; so, buying one that is not waterproof and washable may not be the right decision. It is also advisable to purchase one that has a reversible design, which will enable you to sleep on either side. This way, there will be less wear and tear.

Design and Construction: The material used in designing a car air mattress is another factor to be considered if you want to buy the best. Before purchasing, make sure the mattress is made from a high-quality material that will last longer. Also, the fabric should be comfortable and plush enough to keep users cozy. You will also want a bed that is easy to carry around. Hence, the material should be lightweight to ensure its portability.

Size: Take into consideration the size of your car before purchasing a car air mattress. It will be futile purchasing one if it does not fit in your vehicle. So, always remember to measure the space available in your ride, and use it to select the best car back seat air mattress for you.

Safety rating: It is essential to always check for the safety rating as you will not want to buy an airbed that will deflate a few hours after you have started sleeping. The best car air mattress is one that can last longer, accommodate air for an extended period, and will not pose any health risk.


The importance of having a car air mattress cannot be overemphasized. There are many benefits you stand to gain, but remember to put the necessary factors into consideration before purchasing one.


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