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Better sleep is the primary question that gives rise to the manufacture of mattresses of all kinds. Lack of sleep due to health conditions such as insomnia and body aches affects the mind and the outlook of sufferers towards life. Waterbeds have long been associated with some health benefits due to their construction and design. They are often made of thick vinyl material and filled with water. There are different types of waterbed, each suited for particular needs. Some faithful few say that the undulating movements and the sound of water make them sleep better. If you feel the same way, choosing the right waterbed mattress for your sleep time may be the difference between a peaceful and a crappy rest.

When you start contemplating buying a waterbed or hanging your old one for another, figure out the type your body would most prefer, and if there are any benefits you hope to derive from its use. As a guide towards helping you obtain the right waterbed mattress for you, we have compiled some of these benefits together with the top-rated waterbeds.

Top 5 Waterbed Mattresses

#1 InnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow Wave Mattress

This model is a very much affordable large plastic bladder mattress with thick corners. It is very comfortable, and the undulating movement of the mattress eliminates pressure points. Unlike most conventional waterbeds, the Innomax Sanctuary has its fill area in the middle on the bed bottom. This feature in no way affects the filling and proper functioning of the mattress but just reinforces its uniqueness.

This model is a low tension mattress that gives the body a weightless feel. It does this by relaxing the muscles and evenly supporting the body through the gravity-neutral fluid-filled inside it. You get to experience the support and comfort of water, as well as gentle undulations brought on by movement.

The mattress requires a water heater to provide warmth and maintain body temperature during sleep. With a rigid box frame, you get maximum support while lying on the bed.


  • The surface is thick with 20 mil quality vinyl
  • Fill valve is air and watertight
  • 20 years limited warranty
  • Great price point


  • Off Gassing of the vinyl top
  • Zero wave reduction may reduce sleep quality

#2 InnoMax Genesis 500 Reduced Motion Mattress

Like one customer commented, this is a uniquely constructed mattress that will make you think twice about getting up each morning. For lovers of free flow water beds, this model does not entirely remove the wave motion but just reduces it so you can sleep with a partner and not be disturbed. It is good to note that full firmness is not immediately achieved after filling it to the safety liner level, but will take about 3 – 4 days.

The G500, like all the Innomax Genesis models, features a 20 mil overcut vinyl top, a 4-way tethered support system, and doubly reinforced corner guards. It is a 9-inch hard side waterbed that features three layers of motion control fibers. The fill valve has a pull cap and seal that keeps it watertight to prevent leaking. To enjoy the best of the mattress, endeavor to keep the water fill level below the top of the safety liner.


  • Good lumbar support
  • Compatible with any type of waterbed heater
  • 20 years limited warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • Complaints about it being more free flow than semi-waveless
  • Thin baffles

#3 Boyd 99% Waveless Lumbar Support Mattress

This model is a motion-stopping waterbed that relieves pressure points and results in a deep sleep. Within the mattress are eight layers of fiber that the company claims will reduce the water-induced motion by about 99%. In the real sense, though, the bed may feel less firm when compared to foam mattresses. Check the foam mattresses here. Three of them act as lumbar support, whereas the remaining aid in wave reduction. The high-quality vinyl ensures its durability and works together with the reinforced corners to promote the mattress’s sturdiness. Since it is semi-waveless, Boyd waterbed still provides the necessary lumbar support with an emphasis on spinal alignment.

The waterbed requires a hard side box frame. As an excellent customer service approach, there is a free water conditioner, mattress liner, and a fill kit included when you purchase it.


  • 99% wave reduction
  • Free water conditioner and fill kit
  • 15 years limited warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Quality vinyl improves durability


  • Could be less waveless than advertised

#4 InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Lumbar Support Mattress

Genesis 800 features ten layers of a complete body support system. It is an ultra waveless waterbed because it almost cancels the wave motion that water causes when appropriately filled. This property ensures that the user sleeps soundly and wakes up refreshed.

Innomax G800 has a 24 mil premium vinyl; therefore, it is thick enough to support the body. It is structured to keep the body properly aligned. Depending on your size, the support might be too soft or just right. Its top layer also contours to the body’s shape to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The design of the bottom makes it thermally efficient to undo the warmth absorption notorious with water mattresses. There is an air release valve to free all trapped air inside the foam. When filled with water to the optimum level, this mattress would be all or even more than you wished for.


  • Very little motion
  • Easy to assemble and fill
  • Comfortable surface
  • Affordable
  • 20 years limited warranty


  • The vinyl smell may take long to fade

#5 INNOMAX Genesis 700 Semi Waveless Lumbar Support Mattress

This model is a 9-inch water mattress with an eight-layer mid-body support system. It has reduced water motion as a semi-waveless, which makes it more comfortable and far better than the traditional water beds that continuously move at every body movement. With the lumbar support application, G700 acts as a contouring agent and also ensures proper alignment of the spine as well as the lower back.

The G700 outer shell features 22 mil premium vinyl that provides an excellent pressure-relieving surface and enhances the waterbed’s durability. 2-inch double reinforcement at the corners maintains the usability of the mattress by preventing tears and leakages. At the same time, the tethered support stabilizes the internal fiber to support the user’s weight.


  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Easy to install and fill
  • Great value for money
  • 20 years limited warranty


  • The vinyl smell might be uncomfortable

Benefits of Waterbeds

Backache relief: Waterbeds often come with excellent lumbar support. This property is as a result of the floating-like feel and lumbar support the water gives. Lumbar support is the ability of a structure, like mattresses and chairs, to ensure that the lower back region of the body maintains the correct posture. This property in a waterbed guarantees less discomfort as the spine relaxes, causing the backaches to fade away.

Pressure point relief: Waterbeds can alleviate the amount of pressure on the body during sleep. They also ensure equal distribution of weight across the sleeping surface. It promotes smooth blood flow and makes them great for people suffering from bedsores or body pains or those with arthritis pain.

Sound sleep: It is easier to find a comfortable sleeping position when on a waterbed. Waterbeds work for all sleeping postures making it possible for the user to sleep soundly without tossing and turning. The warmth provided by the heating pad also keeps you cozy and increases your chances of a restful night. For this sake, waterbeds are great for insomniacs.

Hypoallergenic: People with allergies rightly choose waterbeds because they feature polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic bag. Since it is easy to clean and cannot absorb moisture or retain dust, it has a better clean surface than other mattress types.

Primary Considerations for Purchasing a Waterbed

Design: There are two main classifications of waterbeds, hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided waterbeds, otherwise known as free flow mattresses, are the original models. They are a bladder of water with no wave control. The bed is placed on a thick rigid hardwood frame that maintains the shape, and water is filled inside it. They are not expensive and are preferable for some people.

Soft-sided waterbeds are updated versions to the hard-sided. They require no frame support because they come with the needed thickness, but are usable with standard wood frames. The mattress features a smaller water-filled chamber, foam, air pockets, and fiber, which reduces the waves. It is more durable and improves the weight distribution of the mattress. Soft-sided waterbeds can be either waveless or semi-waveless.

Size: The three sizes to note include vinyl thickness, mattress thickness, and room dimensions. The vinyl sizes in the market range from 18 to about 24mil. A 24mil vinyl thickness is about a thousandth of an inch. To ensure your mattress can fit perfectly in your room, measure the size you want carefully. Waterbeds are often 9-inch thickness and available in Queen as well as California King sizes.

Noise: When not filled to the recommended level, waterbeds make splashing sounds that can hinder sleep. Also, the level of water in it determines its firmness.

Price: The price of waterbeds is relatively lower than that of traditional foam and spring mattresses. Yet when you include the essentials needed for adequate care, it may average out. These include liner, heat pads to regulate the bed temperature, water conditioners to prevent molds and protect the vinyl material, and wooden bed frame for the hard-sided mattress. Some brands include a fill and drain kit, a repair kit, and a water conditioner. Soft-sided waterbeds are more expensive than their counterparts too. If price is important for you, there are some mattresses under $500 too.

Warranty: Warranties on waterbeds also vary from 10 to 20 years and cover manufacturing faults. They are often limited, so it is good to check and decide the one you would prefer before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterbeds good for your back?

Despite the challenges associated with waterbeds, which are primarily the heaviness and possibility of leaking, waterbeds are appreciated for their capacity to deliver a relaxed sleep to users. Waterbeds do a great job of keeping the body aligned and relieving pressure points. As such, they are great for the back and the whole body in general. Although a comfortable sleep may have more to do with your sleeping position, it is best to tick off the box that applies to the type of mattress by choosing the one most suitable for you.

Do you have to change the water in a waterbed?

Unless there is a need to relocate your mattress from one place to another, you do not need to change the water. Water conditioners retain the water and keep it fresh. However, since the mattress can be quite heavy when filled with water, it is usually drained and filled back in when positioned at the new location.

How long does a waterbed mattress last?

Waterbeds are as durable as they are comfortable. Some folks claim to have had mattresses that lasted up to 30 years before giving up. On average, a waterbed mattress can last for up to 20 years if taken care of properly. Some ways of caring for your waterbed include cleaning the surface one in a while, using a mattress pad to keep the vinyl surface protected, keeping heavy and sharp objects away from it, and adding a water conditioner to the mattress occasionally. The water conditioner maintains the quality of the water by keeping it free from algae buildup.

Can you put a waterbed mattress on a regular frame?

The old waterbed mattresses were placed on heavy-duty wood frames that could bear the water’s weight adequately. However, the waterbed industry has evolved to producing waveless mattresses that do not require so much water again. As a result, they are usable on general box frames needed for the conventional beds.
It is good to ensure that the frame’s width and length are enough to support the mattress since waterbeds have been known to be a little bit longer and broader than traditional spring and foam mattresses.

Are waterbeds still for sale?

In the 1970s, water beds were trendy and associated with the better things of life. Though many think the popularity has waned, that could not be far from the truth. The health benefits of sleeping on a waterbed mattress have made it still relevant to this day. However, the waterbed of today looks slightly different from when it first became popular. New technologies, such as a heating system and waterbed conditioner, which make them much better and preferable, are continually developed. The mattress now comes in layers of foam and interior fibers that control the water’s wave motions.

Final Thoughts

Die-hard fans of waterbed mattresses concur that once you sleep on a waterbed, you will find it difficult to use any other type. Some will say it is the perfect sex bed. Everyone has reasons for loving what they love, but with waterbeds, their health benefits are primary. With the newly upgraded waterbeds, every need is guaranteed. The leaking waterbeds of old have been improved, and you get what you wish for.


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