Helix Sleep Mattresses Review

Lots of things are customizable these days: You can order a new car in a color you like, with the exact features that you want. You can buy all kinds of personalized jewelry, and of course, you can customize your computer. What you might not realize is that you can have a mattress custom made to order! Helix mattresses are becoming more and more popular, since they are individually crafted according to each customer’s unique needs. Ready to learn more about this intriguing concept? Keep reading for a full review of Helix mattresses.

Helix Mattresses Special Features

Top mattress companies build fantastic beds using lots of special fabrics, foams, and coils. Helix does the same thing, only with a twist: Their mattresses aren’t built ahead of time. Instead, they’re custom-made to order after the customer answers a series of questions about their comfort preferences, their usual sleep position, and more. The sleep quiz takes about two to three minutes to complete – and once the customer opts in, the process of building the mattress gets underway.

What if you and your sleeping partner have different sleep comfort preferences? No problem – you can share a mattress! Helix can customize a two-sided mattress that meets both your needs. If you prefer, the company can build a mattress that combines comfort features for both of you across the entire surface, creating a compromise in mattress form. Helix calls this a “happy medium” mattress.

You might think that a customized mattress would cost a pretty penny. While Helix mattresses aren’t the cheapest ones we’ve reviewed, they’re significantly less than some others. At just under $1,000 for a queen, the cost of a Helix mattress is about average. Dual Comfort mattresses cost $195 more than those that are identical on each side. The company often runs promotions, so consider shopping around a holiday such as President’s Day or Memorial Day, when corporations often give back by offering significant discounts.

Helix Mattresses Materials

Helix mattresses are made in America using three materials, all wrapped in a breathable cover. Since each mattress is customized, there’s a different amount of material in each one – and if you opt for a dual comfort mattress, each side will contain a different amount of each material. All materials used in Helix mattresses are CERTIPUR-US® certified to be free from dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins including from ozone depleting substances.

The base layers and comfort layers are made with high-grade polyfoam in different densities designed to offer varying levels of firmness.

Pocketed microcoils are found in the center of each mattress. These provide some pressure relief while helping to distribute weight evenly and provide a slightly springy feel.

Last but not least comes Helix Dynamic Foam, which offers some characteristics of memory foam and some characteristics of latex, although the company notes that no latex goes into the mattress, so it’s safe for those with latex allergies. This foam cradles the body’s contours while offering a touch of cooling comfort.

There’s just one caveat: people who tend to sleep hot sometimes find that the cooling layer isn’t quite cool enough. If you’re a very hot sleeper, keep this in mind and consider an alternative such as Tanda, Eight, or Muse – these three companies are among the best for hot sleepers thanks to the proprietary technologies that go into their mattresses. At the same time, remember that Helix does have a generous trial period, so you can give this mattress a chance if you like everything else about it!

Helix Mattresses: Models Available

Since every Helix mattress is customized, each one is different. If you decide that this is the mattress for you, the manufacturing process will be guided by the answers you provide when filling out the questionnaire.

Helix Custom Mattresses

All Helix mattresses are 10 inches tall, and all come in the signature blue and white Helix cover – but the similarities stop there. A custom Helix mattress might feel firm, medium, or plush. The company suggests creating blended comfort mattresses for couples with similar needs, or who would like their entire mattress to offer a consistent feel. For couples who have significantly different needs, Helix recommends Dual Comfort mattresses with a customized side for each person.

Helix achieves its personalization process using the results of research on biomechanics and sleep ergonomics. Every individual’s needs are determined based on requirements for pressure relief, support, and desired sleep temperatures. A set of proprietary algorithms is used to combine your personal data with research results, after which an individual mattress design will be suggested. The company notes that its mattresses are like new shoes – a bit stiff at first, and requiring a break-in period that can take up to 30 days.

The Helix personalized mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Helix Mattresses: Compatible Frames and Foundations

Helix offers foundations to go with its mattresses, but it’s not necessary to purchase one unless you’re looking for convenience. The company notes that no foundation is required, but mentions that you’ll need a good, solid support beneath the mattress to prevent it from sagging. They suggest using a Bunkie board atop a box spring in excellent condition, or a platform bed with firm, flat, thick slats no wider than five inches apart. So long as you use a foundation, it’s fine to place your Helix mattress on the floor if that’s your preference.

Helix Mattresses: Setup, Off Gassing, and More

Because Helix mattresses are customized, they sometimes take longer to arrive than mattresses from other companies. The company notes that average delivery dates are between six and ten business days from the date of order. Shipping is fee within the US, and costs C$150 for Canadian customers. The mattress comes to your door in a big blue box with a personalized label on the end. Nice touch!

Once the mattress arrives, the company recommends unboxing as soon as possible, and not leaving the mattress in its packing material for longer than two weeks. The 100-night sleep trial begins on the mattress’s delivery date, so it’s a good idea to start using it right away.

Helix Mattresses aren’t quite as heavy as some others we’ve reviewed, but like every mattress, they are bulky! Be sure to obtain help with setup, particularly if you’re getting a full size or larger. Setup is easy and the instructions are clear: Once the mattress is out of its carton, it should be placed on your foundation or platform bed blue-side down, while still encased in the plastic. The Helix company logo should be positioned at the foot of the bed. After the plastic has been removed, the mattress should take about an hour to expand fully, although the process might take a little more or less time.

As for off gassing, Helix mattresses do tend to emit a new product odor, which can last for a few days. There aren’t many customer complaints about a lingering odor.

Helix Mattresses Trial Period

Even though Helix mattresses are customized using personal details, the company wants to ensure that its customers are comfortable, and that they’re pleased with their purchases. For this reason, there is a 100-night trial period. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you can return the Helix mattress at any time within the first 100 nights of ownership. Helix’s removal partners donate lightly used mattresses to charity in states where this practice is legal; if there’s a problem with the mattress of if donation is impossible, the mattress is responsibly recycled.

Helix Mattresses Warranty

Helix mattresses come with a ten-year limited warranty, which is about average. The foundation comes with a five-year warranty. Helix’s mattress warranty covers materials, workmanship, and defects. Be sure to read the fine print so that you know exactly what is covered.

Need to know more about Helix mattresses? Visit the company at Helixsleep.com. Please reach out with any questions you may have for us. We will be happy to help you!

Photo credits: Amazon.com