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In 2018, people of all ages are giving up over-the-counter sleep aids, coffee, soda, and other harmful chemicals that are often used for an extra boost of energy, or as a way to relax at the end of a long day. Instead, tea has become the beverage of choice to cure just about every health problem a person could have. If you have insomnia or struggle to deal with the commotion of your job ringing in your ears long after you’ve left the office, you need a safe way to wind down. Don’t pour an alcoholic beverage or reach for a cigarette, these habits are harmful to your body and can worsen your sleep problems.

Quick Look at Our Top 10 Picks

For anyone who has ever tried tea and decided they didn’t like it, give it another shot. Green tea and black tea are too bitter for me personally, however if you’ve never heard of any other categories it’s easy to assume that that’s all there is. So where do you start looking? Well, you’ll definitely want decaffeinated or “Sleepy Time Tea” to calm your nerves; most of the time people will drink green tea as a way to feel more energized, so you’ll want to avoid that variety. Before purchasing anything, learn the key differences so that you can make an educated decision for the right choice. If nothing else, you will see a for sure improvement of the way you feel on the inside, and look on the outside.

Few Categories for “Sleepy Time” Teas.

  • Herbal Teas: Surprisingly enough, herbal tea isn’t technically “tea,” since it isn’t extracted from tea leaves. Instead, they’re derived from roots and herbs like Ginger, Hibiscus, Echinacea, Rosehips, and Passionflower. They’re used to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, and are highly recommended if you have difficulties sleeping. Chamomile is considered an herbal tea and is generally used in almost all blends of “sleepy-time” tea. It’s used as a main ingredient to relax your muscles, but sometimes the potency is pressed out of it in order to bring forth the other natural flavors. This way, you keep all the medicinal properties of the Chamomile without an overwhelming presence against your pallet.
  • Green Teas: Most people out there are green tea lovers, the problem is that most green teas are full of caffeine. They’re generally used as a diuretic and as a substitute for anyone who needs to cut back on their coffee intake. Although it contains less caffeine than black tea, you should look for a green tea that is completely decaffeinated if you’re determined to drink it at night. It won’t help you sleep the way herbal tea does, use it in the morning or during lunch to help digest your meal.
  • Black Teas: This tea goes through a more strenuous oxidation process in which the flavor is increased, which is why black tea is so strong. It’s not for everyone, but black tea is incredibly good for your body and tastes great when mixed with other teas. However, it is much like green tea in that it tastes better consumed with a meal and doesn’t really do very much for sleep unless decaffeinated.

Buy Tea with Different Physical Properties

If you aren’t very familiar with tea, those individual packets with the string attached probably come to mind immediately. Believe it or not, there are a few different ways that you can enjoy this popular beverage. The packets are one, but you can also buy tea in a powdered form or in loose leaves and herbs. For the powder, make sure you have some hot water to mix it with; even if you plan on adding ice later or drinking it cold, powder doesn’t dissolve very well in cold water.

Try some of these suggestions so you can work at your optimum performance!

Bigelow Decaffeinated Earl Gray Black Tea

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Bigelow is a well-known and widely purchase brand because of their tasty and aromatic tea flavors. This six pack has a fine mix of bergamot freshly harvested from Italy comes in individual packs in order to keep the tea fresh and ready for bedtime. This tea is so good it can be compared to a Chai Latte from Starbucks!


  • Can be used with a tea diffuser
  • Individual packs keeps flavor within the bag
  • Strong flavor, can be consumed either hot or cold


  • Has a bit of an orange flavor, which you may or may not enjoy
  • Some issues with company delivering variety pack instead of full box of one flavor
  • A bit of a price increase, could be due to demand and tax law changes

Bigelow also offers assorted packs of teas so you can try different flavors, including chamomile. Decaffeinated tea is the perfect remedy for your insomnia, spray some of your favorite essential oil around your room for added relaxation. Try the French vanilla decaf or the cranberry apple if you’re not into straight black tea, it adds a smoother sensation to your palette and relaxes your stomach.

Twinings of London Wild Berries Herbal Tea

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Herbal teas have a little more popularity over black teas because of the many varieties available. Almost all herbal teas are decaffeinated and have an abundance of antioxidants to boost your immunity health. Made with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, the sweet, calming flavor will help you fall asleep within minutes. The smell of rosehip, hibiscus, orange leaves, apple, licorice root, and roasted chicory root will fill your home and serve as a natural air freshener.


  • Can be purchased in a 20 or 25 pack if you’d like more
  • Only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to brew completely

This tea goes well with a slice of lemon and some honey, not that it doesn’t have plenty of flavor on its own! Personally, I can drink raspberry flavored teas all day long, they make my body feel balanced, energized, and well rested.

Organic Rose Chamomile Lavender Herbal Tea

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Chamomile and Lavender have incredibly strong relaxation properties and tend to be a favorite among consumers for a variety of different products, including tea. Instead of individual packets, this tea comes in a larger quantity that can be portioned out to whatever strength you choose! Lavender is popular for its ability to reduce anxiety and relax your nervous system, which are common reasons for lack of sleep. The Chamomile is a natural sleep aid, while the rose helps to improve skin and hair. This mixture also includes rosehips and rose tea for an added infusion of fragrance and flavor. Rose tea is especially helpful in reducing the effects of aging, helps with weight loss, and eases the pain of a sore throat.


  • Loose tea allows for better portioning
  • Contributes as a preventative for diabetes
  • Chamomile also works well to relieve menstrual cramps


  • Taste might be too bitter for some people

Other than the varying opinions on taste, the Organic Rose Chamomile Lavender Herbal Tea works very well for helping you fall asleep. In general, the rose and the lavender will leave a huge impact on your health; you’ll start to look and feel better within a matter of days thanks to the antioxidants and the extra rest you’ll be getting.

Mom’s Supplement Tea Formulated for Sleep

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  • Infused with vitamins B12, C, E, D3, Melatonin and Omega 3’s
  • Tastes good on its own, no sweetener necessary
  • Helps to prevent illness


  • Very little in quantity when compared to the price

One very common reason some people don’t like tea is the fact that green and black teas happen to be somewhat bitter. Dr. Mom’s Tea boosts the immune system, and if you’re skeptic, this tea tastes a little different than what you’re probably used to. It’s not bitter, and it will knock you out within 20 to 30 minutes, so make sure it’s close to bedtime before you make a cup. For a strong iced tea, you’ll need to use double the amount that you would for hot tea and be sure to strain it thoroughly.

Organic Mint Green Tea

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Herbs like mint can create allergic reactions for some people, so be sure you keep some Benadryl on hand in case you’ve never tried mint before. However, it’s not very common for people to react to this kind of tea, so you should be safe drinking it. If this tea isn’t strong enough for you, just strain a bit more and add some honey and lemon, this trio is an often used ailment for insomnia and restlessness. Since this is mint green tea, it shouldn’t give you a zing of energy or wake you up, mint is meant to create a mellow, calm environment.


  • Loose leaf so you can decide how much you want to brew
  • Excellent for sleep problems related to muscle cramping and tension


  • Quantity of product isn’t very much for the price
  • Need to use too much product to increase the flavor

Hot tea is typically how people like to end their evening, but if you prefer an iced drink try this Organic Mint Green Tea imported all the way from Morocco! Blended with Jade Citrus Mint, Spearmint, and Peppermint, this refreshing tea will open up your airways to create the perfect mood for meditation. If you drink a strong cup, that meditation appointment just might turn into a nap.

Yogi Caffeine Free Herbal Soothing Caramel Tea

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You’re probably surprised to see a caramel flavored tea, they’re a rare find, luckily a reputable and regularly purchased brand like Yogi happens to have it! The rich flavors of Chamomile, Rooibos Leaf, Chicory Root, Skullcap Leaf, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and several other unique additions create and unusual but pleasant flavor.

You won’t experience the same type of grogginess or “overslept” feeling that you may normally experience; you’ll sleep peacefully and wake up ready to take on the day.


  • If you were disappointed when Teavana closed its doors, Yogi is an acceptable substitute
  • Promotes diuretic health
  • A healthier option than pharmaceutical or over-the-counter sleep aids


  • Smaller sizes don’t seem to have very much product, but you can order a larger size

 Yogi’s tea is robust, don’t try to work or drive a vehicle after drinking it as the potency could be very strong for some. Make sure you have at least eight hours dedicated to uninterrupted sleep after drinking this tea so you can get the full effect.

Goodnight Relaxing Chamomile Infusion

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As you’ve probably noticed by now, Chamomile is used again and again in most herbal mixtures. This doesn’t mean they all taste or smell the same though, the compound of Apple, Lemongrass, Fennel, Caraway Balm, and Cacao Nibs gives a hint of sweet and sour mixed with a fruity aftertaste. A teaspoon per cup is just enough to get the comforting outcome you hope for when you’re desperate for a solution to your insomnia. The Goodnight Relaxing Chamomile is noticeably concentrated, so a little goes a long way, and the amount you receive is definitely worth the price.


  • Artisan tea that promotes the support of small farmers
  • Loose leaf allows you to decide how strong your tea will be
  • You can steep the same tea multiple times


  • Flavor might not be what you expect from a regular Chamomile tea

While this tea happens to be great for rest, the taste isn’t for everyone. It’s incredibly strong, and the distinguishable mishmash of different flavors is nothing like other teas you’ll find on the market. If you’re hoping for a traditional taste, try a simpler Chamomile without herbs and other teas added to it. Otherwise, the Goodnight Relaxing Chamomile is right for the person who has tried other teas and still can’t get to sleep. This might be the break you need to get your ZZZ’s.

Oolong Ali Shan Taiwan Mountain Tea and Pure Da Yu Ling Tea

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Oolong tea is popular for weight loss and speeding the metabolism to improve nutrient absorption, but it’s also relatively unknown that it can also be useful for getting a decent slumber. For maximum results, go for a run or partake in your usual workout routine. Then, enjoy your snack or meal with a big cup of Ali Shan Oolong tea and relax. You should start to nod off about twenty to thirty minutes after you’ve finished your drink.


  • Promotes a healthy liver
  • Loose leaf so you can make it as strong as you’d like
  • Lasts over two years unopened if you choose to buy in bulk


  • Tin can may not be good for storage, oxidizes and could cause the tea to rot if any type of moisture gets inside

As a precaution, I would recommend removing this tea from the can and placing it another air-tight container, glass is a good substitute. If you don’t want to use glass just use a sealable plastic container and keep it in a cool area, cold temperatures reduce the chances of consumable products spoiling, whether it be tea, meat, or vegetables. It’s more likely to last longer and taste fresher when stored properly. With very few cons, the Oolong Ali Shan Taiwan Mountain is a reliable purchase that won’t disappoint when it comes to your sleeping needs. If you plan on using it to lose weight, make sure you adjust your diet and exercise accordingly, shedding excess pounds can help you breathe better at night and sleep more deeply.

Caffeine Free White Mulberry Tea for Blood Sugar Balance

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This caffeine-free white tea attaches to excess sugar in your body and helps it to pass through as waste rather than being absorbed as fat.


  • Great results for anyone who is diabetic
  • One tablespoon is enough for a strong drink
  • Harvested from small farmers, buying this tea supports small business


  • Mulberry is an acquired taste, may be too strong for some

If you’ve never tried Mulberry and you aren’t sure whether or not you’re going to enjoy this tea, purchase a small amount first. Every now and then we run into foods that we don’t really care for at first, but after trying it a few times it starts to grow on you a little it. This is a regular occurrence with mulberry and mulberry teas, the initial taste might put you off, but after a few sips it somehow becomes more enjoyable.

Organic India Tulsi Wellness Sleep Tea

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Do you pick up viruses and get sick easily? If you do, it’s likely a combination of a weak immune system combined with lack of proper rest. The Organic India Tulsi Wellness Sleep Tea is a direct path to improving both areas of your health! This blend is completely different from the others listed above, they include special ingredients such as Brahmin, Ashwagandha, Krishna, and Vana. Anxious people tend to have trouble falling asleep, so if your mind is bouncing off the walls, have a cup. This tea is also blended with Morning Glory, Holy Basil, and of course Chamomile.


  • Organic, no GMO’s or harmful chemicals
  • Helps to digest your food
  • Relaxing properties encourage deeper sleep


  • Some packs of this tea have arrive with packets missing
  • Might have a perfume-like aroma

The only real negative with this tea is that there have been several people who have reported receiving Organic India Tulsi Wellness Sleep Tea boxes with packs of seventeen or eighteen instead of twenty five. So hold onto your receipt and packaging because you’ll need it to make an exchange or receive your money back. Aside from that, this tea is also Kosher and gluten free, which are two things that are often difficult to find in your regular grocery store. Imported all the way from Mumbai, India, you’ll be satisfied with this exotic organic tea.

Don’t Settle for One Kind of Tea, Switch it Up

Once you start drinking tea for sleeping you might end up loving the flavor you have, which is great! Obviously you want to enjoy your nightly ritual, and we all need a routine. However you should try to rotate through different tea flavors so that you aren’t consuming too many of the same nutrients every single day. You’ll probably end up finding a few kinds to keep on hand for purposes other than sleeping. Tea is a natural, versatile, medicine that has the ability to help diabetics keep their blood sugar in check, get rid of bad cholesterol, promote healthy weight loss, and hundreds of other uses. Take advantage of the healing properties; sleep is important, but taking care of other areas of your health will give you the results you want much faster.

Tea and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand

You’re probably wondering what on earth losing weight has to do with sleeping, but it actually makes a huge difference. Extra pounds can put pressure on your heart, lungs, and other organs, which in turn slows down your circulation. Your heart works much harder to pump blood through your body, even while you’re at rest, which is why some people have high blood pressure. You’re more prone to issues like sleep apnea because fat around the lungs, esophagus, and chin obstruct your airway, sometimes completely cutting off oxygen to your lungs. If you happen to be overweight or obese, and wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’ve been suffocating, this could be the reason why.

Green Tea and Oolong Tea Work as a Team

Green tea and Oolong tea are commonly used for working up the energy to get off the couch and move along with helping to shed those pounds. Consider adding it as breakfast or lunch beverage, then drink your night time tea right before bed. Do some experimenting to see what works for you, there’s always the possibility of creating your own once you get more familiar with the vast and interesting world of tea.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


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