There are tons of great mattress reviews online, and plenty of review videos made by people who receive free or discounted mattresses in exchange for their unbiased opinions. We decided to take a different track. Our mattress reviews save readers time and effort by offering in-depth information based on unbiased opinions from real consumers with verified purchases.

There’s more: we want to know how people like their mattresses once the newness has worn off a bit. Most people know that new mattresses are a lot like brand new shoes: They take some time to break in, and when someone goes from one mattress style to another, there’s an even greater adjustment period. The new mattress that feels too hard during the first few weeks might feel just right after about a month. On the flip side, the fantastic memory foam mattress that felt like it offered the perfect temperature during the winter might leave its owners sweating uncomfortably through hot summer nights. That’s why we crowdsource our reviews with opinions from hundreds or even thousands of individuals who have been sleeping on these mattresses for months or even years. We want you to know what it’s really like to own one of these mattresses!

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Besides information on sleep trials, warranties, construction, and available models, our mattress reviews highlight important factors such as heat retention, edge support, off gassing odors, and much more. While we point out positive factors about each mattress we review, we also strive for objectivity, discussing known trouble spots. If, for example, a mattress tends to sleep hot, we say so – and we suggest alternatives that might be better for someone who wants a mattress with cooling technology built in.

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Everyone has different needs and there are lots of mattresses being sold online these days. If you’d like us to review a brand that’s not listed here, simply contact us and we’ll do our best to conduct the necessary research. Now that you know how we create our mattress reviews, we invite you to take a look around. The better informed you are, the more likely you will be to find a great mattress on your first try.