Best Mattress for Sex

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you might be wondering which type to get. Of course, it’s important to figure out what the best mattress is overall. You likely have certain factors that are at the top of your list.

Additionally, you might be asking, “What is the best mattress for sex?” This is a very critical question if sex is a part of your life. You don’t want to get a mattress that is going to take away from your intercourse experiences.

Shopping for a mattress for sex isn’t completely different from shopping for a mattress for sleep. Still, there are some mattresses that are better for making love. There are also special considerations you should make when finding a mattress for sex.

Quick Look at Our Top Pick:

Editor’s Choice
Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Our Top choice is Nectar’s Memory Foam Mattress due to its advanced technology,  breathability and  overall level of comfort.
  • Good combination of comfort and support
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Good cooling
  • Motion isolation properties
  • Affordable

No matter what kind of purchase you’re making, it’s a good idea to take your time. Don’t rush into it. Do your research to make sure you’re getting what you’re truly wanting.

Before buying a mattress, you should look into reviews and consider some important factors. We’ve outlined five of the best mattresses for sex. We have also gone into detail about the various aspects you and your partner should think about. For example, you might want a bouncier bed or a quiet one.

What Should I Consider When Shopping for a Mattress for Sex?

There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to mattress shopping in general. Of course, there are different things to keep in mind if you’re looking for a mattress for sex. Before buying a mattress for sex, be sure to do your research on the sleeping side of things too. For now, we’re focusing solely on the factors you need to consider when you’re shopping for a mattress for sex.

Note that some of these are based upon your personal preferences. Be sure to figure out which of the following is most important to you so that you can look specifically in that area.

In addition to thinking about your own preferences, talk to your partner about what they would like in a mattress. This will make sex more enjoyable for both of you. Take a look at your current mattress and compare it to what you would like to have. This can help you to make an educated decision on the type of mattress to buy.

Bounciness: You will want to look for a mattress that can rebound. This means that it won’t sink down as you press against it. It will be able to work with your body, which will make everything go more smoothly. This helps with keeping a rhythm as well.

Responsiveness: Some mattresses take a while to bounce back after you make a movement. A responsive one will stay stable while you’re having sex. If your mattress isn’t responsive to your motions, you will feel as if you’re sinking. This isn’t a good feeling if you’re sleeping, and it especially isn’t helpful during sex.

Durability: This is one of the most important factors of a good mattress for sex. Sex puts a lot more wear on a mattress than sleeping does. Because of this, you will need a mattress that is durable. Keep in mind that durable mattresses can be more expensive, but a pricier one will mean that you’ll be replacing it less often.

Look at reviews to see how long people have been able to use their mattresses for. This should give you a good idea of how durable a mattress is.

Material: As with all mattresses, there are a number of different materials to choose from. Be sure to choose one that can keep you comfortable while sleeping. Some of the most popular mattress materials include the following:

  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Hybrid
  • Innerspring

Which one you choose depends on your preferences. Latex mattresses are durable, bouncy, and hypoallergenic. Memory foam mattresses are firmer, but they can provide support and traction. Hybrid mattresses are known for having cooling layers, which work to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Finally, innerspring mattresses are bouncy, but they’re noisy.

Reviews: The 7 Best Mattresses for Sex

Before you buy a new mattress, it’s a good idea to look at reviews of the best ones. We’ve found some of the mattresses that work the best for your more intimate moments while providing a comfy place to fall asleep. Be sure to keep your own preferences in mind as you take a look at each of these mattresses.

All of the mattresses that made this list are good choices, especially when it comes to having sex. Some are definitely better than others, but none of them are terrible! Any of them can work perfectly for you and your partner.


The Nectar mattress gets excellent marks for comfort, but how does it stack up when compared with others in the “best mattress for sex” category?

As it turns out, this mattress is a fantastic choice. Constructed with four layers of Nectar’s adaptive Hi Core memory foam, it offers a good combination of support and responsive rebound.

Nectar’s breathable Tencel cooling cover wicks away heat, keeping you comfortable whether you’re making love or sleeping on a warm summer night.

Nectar mattresses come in just one firmness, which the company describes as “just right.” It’s a 5.5 to 7.5 rating on a scale of one to ten, with one being soft and ten being firm.

While it might be a little too soft for some people and a bit too hard for others, most people find that it feels very comfortable, with plenty of back support.


  • 365-night trial
  • Forever warranty
  • Fits any foundation or platform
  • Cooling gel layer plus cooling cover


  • Costs a touch more than some other mattresses

DreamCloud Sleep

If you find the concept of a slightly bouncy hybrid mattress appealing, you’ll want to take a closer look at the DreamCloud Sleep mattress.

With eight layers that combine to provide plenty of supportive comfort, it features a tufted cashmere Euro top for ample air flow, along with a cooling gel memory foam upper layer.

Underneath is a pocketed coil support core, which is nestled between layers of latex and memory foam, which helps keep your spine aligned while you’re sleeping, and prevents you from sinking into the mattress whether you’re watching a movie in bed or having some one-on-one time with your partner.

The DreamCloud Sleep mattress has a medium-firm feel that the company describes as “luxury firm” or a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The inner core is divided into five comfort zones to support your entire body, whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.

Like many other online mattress companies, this one offers easy financing. A 365-night trial combines with DreamCloud’s Everlong warranty, which provides protection from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the mattress.


  • Responsive, bouncy feel makes this mattress ideal for sex
  • Good level of airflow for cool comfort
  • Isolates motion better than some other hybrid mattresses
  • Luxurious comfort at a surprisingly competitive price


  • Very little edge support

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress

The Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress is a great choice if you’re looking for a mattress for making love. This is the one that we consider the best memory foam mattress for sex. It works well and is comfortable at the same time.

It’s made up of three different materials including memory foam, Gel-Max memory foam, and foam. It’s 10 inches thick in total, leaving you with plenty of cushion. It also has a 10-year warranty, which gives you the nice peace of mind you might have been looking for. It’s also on the lower end as far as price goes.

This mattress comes in every size from twin to California king, so you shouldn’t be limited there.

Memory foam can be hit or miss when you’re looking for mattresses for sex. This one has the perfect firmness for sleeping and sex.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 10 inches thick
  • Comfortable
  • Variety of sizes
  • Affordable


  • Memory foam isn’t for everyone

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

The Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is another good option if you like memory foam mattresses. As mentioned, memory foam doesn’t always work for couples who are having sex. It’s functional for this mattress though!

An added bonus is that this mattress is completely made out of foam, so it doesn’t creak. It barely makes a sound, so it’s worth considering if you have other roommates or anyone staying at your home.

The firmness is very comfortable and perfect for sex. You can also flip the mattress and use either side. Its cooling system comes in handy when things are getting steamy.

It comes in every size, so you don’t have to worry about that. You get to try it for 120 nights before making your decision, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The price is a bit higher than the previous option, but it’s still very affordable.


  • 120-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet
  • Cooling system


  • Memory foam isn’t for everyone

Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Mattress is made out of Avena foam and memory foam. This combination makes for a firm mattress, but it’s still very comfortable. The Avena foam is optimal for sex, because it provides bounce and durability. It might even be bouncier and more durable than latex options.

One of the best things about the Leesa Mattress is that it is bouncy like an innerspring mattress, but there is no noise.

This mattress comes with a 100-night trial, which gives you plenty of time to test it out and make sure it works for you! It has a 10-year warranty as well. It comes in all sizes, from twin to California king.

The price is higher than our first two favorites, but with the features that the Leesa has, it should be worth the extra money.


  • Somewhat affordable
  • Bouncy but quiet
  • Durable
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Range of sizes


  • Memory foam isn’t for everyone
  • Might be too bouncy for some users

Casper Mattress

Casper is quickly becoming a well-known mattress company, so you may be wondering if their mattresses are good for sex. We’re happy to report that they are!

These mattresses are made out of a unique type of memory foam. This provides a mid-range level of firmness. Because of this, you should be able to experiment with positions and feel comfortable no matter what. It responds quickly to motion, which can help when it comes to changing positions.

It has a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. These two combined will provide you with the mental comfort you need when making this major purchase. This mattress is a little bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it.

It comes in all sizes. There are additional options, such as the mattress with a foundation or with an entire sleep set.

The Casper Mattress was constructed with open-cell foams. This technology helps to keep users cool, which is essential during sex.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night trial period
  • Unique memory foam
  • Medium firmness


  • Pricier than some of the other options

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is made of three layers of latex, which provide a soft place for you to sleep. This is done while keeping the bed nice and firm. This combination helps to ensure that you are able to move around without sinking. It provides exceptional support without any added edge support. This is an bonus if you’re shopping for a mattress for sex.

You have a few choices when purchasing this mattress. It comes in every standard size, from twin to California king. You can also get a split option in the biggest mattress sizes.

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is on the less affordable side, which can be a major drawback for some users. Another downside is that the company doesn’t advertise their warranty and trial information.


  • Soft but firm
  • Variety of sizes
  • Split options
  • Supportive


  • Expensive
  • No warranty or trial information

In addition to the above, you will want to think about some general mattress factors. This will help you to find the best mattress for sleep and sex.

Additional considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Price: It’s a good idea to set a budget before you begin looking for a mattress. Come up with a reasonable price range that works for your financial situation. Be on the lookout for sales as well.
  • Size: Make sure the mattress you are buying is the correct size for your bed frame. This may seem obvious, but it can be overlooked. Not all mattresses come in every size.
  • Brand: There are decent mattress companies that aren’t well-known. You can also go with the more popular brands. It truly depends on your preferences.
  • Warranty: Some mattresses come with a warranty and others do not. Some have shorter or more limited warranties as well. Though they are not a necessity, warranties can give you a peace of mind about your purchase.
  • Trial period: Some mattress companies will offer a trial period. You can use the mattress for a given amount of time to make sure it fits your needs.
  • Thickness: Mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses. This is based on your preferences, so it can be tricky to figure out which thickness you like. If you’re in doubt, look for a mattress of medium thickness.

Before you go shopping for a mattress, sit down with your partner and rank these factors in order of importance. This should help you to know what to look for.

Final Thoughts

We chose the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress as our favorite because it has the most benefits for the best price. It’s the least expensive on this list, but it’s definitely durable and can last for years.

Of course, all of the mattresses we chose are excellent options for sex. They can bring additional comfort to your intimate moments. Some can even make the whole process work more smoothly.

These mattresses are versatile and can be used for sleep as well. You can get a good night’s sleep on any of the beds we found. You don’t have to choose between a mattress for sex and a mattress for sleep.

While you take a look at these mattresses, don’t forget to keep your own preferences in mind.

For example, if you have another roommate or kids in your home, you will want a quieter mattress. This won’t necessarily apply to all users though!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of the mattresses on this list. They can all benefit you and your partner’s sex lives and bring you closer together.

Be sure to keep the previously mentioned considerations in mind when shopping for a mattress for sex. These will help to make sure you get the perfect mattress for you and your loved one.


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