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Whether you’re planning to take the family on a road trip with your new RV, or your upgrading your current recreation vehicle, it can be hard to find a mattress that fits the space you have. RVs come in all shapes and sizes, as do mattresses! Keep reading to find the best RV mattress for your next road trip.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks

Finding the Best RV Mattress Checklist

Let’s brainstorm a bit before searching mattress after mattress online. Take a look at what you need to know before searching for the best mattress for an RV.

  • Sizing: What kind of space does your RV have? Some RVs require shorter mattresses, which would greatly minimize your search. Can you fit a full-sized bed in your RV or would a cot size work better?
  • Sleepers: Who’s sleeping in the mattress? Is this a mattress for the kids or the parents? Also, what’s the weight of the sleepers? A thicker mattress would work better if you need to distribute more weight.
  • Luxury: Do you own a luxurious RV, or are you just looking for the best deal? Are you buying for an experience, or just for necessity?
  • Climate: Do you tend to travel to humid climates? Is there air conditioning in your RV? Many mattresses incorporate cooling gel that could be beneficial for a best night’s rest on the road.

RV Mattresses – Our Top Picks

LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This LUCID gel memory foam mattress is made to keep you cool at night. It’s 5 inches of dual layered technology to incorporate all the qualities you want in a mattress for your RV.

This memory foam mattress is composed of 2 layers: a 1 inch ventilating cooling layer and 4 inches of a supportive base. Built with open cells, this memory foam is made to last longer than the average. The gel infused into the memory foam makes sure the mattress doesn’t get too hot while sleeping, a great feature if you’re sleeping in a tight space like an RV. This also gives a softer feel to the firm mattress.

It comes with a polyester cover that’s breathable, and adds a layer of air between you and the mattress.


  • Comfortable
  • Great price
  • Doesn’t hold heat


  • Slight odor at first

Live and Sleep Ultra Full

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This medium-firm mattress is a bit more pricey than the LUCID mattress, but also more substantial. Being 12 inches thick, this mattress may be better for those that have more trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Made out of memory foam, the Live and Sleep Ultra Full is designed to give the perfect contour to your body.

With an extra-thick profile, this mattress will bring a resort like feeling to your RV. It has 8.5 inches of high density support base, which will help support your spine, hips, and shoulders during the night. Next there’s 1 inch of gel infused Visco to help create a more breathable mattress, especially for a hot RV. The top layer is 2.5 inches of premium air flow memory foam that brings a cushion to make your sleep more comfortable, and to relieve pressure points.

It comes with a removable cover, which is great for washing after long road trips in an RV!


  • Relieves back pain & help soothes chronic pain
  • Great price for the quality
  • Contours to body
  • Great as RV mattress upgrade


  • Heavier mattress

Fortnight Bedding Cot Mattress

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This mattress is for those that may not have the most room in their RV. It’s 6 inches thick, and 20 by 74 inches. Completely made out of memory foam, the bottom of this mattress is made of 4 inches of high density memory foam to provide support. The top 2 inches of memory foam are gel infused to control the temperature while you sleep, and to provide pressure relief. The foam is designed to mold to your body, making it perfect for any sleeper and sleeping position.

While your RV is moving or in place, it may not be the best support for a mattress. Unlike an old spring mattress that creaks and squeaks, this mattress will not make a sound while your RV is in motion, or when you move at night.

It comes shipped in a box under 20 pounds, so it’s easy to get through your small RV door.


  • Keeps cool at night
  • Comfortable for side & back sleepers
  • Great support for back & hips


  • On the firmer side
  • Lack of edge support

DynastyMattress Queen RV Mattress

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DynastyMattress specifically has mattresses for your RV! This mattress is a Queen RV, but they also have Full RV and King RV to suite whichever mattress size you’re in the market for. The Queen RV mattress is 10 inches of memory foam, ensuring your comfortability while you’re on the road.

This mattress is constructed with 4 layers of high-end memory foam, and specifically made to keep your sleep cool at night. It’s made of 2.5 inches of HD gel memory foam to support pressure relief and make sure heat isn’t trapped in the memory foam. The next layer has 2 inches of cool airflow and then 2 more inches of cool airflow foam support to support the weight of your body while giving a light airy feeling, instead of a sinking one. The last layer is made of 3.5 inches of high density foam to give the support your body needs and to make the mattress have a medium firmness.

It comes with a luxurious white cover that’s washable, so you can keep your mattress clean!


  • Keeps cool at night
  • Memory foam cushions hips & shoulders to relieve pain
  • Comes with comfy pillows


  • Heavy
  • Slight odor at first

Live and Sleep Resort Class RV Queen

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This Live and Sleep mattress is 8 inches of memory foam to fit your RV sized space. Just like most Live and Sleep mattresses, it’s built to contour to your body.

Different from the other Live and Sleep mattress above, this one is medium plush instead of medium firm while also being a little thinner. This memory foam mattress has 7.5 inches of high density support core base to give support to a thinner mattress. Then it has 2.5 inches of a premium memory foam comfort layer.

It also comes with a soft, removable fabric cover to keep your RV mattress clean from any road trip adventures.


  • Great price for the quality
  • Comfortable for side & back sleepers
  • No odor
  • Fits perfectly in RV


  • May be too soft for some

What Else to Consider When Buying an RV Mattress

The best mattress for an RV is ideally the best mattress for your best sleep and the space. However, there are a few qualities of mattresses you may want to make sure keep priority on your list.

  • Buy a box mattress: RVs are convenient ways to road trip across the country, but they are built exactly for that. Depending on the type of RV you may have, the doors may not be large enough to fit a full-sized mattress. Buy a box mattress, and open it up within the RV.
  • Buy a mattress cover: Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular, and all the mattresses on the list above contain memory foam. However, memory foam is prone to mold. Buy a mattress cover that will keep out any moisture, so no matter the climate you drive in, your mattress is safe.

Even on the road, your sleep matters! Make sure you’re buying a mattress that allows you to enjoy your road trip, and make your RV feel like home.


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