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Some view sleep as nothing more than a luxury, but the fact is that deep, restorative sleep plays a vital role in wellness. Whether you’re fighting insomnia, looking for the best sleep position, or searching for facts about sleep and the many important things it does for your body, sleep blogs are a great source of information. There are a lot of good blogs to choose from, so we’ve done the footwork for you and uncovered a variety of interesting resources, all in the name of helping you enjoy the restful slumber your mind and body crave. Ready to sleep better? Our guide to the top sleep blogs will help you take your nightly snoozing to whole new heights.

Sleep Dallas

With resources for sleep apnea sufferers and others who don’t get quality rest, Sleep Dallas offers insight into a number of sleep-related topics ranging from alcohol consumption to snoring and beyond. Stories about sleep’s relationship to athletic performance, childhood brain development, and aging are among readers’ favorites. Sleep and weight gain, relationships, and depression are a few more popular topics. Even if you’re not a local, you’ll find that this Dallas-based sleep expert offers sound advice.

Snooze Ez

Wondering how to fall asleep fast? Curious about caffeine’s relationship to sleep? These are just a couple of topics we uncovered at Snooze Ez. This site covers plenty of serious subjects such as mattress longevity and sleep apnea, but they balance the sober content with fun topics such as lucid dreaming and more. With such a wealth of information to share with readers, it’s no surprise that Snooze Ez is among the proud recipients of the coveted Top 50 Sleep Blogs Award.

Doctor Steven Park


What does Vitamin D have to do with sleep? How about allergies? What causes restless legs, and why do some people grind their teeth at night? Dr. Steven Park and renowned guests including Dr. Mack Jones, Dr. Stasha Gominak, and other sleep experts dig deep into the fascinating world of sleep science, bringing readers and listeners insight into common sleep problems and how to solve them. Dr. Park is the author of Sleep, Interrupted, which is a guide to understanding sleep disorders and underlying medical conditions with the goal of sleeping better so your body rests and heals. Book reviews and an informative podcast are just a couple of useful resources waiting to be discovered on this exceptional, award-winning sleep blog.

Sleep Matters


While Sleep Matters is based in Australia, you don’t have to be Down Under to benefit from the insight this group of physicians provides. The blog covers a vast variety of topics that affect sleep, ranging from nightmares to disrupted circadian rhythms. With lots of detailed articles and an eye toward improving every aspect of life for children, teens, and adults alike, the doctors at Sleep Matters provide useful insight as well as helpful printables to keep on hand.

The Better Sleep Council

Have you been looking for the perfect sleep playlist? Maybe you’re curious about DIY insomnia remedies. Whatever the topic, if you have questions or concerns about sleep, it’s likely that you’ll find at least a little insight at The Better Sleep Council. This site is packed with great resources all neatly tabbed for easy reference and trouble-free navigation. Give it a look next time you’re wondering what your dreams mean or which yoga positions are best for sleep!

The Sleep Lady


Maybe you’ve seen her on Dr. Phil, the Today show, Good Morning America, or CNN. Km West, LCSW-C also known as The Sleep Lady, spends her waking hours helping people find a path toward better sleep. She has written a number of books for parents who need help getting babies to sleep, and her blog offers ample insight into the world of children and sleep. You’ll find help for yourself here as well, with topics ranging from body temperature to creating comforting sleep routines for the whole family. Videos and a free sleep app are among the blog’s most popular extras.

Insomnia Land

Martin Reed created Insomnia Land in 2009 after searching in vain for a solution to his own sleep troubles. Today, he’s among HealthCentral’s sleep experts, and his award-winning blog has made its way onto Healthline’s “Best Sleep Disorder Blog” countdown. With valuable insight into natural sleep methods, insomnia and acupuncture, problems associated with sleeping pills, and much more, this insightful blog delivers plenty of useful content, along with fantastic resources including a support forum and free sleep training.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep along with your health, you’re likely to appreciate for its useful content. Beautifully presented and easy to navigate, this blog is affiliated with the National Sleep Foundation. It’s a trustworthy source of information about all things sleep related, from how sleep position affects the quality of your rest as well as your overall health, to tactics for setting up a supportive sleep environment in the bedroom. Whether you’re in search of sleep science or lifestyle tips, you’re likely to find great information here.

American Sleep Apnea Association


Sleep apnea is a common disorder that affects the quality of your sleeping and waking hours while potentially cutting your life short. If it affects you or someone close to you, be sure to visit the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA). A sleep health forum, insight into testing and diagnosis, plus information about various sleep apnea treatment options are among the many resources found here. ASAA also offers a CPAP assistance program for those who need a CPAP but lack the funding to purchase one.

VeryWell Health

You might recognize VeryWell Health – after all, this site is a very popular resource for a variety of health-related topics. What you might not know is that the site has plenty to offer in terms of sleep information and advice. Start at the beginning with a concise explanation of how sleep works and why the body needs a certain amount, and then enjoy useful topics such as which snacks to eat at bedtime and which foods to avoid, ways to use essential oils for sleep, and much more. You’ll emerge armed with helpful information aimed at optimizing the way you slumber.

Wake Up Narcolepsy

If you suffer from narcolepsy, be sure to visit Wake Up Narcolepsy for information about upcoming patient education events and more. Also known as WUN, Wake Up Narcolepsy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that supports Narcolepsy research while raising awareness and working toward a cure. The blog offers a number of useful resources for suffers and their loved ones, along with clinical trial opportunities and more.

Julie Flygare


Narcolepsy affects approximately 3 million people worldwide, and Julie Flygare has made her life’s work about raising awareness while helping those who suffer. Whether you’re curious about narcolepsy and want to learn the basics, or if you’re interested in the latest research, you’ll appreciate Julie’s informative, insightful take on the neurological disorder. Inspirational quotes, interviews, and an app are among the many resources which round out this helpful blog.

Sleep Education


Powered by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Sleep Education covers the entire gamut of sleep disorders while offering a well-rounded look at healthy sleep hygiene for those who don’t suffer from specific, named issues. From Insomnia to hypersomnia and everything in between, this blog has it all. Extras include a video archive, telemedicine resources, and a guide to products for better sleep.

Sleep Better


If you love nothing better than a good read, you’ll probably enjoy Sleep Better for its in-depth articles on sleep and sleep science. Learn about sleep and the brain, how your car’s vibrations could be making you drowsy, how to choose the right pillow, and more. You’ll even find entertaining videos and a helpful sleep quiz to determine how your sleep compares with those of others. All told, this resource offers hundreds of useful articles designed to enhance your life by improving the quality of your sleep.

American Sleep Association

Founded in 2002, the American Sleep Association exists to promote public awareness about the importance of sleep and the impact sleep has on other areas of life. The blog covers an incredible array of topics ranging from CPAP vs BiPAP to CPAP alternatives, night terrors and hallucinations, exploding head syndrome, and more. All topics are neatly arranged for easy reference, and the most popular posts are highlighted for quick access. If you have a question, you might want to participate in the “Ask the Sleep Doctor” forum, which answers a number of fascinating questions from readers who need help solving sleep-related problems.

Sleep Scholar

Those who are curious about sleep science and associated topics will enjoy reading the well-researched content found at Sleep Scholar. This blog dives deep into the science of sleep and sleep disorders, with an eye toward medical professionals and lay people alike. Learn about the latest research and findings, plus enjoy archives dating all the way back to 2010. Sleep apnea, insomnia, and sleep quality are among the blog’s most popular topics


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