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Circumstances that can warrant one to spend a lot of time on the bed include age, health conditions, pregnancy, and even plain laziness. Yet, your being on rest does not mean you only get to stare at your ceiling all day. People who are confined (reluctantly or by choice) to bed can do tasks like computer work, eating, drinking, reading, or crafts.

If you happen to be in this group and seek to be very comfortable working on your bed, then a good, sturdy, and durable overbed table that will meet your needs is a great option. Mostly recognized as hospital bed tables, overbed tables are small, movable furniture. Users place them over beds for functions like eating, studying, and using laptops for work or entertainment. It is like a bed desk or bed tray that adds to your comfort by keeping everything you need within reach.

An Overview of the Top 5 Picks

  • Swivel casters
  • Tilting feature
  • Single-touch height adjustment
  • Locking casters
  • Height adjustment option
  • Multi-color option
  • Solid wood tabletop
  • Wheels for repositioning
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Storage compartment
  • Locking casters
  • Grooves and recesses
  • Sturdy design
  • Adjustment for right- and left-handed users

Overbed tables are affordable and readily available on the market. They provide good posture for those that work from beds. Whatever is your purpose for wanting one, be sure to get a quality one. Here is a guide on all you need to know to help you search for the right overbed table. We have also included a detailed review of the five top overbed tables you should consider.

5 Top Overbed Tables

#1.Vaunn Medical Adjustable Tilt Overbed Table– Best Overall

For times when you need a two-in-one overbed table, this Vaunn model is your best friend. This table features two separate tabletop areas made of a faux wood-grain laminate that can fit right in at home or a hospital: a tilting and a fixed. The stationary part is perfect for holding drinks, while the tilting table has a 360-degree adjustment to help users work or read with ease. Around the whole surface, a raised edge stops items from slipping off.

Single-touch height adjustability between 29 – 41 inches makes it easy for you to find the best position for eating or reading in bed. For portability, there are four rolling swivel casters on the two ends of the base. Two of these casters are lockable and help keep the table stable. A weight limit of 45lbs and a powder-coated heavy-gauge steel body helps make sure that users are secure and able to use the table with peace of mind.


  • Has swivel casters for easy wheeling
  • Great value
  • Two separate tabletops with different functions
  • Tilting top adjusts to different angles
  • Sturdy steel frame support


  • Overly sensitive in the movements.
  • Reports of insufficient screws during assembly

#2.Coavas Overbed Table – Runner-Up

Coavas is a multifunctional computer desk usable on a bed, over a sofa, or across an armchair. Its design and features make it suitable for use as a laptop, reading, or breakfast table. Unlike most hospital overbed tables, Coavas tabletop has three color choices. 

A powder coating finish makes the top resistant to wear and tear. Sturdy steel tubing allows for a more significant weight allowance and durability. Four rolling casters with an integrated lock feature keeps the table stable when set into position. The low height adjustment makes it suitable for lower beds and sofas, but not great for higher hospital beds.


  • Affordable
  • Presence of locking casters
  • Color choices make it suitable for home use
  • Three levels of height adjustment
  • Sturdy, durable build


  • Not high enough for a hospital bed
  • Non-tilt tabletop

#3.Invacare Overbed Table Best for Elderly People

This Invacare model is a non-tilt table that comes highly recommended by medical practitioners. It features a wide tabletop that runs on wheels and so can be used to move items around. The height-adjustable auto-touch function makes it easy for invalids and elderly persons to use it.

Invacare overbed table measures 15 x 30 inches and is excellent for working while sitting up from a bed or chair. A chrome-plated steel base construction supports and keeps the table stable during use. The tabletop is a solid walnut wood-grained laminate with a T-molded design along the edge for protection. As a quality and versatile overbed table, Invacare will meet your needs for a long time to come.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Tabletop is resistant to wear and tear
  • Solid wood and steel construction
  • Wheels on the base make it easy to roll around
  • Auto-touch height adjustment


  • Low weight capacity limits usage
  • Non-tilt tabletop

#4.Siducal Overbed TableBudget Option

Individuals that prefer spending time on their beds are bound to love this overbed table. Siducal is a side table with a height adjustment between 22 to 30 inches. It has a sturdy base made of an excellent durable metal material. 4 lockable casters on the bottom allow for stability and easy movement.

If you love reading magazines and books, Siducal has a storage basket where you can store them and a bottom shelf for when you have a full table. This handy furniture will work great as a bedside table or a rolling tray for holding snacks.


  • Has storage basket and bottom shelf
  • Rolls, locks, and adjusts easily.
  • Elegant design
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Assembling is easy


  • Not suitable for hospital use
  • Not great for heavy use

#5:Carex Overbed Table – Best Luxury

Carex is an overbed table made of a lightweight and durable plastic material. The white tabletop has a recessed cup area and a grooved rectangular region that you can use to hold pens or remotes. The table is height adjustable with a top that anyone can adjust for left- and right-hand usage. This design provides a little more security and makes it more versatile than most tables.

The built-in swivel caster wheels attached to this Carex bed tray makes it easy for one to slide the table under the bed for an easy view of the surface. Measuring 33 x 16 inches and with a maximum weight limit of 50lbs, the table is large enough for working. So, it can easily double as a breakfast table or a laptop desk. However, the wheels are not lockable and might move out of position while the user reads or eats.


  • Presence of grooves and recesses for easy use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sturdy polypropylene base
  • Can be adjusted for right- and left-handed users


  • Wheels do not lock into position
  • Non-tilt tabletop
  • Recesses and grooves are not deep enough

Factors to Consider When Looking for an Overbed Table

As discussed earlier, there are several features, each depending on what you want the table to fulfill and what makes you comfortable. For instance, the table you will see at a hospital might differ significantly from the one you will choose for your home use. Below are other considerations to make when searching for the right overbed table for you.

Material: Tables meant for hospital use are often constructed with chrome-plated steel. This steel is used because it is easy to clean and disinfect. It can also stand up to heavy and frequent use. Furniture companies use specially colored plastics or wood laminates with attractive finishes for tables meant for home or school use. These materials blend with many home decors and reduce the clinical feeling that can come with chrome-plated steel.

Adjustability: Many overbed tables are height-adjustable, and some have tilted tops. The height of the bed that you intend to use with the table determines the range you get. Those meant for home use are often adjustable within a lower range. In contrast, those meant for use in hospitals and rehab facilities have to be higher to accommodate a hospital bed’s height.

Size and Capacity: Size and capacity refer to the maximum weight the table can bear and the surface area needed. You must take some initial measurements before purchasing your overbed table. If you are using your overbed table for work, get a large enough table capable of supporting plenty of weight. Most standard overbed tables have a weight capacity of about 50 pounds and are only about two feet wide.

Price Point: Many overbed tables cost less than fifty dollars, and others are worth more than two hundred dollars. If all you need is a basic, sturdy table to make your life easy, then a low-budget option will do just fine. The price goes higher if you want a table with additional features.

Other Considerations

The most basic overbed tables have a table surface on a durable, sturdy frame and a base that closely fits your mattress. Some have extra features like drawers for storage space. Some of the fundamental and additional features of an overbed table are:

Base: Most options have a flat, stable base. Other tables have locking casters that are easy to slide under a bed, and that will stay in place once you securely position them.

Table surface: Some tables are stationary, while others have tilting tops that can be angled to provide a convenient surface where one can write or read without any neck strain. A hybrid overbed table is one that comes with a tilt-adjustable top and a small fixed one attached to the side that lets you fix the angle. With the tilt feature, you may not even have to raise your head from the pillow.

Frame height: The majority of the tables have sturdy, adjustable frames. This feature allows you the luxury of finding a size that works with your mattress. Though less convenient, you can always get a fixed-height frame if it is your choice.

Design: Overbed tables can be H-, U-, or C-shaped frames to accommodate specific purposes. There is the full-length one also that fits across your bed and gives you more working space.

When to Use an Overbed Table

An overbed table is far more versatile and convenient than a table or tray that sits on the mattress. Trays tip easily and have to be moved occasionally, like when the user adjusts his/her position or gets out of bed. This situation is particularly true in a hospital or rehabilitation facility where the user is likely to have difficulty adjusting their position in bed without spilling food and drink or losing items in the bedding.

However, an overbed table is swiveled to the side or rolled out of the way when not needed. It still keeps all of the supplies placed on it within easy reach when the user is ready to resume his/her activity. Despite its name, the use of overbed tables is not limited to the bed. They can be used over a chair or a recliner, near a sofa, or even standing desks.

Most overbed tables are designed with raised ends to prevent items placed on them from rolling off. This type of design makes them useful for more than eating or working over a bed. Places where you can use the table as temporary support include:

  • At the workplace: You can use it to place and support a projector, a TV, or a monitor during a presentation or meeting.
  • At events: Use the table at parties or holiday dinners to support the wine and liquor bottles’ weight. You can also use it as a dessert table to place the cakes, cookies, and pies.
  • The mechanic or repairman could use it in a workshop or garage when working on a vehicle or another piece of large machinery. The table has a large, flat surface that allows for a comfortable arrangement of tools and components.
  • Use overbed tables to place pencils, stencils, and other necessary items for craft projects.

Final Thoughts

An overbed table allows the user to stay productive and comfortable simultaneously, even when he/she remains confined to a bed. This versatile table is a lifesaver for people that cannot move around by themselves. Most models are height-adjustable with tops that one can tilt to a certain angle. After going through this guide, it will no longer be difficult for you to choose an overbed table that perfectly suits your needs.


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