Best Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome

Best Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome 1

What Is Flat Head Syndrome?

Babies, it is said that biggest blessing that anyone can have on this earth, is to have a small bundle of you of your own. And while I agree with that statement completely, I think it is fair to say that babies come with a lot of worries that you never had before.

From the moment your baby enters this world you are in a constant state of trying to protect his or her little body, paying close attention to the head. You are carefully positioning and cradling the baby to make sure that the head is not falling down before his or her neck has had time to develop and support the weight of the head itself.

Most of us are already aware, but in case you are not, after birth your baby’s head is not completely protected, it is still soft and pressure can cause some damage to the formation of his or her head. When your newborn’s head experiences excess pressure or else continuous pressure for a long time, it can cause your baby’s head to flatten.

There are two majors types of flat head syndrome, there is plagiocephaly and brachycephaly and though they are similar there are differences in the root cause. The area of the head that is affected is also an indicator of which syndrome your baby is dealing with.

Plagiocephaly is the condition that occurs when a baby’s head experiences pressure for a long amount of time resulting in the flattening of one side of the baby’s head. Plagiocephaly usually is the result of the baby’s head resting in a single position for an extended period.

Brachycephaly on the other hand is easy to identify because you can see when the baby suffers from this condition because the baby’s head appears much more wide than it is deep. This is often caused by laying a baby on his or her back for extended periods of time and the pressure from the baby’s head actually is what is causing the pressure.

Can A Pillow Correct Flat Head Syndrome?

Your beautiful, newborn baby may seem to have a flat head almost immediately after birth, but you should not be alarmed by this, natural birth often puts that pressure on the head and causes it to flatten slightly. Many doctors say that flat head syndrome is something that will eventually correct itself and does not usually need medical attention.

You may have seen some small babies wearing helmets and wondered why they are doing this? It is because some cases of flat head syndrome need more support and attention in order to be corrected, your doctor will be able to help you know if that is the route you need to go.

Though doctors will often assure you that the head will get corrected by itself over time as it strengthens and your baby grows, you may be like most parents and opt for purchasing a specific pillow to help. The pillows for flat head syndrome and that I have specifically selected for this list are designed to be not only comfortable and cute but supportive and able to help with relieving pressure and correcting your baby’s flat head syndrome.

Quick Look at Our Top Pick:

Editor’s Choice
JOHN N TREE Organic Pillow
This is my absolute FAVORITE pillow for the flat head syndrome and for babies in general as it comes in such a cute design and shape. It is a sheep and adorable in your baby’s bed and room.
  • Organic cotton
  • Machine washable
  • eco-friendly

Special Considerations Made For Creating This List

Relieves pressure: You are seeking out a pillow for your baby that specifically relieves pressure and allows for your baby’s head to form normally. I have selected only pillows that truly relieve pressure and help to displace the weight of your baby’s head and allow your baby to rest comfortably without deforming his or her head.

  • Easy to wash: Let’s get real, if you have a baby at home, machine washable or easy to wash are probably phrases that you cling to and desperately seek out. Our babies are messy and I kept that in mind and only selected pillows that are easy to keep clean.
  • Comfortable: Your baby only deserves the best and most comfortable things around him or her and so I thought of comfort as a major factor when selecting pillows for my list. The pillow should be soft, supportive and keep your baby from crying and screaming in discomfort.
  • Lightweight: While your baby’s pillow needs to be supportive and keep your baby’s head lifted, it should not be heavy. You are probably moving this pillow from place to place and it should be easy to store and not bulky or heavy.

Top 5 Pillows For Flat Head Syndrome

JOHN N TREE Organic Pillow

This is a fun little pillow for your baby that gives you the option to order it shaped like a variety of animals or just as a typical rectangle. You may love the classic sheep shape of the pillow or perhaps you will opt for a giraffe, whatever you decide you are getting a corrective pillow that is cute and will go well in your baby’s room.

These pillows are all eco-friendly and are made with 100% cotton so you can trust the materials that are in the pillow your baby lays his or her head against. It is easy to wash either by hand or in the washing machine.

There are no harsh chemicals or heavy metals used in the production of these pillows. You can order for your small newborn or larger sizes for even a toddler.


  • Machine washable
  • Fun shapes
  • Toddler size options
  • Eco-friendly


  • If you are not careful with care instructions machine washing can damage
    Baby’s may slip off the pillow

WelLifes Newborn Baby Pillow

I’m sure you put a LOT of thought into your baby’s nursery and have designed it to be cute and conducive to baby’s growth. For that reason, I know that the design of your pillow is important.

You can order WelLifes baby pillows in a variety or patterns and colors and you can often order blankets and other bedroom accessories in the same pattern. This will keep your room looking beautiful as well as being extremely functional.

These pillows have cotton covers that you can easily clean and do not contain harsh chemicals inside that can hurt your baby. There is cooling 3D air mesh in the pillow that allows for ventilation and keeping the pillow cool throughout the night no matter how hot of a sleeper your baby is.


  • Cotton material
  • Beautiful designs
  • 3D air mesh technology
  • No harsh chemicals


  • Does not hold up in machine washing
  • Not for older babies

Baby Love USA Head Shaping Pillow

If you were scanning this list for a memory foam pillow you can stop right here because this is the one. It is head shaping and the memory foam, as it is supposed to, remembers the shape and form of your baby’s little head and neck.

There are absolutely zero unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and powders involved in creating, cleaning, packaging and sending this pillow to your home, so your baby is safe! The case of this pillow is not cotton but bamboo which is breathable and good for your baby and the environment all at once.

The case is extremely easy to wash so no matter how messy our baby is or how sweaty he or she can get, you can wash the case and have it fresh for your baby. If you are not satif=sfied you can get your money back without a hassle.


  • Memory foam
  • Washable cover
  • Bamboo
  • No harsh chemicals


  • Only great for flat head syndrome on the back of the head
  • Maybe too big

Mimos Baby Pillow

Perhaps you have had issues finding a pillow that is perfect for your baby because it is either too big or too small. With Mimos pillows you can order which size you need ranging from extra small to extra large size to get exactly what you need.

These pillows are verified by doctors and certified to help and work extremely well, but I do want to note that that comes with a much higher cost. If you are willing to pay over one hundred dollars for a little baby pillow then it may be worth investing in this one.

There is 3D breathable air technology to help keep the pillow more cool throughout the night. You may find that this feature is extremely necessary as the pillow is made and covered in polyester, which for some, is a material that makes them sweat more as it is not extremely breathable.


  • Doctor recommended
  • Cooling technology
  • Easy to wash
  • Size options


  • Expensive
  • Polyester

Ashtonbee Newborn Baby Pillow

Though last on the list, this heart-shaped pillow is not the least at all but a cute and supportive pillow that is angled and has a hole to protect your baby’s head. This pillow is designed for babies from birth to six months old.

It is easy to spot clean or else hand wash this pillow and keep it looking like new for your sweet baby. It is hypoallergenic and will not cause your baby to struggle with breathing in the night, it is also great for taking it with your traveling.


  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for travel
  • Cute shape


  • Only for the back flat head syndrome
  • Baby’s slide off

Closing thoughts

Choosing things for your baby sometimes is extremely easy and fun because you just choose fun, or pretty patterns and colors. Other times it may feel like a nightmare as you struggle to research and select the proper instruments and equipment that is not only safe but constructive.

Choosing a pillow not only to rest your baby’s head but to help with correcting the shape of your baby’s head may seem like a daunting undertaking. It does not have to be and I am hoping this list has been informative as well as helped you to narrow down your search field.

Each pillow selected was thoughtfully chosen and tried out with great results and found to be constructive and comfortable. You can continue to look around, and read comments on the pillows but it was my hope that your quest would end here.

Remember that your baby’s flat head syndrome can often correct itself with time, with or without a pillow. You should speak with your baby’s pediatrician before you decide how to move forward and what to do next.


About Haley Henson Haley Ann Vuksta is an American woman currently living and serving in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. She teaches English and ministers to the local Roma (gypsy) population there with her husband, Ruvim. Following a call on her heart and the local pastor's prompting, she moved to Ukraine at the age of 22 and began to serve the people in whichever way was most needed. This is often women's and children's small groups as well as English lessons. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, travelling, meeting new people and learning languages. She is fluent in English and Ukrainian and knows Spanish and some Russian as well. She is currently taking Italian lessons in an effort to broaden her horizons and assist her when she travels. She loves animals, people, her husband and Jesus.

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