Best Reading Pillows

Best Reading Pillows

Do I Need A Special Pillow For Reading?

We talk about pillows when we need something to sleep on, sleep with or decorate your home or living space with, but they are not just standard pieces that we throw in to our houses. Pillows are equipment, they are tools for us to complete something important in our life.

You are probably laughing at the thought of a pillow being called a tool, or a piece of equipment, but isn’t our sleep and wellbeing important? Don’t we call getting a good night’s sleep and having good time management skills “tools” for success? We do.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks

When you are talking about a pillow that you are using to rest your head, neck, legs or feet on, then it should be a pillow designed specifically for the purpose that you require. This is true when you have accident or medical issue and when you want a neck pillow for the plane, you buy pillows specific for your needs.

While you can read with or without a pillow or while you can use a standard pillow to prop you up, having a pillow designed to make your reading experience more comfortable, may be what you actually need. These pillows are designed not only to keep you in a seated position that is comfortable on your back and your neck.

Most all reading pillows are designed with a plush, comfortable material and have arm rests attached to it so you can hold a book in your hand easily. The pillow is manufactured to be the ultimate lounge pillow that is good not only for reading but for laying in bed performing other activities.

Reading pillows can be positioned on your bed, the floor, on a chair or sofa and is easy to take with you anywhere that you will want to spend time lounging and reading. The pillow can be used when you are laying in bed watching TV, or if you are a work-from-home kind of person who needs to get a lot done.

How are reading pillows different than any old standard pillow?

As mentioned, the reading pillows are designed with arms and are supportive to allow you to stay in a seated position while comfortably working on anything. The pillows are usually slightly heavier and even more supportive than simply piling pillows up behind your back or leaning against one.

The pillows designed for reading are often what people select to use when they have had a medical injury or else a condition that makes laying or sitting difficult. These pillows are made from a variety of material and while they are not designed like standard pillow, you can lay on them and sleep on them if you find it comfortable for you.

Special considerations for creating this list

  • Sturdy and supportive: A quality that you have probably already thought of and ranked high on your list is that they pillow should be both sturdy and supportive. The pillows should hold up with daily use, for months and years even, and should not just be comfortable for you but supporting your back and body.
  • Comfortable: The pillow should be comfortable from the material that is used on the cover of the pillow to the filling in the inside of the pillow. We have looked at and tested the pillows to make sure the outer material is plush, cozy and soft and the inside is both soft and supportive at the same time.
  • Breathable: Reading pillows are made of hard, sturdy materials but that does not mean that they do not have to be breathable. The covers of these pillows regardless of how plush and comfy, should be breathable and allow for airflow as well the inner stuffing should allow for airflow.
  • Multipurpose pillow: Reading pillows are great and specifically designed for the purpose of reading as is in the name “reading pillow”. They are, however, good for more than just reading, and if the pillow is not useful for more than just reading then it is not worth spending your money on.
  • Easy to clean: These pillows have a very awkward shape, because they are created with a sturdy back and arms attached to the pillow, which makes it hard to clean. These pillows should have a simple to remove cover that can be machine washed or else rubbed clean.

Top 5 Reading Pillows

LINENSPA Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow with Armrests

You might love the way this Linenspa memory foam pillow because it is designed not just with armrests but with shredded memory foam which is easily adjustable as well as breathable. You can order the pillow in either the standard size or the extra large size depending on which you feel will best serve you.

The pillow is not only ergonomic, but multipurpose so while you are using it, you know that it is helping your body to actually relax and relieve stress from your body. The multipurpose function means that you can use this pillow freely for a variety of different activities.

You can clean your pillow easily when you have small issues when you take a wet cloth to the pillow in order to clean the dirt or spots off. The pillow is made of comfortable material that is also breathable so you do not have to worry about airflow.


  • Breathable
  • Extra large sizing option
  • Easy to spot clean the pillow
  • Multipurpose


  • Some report it easily flattens
  • Some say it is not stylish

Brentwood Home Therapeutic Foam Wedge Pillow

This pillow is not like many of the typical reading pillows as it is not a reading pillow specifically and does not have arms attached. This pillow is a wedge foam pillow that helps with your acid reflux if you have it while it is extra large and allows you to keep yourself propped up while you are reading or writing.

This pillow is a hypoallergenic pillow and is dust mite resistant to keep allergens, pathogens and other irritants off of your pillow and out of your respiratory system. The pillow is made without heavy metals, ozone depleters, and without harsh chemicals.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Wedge style to assist with acid reflux
  • Large size


  • Some report being very firm
  • Some report sliding down the pillow

Brentwood Original Shagalicious Reading Pillow with Armrests

This fun pillow may be great for your son or daughter as it comes in a fuzzy material and you can find it in one of three very bright, fun, colors. As you may have noticed in the name, the pillow is made out of shag material that is very soft to lay against and cozy as well.

Though this is made out of shag material, it will be rather easy to clean and you can order this easy-to-clean pillow in either hot pink, blue or green color. Use only a slightly wet towel to spot clean the pillow as often as you need to.

This pillow is multipurpose so you can use it in whatever capacity you need it to. It is extremely sturdy and strong as well as supportive.


  • Three fun colors
  • Soft material
  • Supportive
  • Easy to spot clean


  • Some report easy tearing
  • Some say it easily loses its shape

Husband Pillow Large Reading Pillow

This pillow you may find to be extremely comfortable, because it comes with an added pillow on the top of the pillow to rest your neck and head against it. The armrests and pillow itself are very plush and comfortable and will be soft against your skin.

You can order this pillow in one of eleven different colors, everything from brown and black to sky blue and pink. The pillow itself is easily portable and allows you to transport from one place to the next without much trouble.

The pillow is strong and firm and allows you to sit up against the pillow without maximum support. The pillow and the cover are comfortable and the pillow is easy to spot clean whenever you need to.


  • Headrest
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to clean cover
  • Soft material


  • Some say neck support is lacking
  • Some report it breaks easily

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

This is a completely adjustable pillow as you can take some of the shredded memory foam out if it is too firm or else put more foam back in if it is too soft. They make a note that you should allow the pillow to take time to expand when it comes out of the packaging.

This pillow is extremely soft, easy to clean and is supportive for your back. You can order the pillow in either a standard size pillow or an extra large size depending on what you need better.

The cover of the pillow is easy for your to remove and clean as often as you need to clean it. It is a versatile pillow that is great for more than just reading but for watching TV, lounging, doing work or even sleeping.


  • Easy to clean
  • Soft
  • Supportive
  • Multipurpose


  • Some report an odor with this pillow
  • Some report it being too heavy

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for pillow to give you back support and help you to sit comfortably while reading or working then you may have landed on the decision to purchase a reading pillow. This choice is completely yours, and while you may decided to make do with plumping and piling your pillows up and using them this way, you may want a single pillow that is designed to keep you in the position you more comfortable and relaxed.

Make sure that you are checking the contents of the pillow and the material that covers them that the pillow is wholly made out of products you know and trust. Read the labels and instructions carefully to make sure you know how to properly wash the pillow and keep it clean and looking sharp.

Though these pillows are often favorite choices of those who have suffered injuries or have medical issues, we are not recommending them to you to solve your medical problems. This post is not written by a doctor and while the pillows here are our absolute favorites for this category, they are not on here as a medical answer to your problems.

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